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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I am seeking advice on using the Commander Pro to regulate my CPU Temperature. I am using a Corsair H60 liquid cooler. The CPU Pump Tach cable is plugged into the CPU_Fan header on the motherboard, and the radiator fan is plugged into the four pin Sys_Fan1 header on the motherboard. So right now the BIOS is regulating the radiator fan, and keeping the CPU at a fairly constant 37-40C. I am thinking that the ICUE Software with Commander Pro would allow me to keep that temperature lower. I don't do any gaming. This computer has 6 case fans (which includes the radiator fan), power supply fan, and Graphics card fan. Any advice will be sincerely appreciated.
  2. Hey guys. It seems I am having trouble with the cooling of my CPU, which is done by Corsair H60. The idle temperature of my CPU is 60-70 degrees Celsius. If I start to play CSGO the temperature of my CPU jumps to 90-115 degrees Celsius instantly and it doesn't go down. It stays at that temperature. After opening the PC, I have observed that one of pipes of the Corsair is extremely hot but the other pipe is regular living room temperature. Does anyone here have any suggestions for solving this problem? Any idea what is setup wrong? Or is it possible the cooling fan is faulty and should be replaced? The PC is built by me. Hardware setup: Corsair fan is plugged in to CPU_fan on the motherboard Pump is plugged in to to Fan_opt w/pump See picture https://www.asrock.com/mb/features/Z390%20Phantom%20Gaming-ITXac.jpg details BIOS setup: CPU is the temperature source Sat to water pump with DC full speed PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake S Cooling: Corsair Hydro H60 PSU: Corsair SFX series SF750 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 16 GB Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Phantom GAMING-ITX Harddrive: Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD M.2 2280 GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 VENTUS 8G Thanks in advance
  3. i want my fan curve to depend on cpu temperature, i set up a custom curve and made sure the cpu package was selected as the sensor , but after every reboot the sensor goes back to being the liquid temperature... lucky that i even figured out what was happening because i was stress testing my cpu and the temps suddenly spiked way higher... this could have ended VERY badly... how do i get the sensor to always be cpu temp???
  4. Bustle

    H115i pro help

    Hello so I'm new to using an AIO and I'm unsure if I have something installed wrong or if it's just the fact I'm using an overcooked 8700k that's not deluded. I am getting very high temps hitting 80c on a stress test on gpuz after about 30min and 95c in aida64 after only 5-10 minute runs. My cpu is running 5.0ghz at 1.370v kinda high and if my mobo didn't vdroop so much even on llc 6 I could probably go a little lower but that's irrelevant. So specs for my h115i pro starts at 24.5-25c. Ambient is about 22-23c Installed in the front of my 750d case as an intake with upgraded fans there performance version of the fans that come with the cooler so they can ramp up to high rpms At a full load after about 15 mins the cooler temp goes up to 30-31c normally stays there even after 30mins So I'm not sure if this is normal to be that much lower on the AIO then the cpu. I have reset the pump on the cpu and reapplied the tim 4 or 5 times and temps are always the same. I have read that it's normal for the back plate to be loose before the pump is installed I did use some washers which did help my temps a little at that point. I really just want to make sure that my temps are normal on the AIO before I go the way of sending my cpu to silicon lottery to be delidded. Thanks for any advice on the matter!
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