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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have a corsair H100i, I tried updating the firmware to fix an issue but during the update the temperatures spiked up too high, so i had to shut down. Then when I tried to boot again, I got "CPU Fan error" on the mobo bios screen, which I bypassed by disabling CPU Temp monitoring in the bios. But even after entering windows and running iCue, it's not detecting the AIO at all and I am getting a repeated beep sound from Windows. The AIO is luckily stuck at a 100% loud fan setting so the temps are ok, but I have no control. What can I do here?
  2. I've had this H100i v2 for my AMD ryzen 1800x for over 3 years. It works perfectly until yesterday. The cooler suddenly shuts down while the computer system is still running. Then the CPU temp goes over 200f and then the whole system shuts down. After rebooting the computer the cooler gets back on again with no problem, but then after running the computer for random amount of time (usually about 1-2hrs), the cooler just shuts down by itself again...and have to reboot the computer to prevent the cpu from overheating or the system will reboot/shuts down once the cpu reach to certain temp... I noticed that everytime when the cooler shuts down, the windows system will make a sound that similar to the sound that when u disconnect some USB plugins. Any help there is much appreciated!
  3. i hibernate my computer and after its awak the corsair start blinking red and the cpu heat up but all 3 fans are working and the radiator is cold . i tried remove the motherboard battery and change all connections , nothing worked . how can i fix it??
  4. Hello everyone, Im with this situation with my corsair H100i. It worked fine for about 4 years and now after a 2 months PC break with no powerup , im booting it up and im getting CPU fan error and CPU overtemperature error. Also the pump unit LED flashes through colors(white,blue,red). PC wont get to windows due to overtemperature. Inside BIOS, CPU temperature rises from 50°C and higher ´till the system shuts down itself. I ve always ran it with the CPU_FAN 3 to 4 pin port on the motherboard. Specs: ASUS P6T I7 920 (was running oc @3.6ghz ,tried default settings too) G.Skill 6gb XFX750W GTX780 bunch of WD and an EVO I cound´t find the FAN control on BIOS to set it to 12v, but for 4 years, the unit worked very well. Is the pump dead? Could it be that the 2 month break stucked the fluid or so? Thank in advance.
  5. Hi, Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler running on Asus Z87 Deluxe Motherboard and i7-4770K CPU. H100i was purchased in July 2013, so it is almost 5 years old. I reseated and reapplied thermal paste once ~ 2 years ago. CPU temps seemed fine but I started to have problems at boot about 1 month ago. Now PC will not boot. The Cooler fans do not spin. The Cooler light does not turn on. My PC has been down for ~ 1.5 weeks now. I just started the debug process. As part of debug, I reflashed the motherboard BIOS, the motherboard is o.k. I can get into BIOS Settings if I attach a Fan directly to the Motherboard CPU Header, (removed the connection from the H100i). Is it possible that the H100i iwas bricked after a Corsair Link Firmware update or is it likely the Pump has died? Is there any way I can reset the H100i Firmware? I am unable to boot into Windows without replacing the H100i cooler. I think I am still entitled to RMA this Cooler. However the RMA support page login seems broken, I reset my pasword today. I logged in. I only get some text displayed. Any ideas? Thanks.
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