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Found 2 results

  1. i was looking to upgrade my gaming rig to gtx 1060 and had to upgrade my PSU so i decided to look for 450w PSU and finally found VS450 80+ certified, i wasn't googling this PSU first because i was pretty sure this should be good as it's corsair product. problem is i left disappointed after i reach home and google this PSU, a lot of people on the internet forums (really, a lot) said that this PSU is not good enough, even very bad as it is considered tier 4 PSU for my daily gaming needs especially on a higher end specs. so i finally decide to create an account here and ask this on corsair forum, is vs450 really that bad for gaming?? tell me your honest opinion if this is enough for gaming, biased or not.
  2. Hello! I bought a new Corsair VS450 like 3 weeks ago. Right after I got home and started my computer, I noticed that my headphones were making a constant buzzing noise and a different, louder noise when I started scrolling on web pages. But that's not the issue now. After reinstalling some drivers, the noise eventual disappeared. I shared this information because it might somehow be useful for what I'm about to tell you. After several days, a loud rattling noise started. The desk also started to vibrate. After checking things out, I noticed that Corsair is creating that noise and the vibrating. Now, the thing is that it's not constant. Sometimes it starts doing that after 2 hours, sometimes after 8 hours. Sometimes it's very loud and causes vibrations; sometimes it's not so loud, and without vibrations. Sometimes it stops after 10 minutes and starts again after one hour... It's completely random. One thing is for sure, the rattling and vibrating don't start when I turn on the computer. It usually takes a minimum of 2 hours. Also, it doesn't matter if I'm playing a game or just listening to music. It can start any time. And I'm not using overclocking. I went with the computer back to the shop where I bought the Corsair VS450 from, but since it didn't make any noise there (stayed there like 2 hours), the guys couldn't be sure that the sound is indeed caused by the Corsair, so the only thing that they did is to re-arrange all the wires and perform all sorts of system tests, which were alright. I care to note that my computer was also recently cleaned, so no dust and stuff. I'm writing here because maybe some of you guys have an idea what could the issue be, so at least I know for sure what's causing this. Is the Corsair to blame? Maybe some parts of the computer are creating some sort of conflict with it? Or could there be any other issue? The first thing I can think of is the Corsair's cooler. That's what the guys from the shop thought as well. But if the Corsair's cooler is broken or something, why doesn't it make that noise and vibrations all the time? It doesn't quite make sense. Wish it would make like this all the time so I can go back to the shop and get it changed or fixed. So, have you guys encountered something like this? Have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
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