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Found 11 results

  1. Alright guys I bought my Corsair Void Pro Elite Wireless headset 1 year ago for around 100USD and the headset is VERY loose now. it falls off my head when i turn my head or look up or down. Is there a way I can tighten the headset's screws. Also, is it fine if i put the two headset ear things and push them together? Would it break im scard lol. pls help im tired of this if theres no help then im leaving this headset, this is my first post btw.
  2. Hello, this is my first post but i will try my best to expalin my situation. So i have my corsair headset but one day (a few weeks ago) my mic suddenly (from one to another day) my mic was turned off the whole time. My first thought was that the flip up mute function wasnt working anymore so i tried moving the mic around a bit and shaking the headset but it still showed the read light. Then i tried to turn it back on in the software but i couldnt turn it on. So does anyone know if there is any way to turn off flip up mute or do i have to get a sepperate mic? Lars
  3. I've had issues with this headset for the last 9 months, i ordered it for my birthday and have had issues with it connecting ever since, i haven't touched the headset in a few months cause im pretty sure its just bricked. I've tried resetting the dongle and it still doesnt connect, I've searched through tons of pages to try to find a solution but none of it worked, Leaving the dongle plugged into my computer randomly turns off my keyboard and mouse out of nowhere. If i plug in the dongle and headset to try to update the firmware, I hold down the power button to turn it on, i hear a long beep and it turns on and off immediately. In ICUE it just shows a warning sign and the "Battery/Status" is always stuck on Not Connecting no matter what.
  4. Hello, everyone! First post here, I need help with something annoying that keeps happening to me. I own a Corsair Void Pro headset (not wireless) and since about 3 days ago, my headset has run into a big problem. After around 3 minutes of using the headset, the beep is played and my entire headset shuts off for around 4-6 seconds, and then another 3 minutes pass and same thing happen again and again. Really annoying, especially when playing CS:GO, since when it happens, all sound is turned off and you need to change the audio settings to get the audio back. I see this is a lot of problem for many people here, but the thing is that most of you own the wireless headset, while I own the one with a wire. It may happen because the end of my wire is a bit bent, but the wire is not loose or anything. I have reinstalled the iCUE software like i saw one suggested here on the forums, and at first it seemed to work, but then the issue returned after a while. I've had this headset for 2 years and it's a mystery why it would happen so suddenly. :confused: Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. This happened when I updated windows to the latest version 1903 in the previous versions nothing happened to me, the headset has a crisp background sound every time I play a sound, I try it on another laptop and the normal functional headset without the background noise. I have connected the dongle to all the USB ports of my motherboard / case / usb hub nzxt and nothing the same persistent sound, change of windows, change versions of cue, I have done everything in my computer and the sound remains the same, in my laptop sounds good that it could be happening on my pc to sound that sound, someone to help me
  6. Is there a possibility to get info about the battery level and charging state of the Corsair Void Pro? I looked in the Docs but did not find any related calls. Thanks for your help, Serioux edit: i just noticed, there are some other threads asking the same :)
  7. Hallo, Ich habe mir ein Corsair Void Pro Se gekauft als ich es jedoch einsteckte und den Klang teste Knarzte und Rauschte es ich frage mich was das ist und wie ich es beheben kann. Also frage : wie kann ich das beheben, dass wenn ich etwas mit Audio abspiele statt dem richtigen Sound Knistern und Rauschen kommt ?
  8. Hi, i buy the headset Corsair VOID PRO but i can't listen good where is the enemy... i can't difference the left and the right, up or low. I have the program iCUE and try to equalize but i can't. Someone have a EQ for playing Fortnite ???? Thanks and sorry for the bad english i from Argentina haha! Good luck guys.
  9. I dont need beeps or a womans voice talking to me to tell my mic is off. i also dont need to hear when i change presets. its pure annoyance and i cant find a setting anywhere to change the volume or disable them. Please help me with this.
  10. Hello! I have a weird problem. I just plugged in my Corsair Void Pro(7.1.) and installed the software and driver. After setting the mic to playback, I tested the mic and nothing happened. But when speaking into the sides of the headphone the mic responds with full capacitiy(on both sides). :laughing: The mic is obviously inside the sides of the headset. Before returning the mic I want to make sure I'm not missing anything trivial. Greetings, Dabdab
  11. Hi everyone, quiet a while ago I bought my Corsair headset and everything worked out perfectly. However, I have recently assembled a new computer (using the same old drives tho), and I am having some troubles getting the surround sound for the headset to work again. When I installed CUE, in device manager I realised the yellow exclamation that appears when there's a problem. I have tried installing the Corsair Drivers into it manually and reinstalling it multiple times. As well as that, there is also a yellow exclamation next to the Corsair Bus in Device manager... One last thing, CUE mentions that macros aren't working properly too (making my glaive mouse act weird), though that may not be relevant to the headset, just thought it could be a factor. If anyone knows, please help me! Thanks.
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