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Found 7 results

  1. Alright guys I bought my Corsair Void Pro Elite Wireless headset 1 year ago for around 100USD and the headset is VERY loose now. it falls off my head when i turn my head or look up or down. Is there a way I can tighten the headset's screws. Also, is it fine if i put the two headset ear things and push them together? Would it break im scard lol. pls help im tired of this if theres no help then im leaving this headset, this is my first post btw.
  2. I have the headset and have broken the dongle. I only saw one receiver for sale on amazon for $54.99 but that would be redundant to purchase as it costs more than what I originally paid for the headset and receiver at best buy. I can not find a single website selling a dongle for this headset. Does anyone here know where I can purchase one? almost all my equipment is corsair and I don't want to change my headset because of such a problem.
  3. Hello so I was just using my headset like usual watching a youtube video when all of a sudden it shut off, it has been randomly shutting off for a while now though so I thought it was that so I tried just turning it off and back on again only to realize that I didn't hear the beeps that usually go off when turning it on or off so I took it off and looked at the charging light (while it was on the charger) and don't see one I looked it up then to see if there were others with problems similar to mine or if this was a first and there was a post in 2015 that seemed like a similar problem but I couldn't find anything to help from that. Does anyone have an idea as to what might be happening or how I could fix it? Ty. I've had the headset since ~february 3 (whenever it was I had my friends over for my birthday) 2020 so it is still under warranty for the next month at least if it is unfixable WAIT nevermind it works now idk why it didnt a few minutes ago I also don't know how to resolve the thread so i guess its here forever now
  4. Hello guys So , i just bought the corsair void pro wireless and the corsair st100 to charge the headset with, now i extended the st100 cable with a extension cable to my pc, when i am try to load the corsair void pro it disconnect and connects every second, and you hear the input output sound everytime, when i dont use the extension cable it does load, but that doesnt work cause the cable for the st100 is to short for my pc I already tried some other extension cables, and it didnt work either I also have reset the corsair void pro some few times Anyone knows how to fix this? would really appreciate!
  5. Hola, tengo estos audífonos desde hace tiempo pero últimamente no me marcaba el porcentaje de carga de forma correcta (quedaba pegado en 90%), por ende probé con forzar la actualización del Firmware (v. 0.15) y tras terminar ese proceso mis audífonos se apagaron y al encenderlos la aplicación no los detecta, tengo ambas cosas cosas conectadas a un puerto 2.0 y por mas que intento cosas no logro hacer que funcione. ¿Alguna posible solución? algún driver o algo? Bueno, saludos y de ante mano muchas gracias :)
  6. This happened when I updated windows to the latest version 1903 in the previous versions nothing happened to me, the headset has a crisp background sound every time I play a sound, I try it on another laptop and the normal functional headset without the background noise. I have connected the dongle to all the USB ports of my motherboard / case / usb hub nzxt and nothing the same persistent sound, change of windows, change versions of cue, I have done everything in my computer and the sound remains the same, in my laptop sounds good that it could be happening on my pc to sound that sound, someone to help me
  7. Ich habe das Corsair Void Pro bereits seit Samstag. Beim ersten Aufladen ist mir aufgefallen, das der Akku sich nur bis 95% auflädt. Ich dachte, dies wäre Anfangs normal, doch beim zweiten und dritten aufladen blieb er immer bei 95%/96% stehen und sagt "Charging battery complete". Ich habe auch, wenn ich keine Musik oder so höre, ein leichtes Rauschen im Hintergrund. In Steam Spielen wird dieses Rauschen noch lauter. Aber nach einer Weile ignoriere ich das. Kann mir da wer helfen? Oder muss ich das Headset umtauschen lassen.
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