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Found 13 results

  1. Hallo, Ich habe eine Frage und zwar habe ich die Möglichkeit das Kopfband/Stirnband vom Corsair Virtuoso XT RGB Wireless zu tauschen? Dieses ist bei mir ziemlich kaputt vom ständigen Tragen. Habt ihr da zufällig einen Ersatz für? Beziehungsweise besteht überhaupt die Möglichkeit es zu tauschen? Bei den Ohrpolstern weiß ich das man diese tauschen/ersetzen kann. MfG Nyxaria
  2. Hello! The other day I noticed that my CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB headphones started to show a critical battery charge when fully charged. At the same time, I noticed that the wireless mode duration has not decreased in any way. The headphones are almost fully functional with the exception of the backlight. The only problem is the display of the charge level. ICUE V4.32.129 USB Dongle V0.16.80 Corsair Virtuoso v0.17.149
  3. Hallo, ich habe mein Headset schon seit ungefähr 2019. Aber heute aus dem nichts, reagiert mein Headset überhaupt nicht mehr. Am vorherigen Abend ist alles halbwegs normal gegangen, habe schon die letzten Tage langsam Probleme mit dem Mikro bekommen. (Es wurde nicht richtig erkannt etc. Konnte es aber immer lösen.) Nun diesmal liegt es glaube ich an dem Headset selber denn, - iCUE Software deinstalliert & neu installiert - Habe auch die Anleitung versucht zu machen https://help.corsair.com/hc/de/articles/360034659591-Anleitung-Nicht-reagierendes-Headset-reparieren aber es hat kein Zeichen von sich gegeben - habe 3 verschiedene USB Kabel an dem Headset ausprobiert - auch das Original mitgelieferte, welches auch Probleme aufwies vor 1-2 Wochen - Der USB-Dongle geht soweit einwandfrei und wird erkannt von der Software (Hat auch neuste Firmware v.0.16.80) - Von dem Headset kann ich selber die Firmware nicht nachschauen weil es dementsprechend nicht von dem PC & Software nicht erkannt wird (denke aber es ist soweit die neuste installiert) Aber im Endeffekt schaut es so aus als würde der Akku von dem Headset kaputt sein. Weil es nicht mehr Blinkt und keine Art von Geräusch auch von sich gibt wenn es angeschlossen ist und wie im Anhang auch natürlich nicht erkannt wird. Kann ich noch irgendwas machen, was vielleicht helfen könnte? Bei diesen Problemen das mir das Headset auch schon über die Jahre erbracht hat, tendiere ich sowieso auf ein anderes Headset. Bzw. anderen Hersteller. Lg, Lea
  4. Hi there guys, I recently bought a pair of Corsair Virtuoso SE everything is great, but I'm been having an small issue when using the 2.4Ghz Wireless Connection. I sometimes get interference from 2.4Ghz devices around my house, which distorts and breaks the sound quality at certain times. Specifically. - My modem is pretty close to my room. - Certain devices like first gen Smart TVs, Wifi Cameras, Wifi Lights. I wanted to know on which WLAN channel do Corsair Virtuoso 2.4Ghz run in (if possible to know), in other to adjust my modem on a non-overlapping WLAN Channel in order to reduce the interference I might experience. I appreciate any help you could provide. Regards.
  5. Lately i was in a Discord call with Friends when they suddenly said, that they couldnt hear me and that i was realy quiet. The Problem is, that i didnt changed anything in that time and that i never had such problems. I allready updatet the drivers and i changey the microphone quality to dvd in the advanced settings of my microphone. It didnt helped and i dont have any clue where the problem could be. And just by the way i dont want to open a new support ticket because i allready requestet a RMA because i have material issues with the holding pins of the earcups.
  6. Hello, I have bought a new Virtuoso RGB Wireless after I had this problem with my old one (At the beginning it was all ok but after almost a month it has started to beep in the wireless (Slipstream) mode, no matter whether sound is played or not) I searched for help and many people had simmilar problems and the others said that he/she should replace it with a new one. So I swapped my old headset only to find out that I have the same problem with my new one. So I need your help, what can I do so solve this problem. I almost tried the other USB ports of my PC and if I try it with aux then I dont have this problem. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello Corsair Community! I am having this headset for around a year now, sadly the right speaker stopped working today and I cant figure out why since I didnt change a single thing. What I have tried so far: -switching from wireless to wired, unplugging everything, restarting the pc etc. -uninstall and reinstall the drivers -uninstall and reinstall icue + check for updates etc. -see if one speaker was turned off in windows settings (Headset Properties -> Levels -> Balance etc.) -some other stuff i found on forums But somehow I cant figure out why it stopped working. I hope someone can help me out :) Edit: I found a solution. For everyone else having the same problem: Try a soft reset: 1. Make sure your headset is powered on and unplugged. 2. Make sure your headset is in wireless mode. 3. Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about ~15 seconds. 4. Switch the headset off and then back on (turn the switch from Wireless to USB and back to Wireless). 5. Test your headset and see if the issue is resolved. I hope I could help someone, bye :)
  8. I have had the Corsair Virtuoso headset for 24 hours and it was working fine yesterday. I got on my pc today and now when I plug the headset in, it will start charging normally for about 10 seconds then the charging light, corsair side light, and the mic light will change color and start blinking rapidly until the headset lights all turn off. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.
  9. I want to buy the Corsair Virtuoso RGB WirelessHeadset but I am not sure if I should get the SE or the non SE. Important for me would be the Mic. After watching many reviews I still cant tell which one is better. SE was better but after an Update the non SE got better, people claim. Best would be to buy both and compare them but thaats rather diffucult in my situation. Would be glaf if someone could tell if there is really a diffrence. Which ones Mic. quality is better if so.
  10. Ich habe folgendes Problem. Ich habe mir letzte Woche ein Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless gekauft. Das Problem ist das in der Icue Software mein USB-Dongle ein Rotes Dreieck mit Ausrufezeichen besitzt. Dadurch kann ich das Headset auch nur mit USB-Kabel benutzen,was natürlich nicht der Sinn dieses Headsets ist. Ich habe schon die Icue Software neu runtergeladen bzw auch alle Soft-und Firmwares aktualisiert,aber nichts hat geholfen. Kaputt kann der Dongle meines Erachtens auch nicht sein sonst würde er ja nicht rot blinken. ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen ich weis nicht was ich noch tun soll :D.
  11. When i switch from USB mode to wireless mode the audio get's increased by 10-15% and i don't know how to fix this issue
  12. Hi, i bought my virtuoso headset today but i can´t get the 96000 hz for the mic. I only get 1 channel,24bit and 48000 hz wireless and in wired mode. Can someone help me please?
  13. Hello, I bought a Corsair Virtuoso two weeks ago. Everything was working fine for the first week. (Headset connecting wireless and USB, giving Battery Status accurately, Dongle light blue) Then starting the second week I got the problems mentioned in a lot of other threads (red dongle light, crackles, disconnects, battery status inaccurate). It seemed in those threads that the problems were coming from the software side and will be fixed soon. So I accepted the problems for now and waited. But now my headset won't turn on at all anymore. Wireless and USB are both not working, no lights flash up anymore on the headset - dongle is either blinking red or has no light on. What I tried so far: - Connect via USB (not detected) - Reinstall ICue (and delete user saved profile) - Force Firmware update (only updates dongle, because headset is not found) - Seach for headset in device manager, but it is not showing - Charge Headset with phone charger (didn't change anything) - Leave it connected to USB for a while (didn't change anything either) - Remove Dongle and reconnect it - This support article: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034659591-How-to-Fix-an-unresponsive-Virtuoso-headset I have no idea what to do anymore. Maybe there are more things I can try? Since I really like the headset (when it is working!) it would be a shame if I have to return it because of this.
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