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Found 6 results

  1. Hey. So last Sunday my corsair power supply (TX750M) died as soon as I turned it on. There was a loud click/pop sound, none of the LED lights turned on and even the mains electricity in my room got a short circuit (basically it was off, luckily it was easily restored). Now I've been stuck with a broken PC for the past week now. So on Sunday I've messaged Corsair Support that I want to return my dead PSU in the hopes of receiving a new, properly working, one. I've only got an automated message saying they take 2-3 business days to reply, with there maybe being some delays during the summer. Since the message, there's been 5 working days and summer ended. Right, I know I'm most likely gonna get told that I should wait another week or so but first off, Corsair should update their automated messages. Second of all, the PSU could have caused damage to other components in my PC which then I'd have to replace too. If Corsair Support is gonna take a few weeks let's say, and if my motherboard for example is dead too, then I'd have to wait another few weeks for that to be replaced. Broken PC's are very big issues, and I'd have hoped Corsair realised that. Yes, there could just be loads of RMA request messages right now but I really don't want to rely on my phone for my school work and other stuff for a month or even more. Just gonna put in my ticket number here: 2004628426 Seen other people beforehand send these kind of messages in the forum here and they had Corsair Support reply to them faster. Some are a few years old so things may have changed, but doesn't hurt to try. Sending another RMA request would just clog up the request list more and doubt that'd help. Sorry if I've wasted some people's time as this is a long message and basically Corsair staff can only help me currently.
  2. I have just installed the SP120 RGB Elite kit with the lighting node controller and 3 fans. I'm having issues controlling the fans individually. They all take the lighting profile assigned to fan #1, but they aren't synced up perfectly, its like the software thinks they are all one big RGB fan and there is some delay between them. All software is up to date and I've tried multiple configurations with the fan power connectors and the RGB headers. Currently the fan power headers on my motherboard are matched with the numbers on the RGB controller, if that makes any difference. When trying to identify The fans as #'s 1, 2, & 3 only the fan plugged into port 1 will identify, but i am not able to use the orientation control. I've also tried all of the different fan controller series settings, and none of them work properly. QL RGB Series I suspect it may be a hardware issue with the Node itself, but before i request an RMA id like to see if anyone has advice, as this is my first time using a standalone RGB controller. I attached a screen grab of the node controller setup, If that helps any. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, Apologies if there is already a thread addressing this - I searched but couldn't find anything relevant. I'm new to Corsair cases and am just getting prepped for a build. I've got the Carbide 678c ready to go, but I'm looking to install a 360mm AIO in the top and it seems to require removing the Optical tray to get that done. There doesn't however, to my eyes, seem to be a way to remove the tray and it isn't mentioned in the manual at all. All of the HDD trays are easy to move around so I assumed the ODD tray would be similar in nature. If anyone has any insight they can share - I'd greatly appreciate the help. I've seen some images online of people who've fit 360mm AIOs online - but this optical tray is really tripping me up. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. hi im running a system with a 4 stick pack of dominator platinum (32GB) which are causing big sound Problems at my system. the whole problem exists since a few years now and i switched nearly every part in this time except for the memory. every time i try to listen to music, watch a movie or do something else with sound i get popping sounds which make it impossible to enjoy sound. it is really difficult to describe it but its sounds like a piece of sound is missing or broken and if you record it, you can clearly see what i mean. i tried everything i could but nothing solved the problem. i tried overclocking different parts but nothing. i swicht the cpu and mainboard from a I7-3770K with a Asus Deluxe II to a Z390 Maximus Formular and a ROG Strix Z370-I with a i5-8600K. i switched power supplies and more but regardless what i do, the memory does the same and destroys every joy of sound. after i tried everything i could, i reached out to the support of the different manufacturers. i tried to get help from corsair but even after nearly 2 F years they just told me that it cant be the memory... thy even told me that it must be the problem of asus because i could reproduce it on every asus board i have so i reached out to asus. they told my (like i alredy thought) that it cant be a mainboard problem and it is defenetly the problem auf this memory. so i reached out to corsair again, told them everything asus said and they denied everything and cloesed my ticket again. I'm at a point now where I don't know how to go on. i really thought that corsair was a good brand and that the lifetime warranty on my product means something. can anybody help me? i am open for everything. btw. don't even try to play games like cyberpunk. the whole sound of this game causes cracking and popping because of the memory. Summary: memory causes sound problems. switched every part except for the memory (different story why i didn't change the ram). tried the sticks in every combination like single slot etc. over/underclocking doesn't help or makes things worse. Bios, Win etc are always at the newest version. dont have money for new parts listen for yourself:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/snx6rw73nedalnl/AADbeyqLLJ1Q2557RwBwOFFna?dl=0
  5. Hi everyone Im using H80i first verison and got problems with Corsair Link software. (Keeps purple led) So i setup Icue with the advice of ''Tech of Corsair''. Strange thing is Icue cant detect my H80i Cooler. I uninstall every Corsair setup or driver before install Icue. Anyone had these problems ? Os: Win10 x64
  6. Hello, This is my first post so I am unsure where it belongs, I hope I am posting it in the correct location. For the past few days I have been trying to login or reset my corsair credentials on the website so that I can access the support section of the website. I have been having issues with my Corsair One and would like to get some help, however every time I try to reset my password as the site suggests, I never get a follow up email to make the changes. It is frustrating, can anyone help me with this??
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