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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, I bought my Strafe RGB about 2weeks ago, and I've been experimenting with CUE2. So far i have mastered making Profiles and effects. Since I'm New to this RGB Keyboard, I would like to ask how durable are the RGB LEDs on the Strafe? I'm currently using it with high humidity of about 78-93% on average. Also any tips on how to take good care of the LED's? It's a Beautiful keyboard and i want it to last. Thanks! :D:
  2. Buenas El dia de hoy de golpe mi teclado empezo a escribir solo, usaba la tecla poi y las repetia una y otra vez. No sabia que hacer asique apague el pc, cuando lo prendi de nuevo paro, pero dejaron de funcionar las teclas QWERTYUIOP y la tecla TAB el resto del teclado funciona. Alguna idea de que puede ser? el teclado nunca tuvo golpes y cuidado a la perfeccion Muchas gracias
  3. I have certain keys that aren't working (Left Ctrl, Windows key , Left Alt, Spacebar, and Right Alt) I bought this keyboard over 2 years ago and it was refurbished and it's out of its warranty period so i can't get a replacement by corsair I have checked the windows lock key, the keys still don't work The site registered Right Ctrl as Left Ctrl (The Picture)
  4. this morning i was playing league of legend, then i left awhile to get water, when i come back i see i have spammed a lot of message like"//", this scene was really scary,:(: the keyboard is keep type itself in scroll lock,page up&down,/ and enter key(top right area of the keyboard), then i turned off my pc and try to solve this problem by phone, i have find this thread(https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=136995), the problem he had is exactly what i have experienced, i have tried everything in that thread,but this thread is from 5 years before and it haven't been solved yet, so i want to ask if anyone had the same problem and now solved?(its hard to type on phone, if you want more information im always here) EDIT: i plugged the keyboard on both of my desktop and old laptop, the problem is exist on both machines
  5. Hello, my problem is that iCue after version 3.19.20 does not start on Windows 10, that is, the maximum version 3.18.77 starts, but on Windows 7 the latest version 3.21.88 quietly started. How to solve this problem?
  6. http://https://youtu.be/8Zdb6gWUrucSo my corsair Strafe keyboards been playing up the led doesn't show the right color blues appear pink and the white led on the w key flickers pink and it's really bad I've tried resetting my keyboard but does nothing please help
  7. Hello, I have been experiencing a lot of light flickering on my Corsair RGB Strafe/I] keyboard, it's not only a few keys but the whole keyboard. I don't know what can be the cause of this, I got it for about 4 months ago as an x-mas gift and I really don't hope that it's starting to wear out. I have also been having a lot of trouble with my Corsair MM800 Polaris mouse pad which is also only a few months old. The lights turns off by them self from time to time only to get turned on again after a few seconds, it's like it's disconnecting from the CUE cause when it turns on again it's back to the default setting (Rainbow spiral) but after a few more seconds it goes back to my custom settings. I would be really happy if this problem can be solved thus I don't really feel like getting new gear when I recently just got them. THX
  8. Hmm okay, so i RMA'd my Strafe because it had the same problem. I received a new Strafe a few days ago and after a day or two it has the same problem but on a different key. I would set my keyboard to white keys and the "S" key is blue.. I did a soft reset by Holding the ESC key while unplugging the USB but nothing happened. It's the same problem as my old one. Does anyone have any problems i'm having? http://i.imgur.com/iH7N3cE.jpg - the "S" key is blue even though the whole keyboard is set to white http://i.imgur.com/fHtJWmq.jpg - Whole keyboard set to white
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