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  1. Hello, On the 13th of September I am moving to a different country and I want to take my Corsair ONE desktop PC as a carry on bag (of course in a special suitcase) within the EU (Cyprus to Greece). How much liquid does it have for cooling?
  2. Hallo zusammen, neben dem Support #2004464995 frage ich hier mal nach Hilfe. Nach knapp einer Woche Betrieb, weigert sich der zentrale Lüfter des Corsair One seit gestern im Normalbetrieb zu laufen. Die Folge ist, die Temperatur in den Kühlkreisläufen steigt und er geht dann mit laufenden Lüfter in den Alarmbetrieb (blinken der LEDs und volle Drehzahl). Ich behelfe mir gerade mit der Auswahl des individuellen Lüfterprofils und nach Bedarf höhere Drehzahl. Mit Auswahl des Standardprofils verstummt der Lüfter wieder und geht mit steigender Temperatur nicht mehr an. Da das Gerät neu ist, richte ich es immer noch ein. Die letzten Handlungen waren Windows Update auf 21H1, KB 5004945, Aktivieren Duo Link Logitech Software, Zugriff auf NAS Laufwerk, USB-Festplatte einstöpseln, Dropbox einrichten, spezielle Programme (HSETU). Alles andere wurde vorher installiert und lief auch ohne Probleme. Maßnahmen waren jeweils, Deinstallation Windows Update und Sicherheitsupdate, ICUE mit Löschen der Registry Ordner, Neuinstallation ICUE 3 und auch mal 4. Es ist zum Haareraufen. Der Lüfter will nicht laufen. Frage an die Community, einen Hardwarefehler kann man ausschließen (hoffe ich), liege ich mit der Annahme richtig, dass das Standardlüfterprofil (nicht editierbar) sich an irgendetwas stört? Wenn ja was könnte helfen? Ich bin verzweifelt. Wenn man von oben in die Büchse schaut, dann sieht man andere farbige LED leuchten. Was ist das denn? Viele Grüße und besten Dank im Voraus
  3. I get headaches from peripheral lights for whatever reason (especially blinking ones), and I tried calling Corsair but they don't really know, so I thought it would be best to ask people who actually own the computers. I'm interesting in either the Corsair One Gaming PCs or the Corsair One Workstation PCs (either one fits what I need and is within my budget). It does not seem like the Corsair One has any lights in the front (other than the 2 strips that can be turned off). I did notice in a video review of the Corsair One Gaming PC that it had red/orange lights coming from the rear ethernet and USB ports. So, I wondered two things: 1. Do the new models also have that? And what about the Workstation version, I know it has a different motherboard so (for anyone who owns one) does it have any lights coming out the back? 2. Any other lights on either model, like internal lights shining through vents or drive activity lights? I know it sounds pretty unimportant to most people, but it is a very frustrating issue for me so any help is greatly appreciated! (I know I can use electrical tape to cover any lights, but I'd rather not have to if possible, thanks!)
  4. Have there been any announcements or reliable rumors about a Corsair ONE with a 3080 Ti card coming out soon?
  5. I recentrly upgraded my secondary hard drive to an SSD. I only touched the cables concerning this SSD as far as I know. I booted my computer, SSD didn't show up, but I managed to get it to show up after doing some research. I noticed my top fan wasn't turned on though. My computer was getting hot, I double checked the cable connected to my fan, it looked good but the fan still wouldn't turn on. What can I do? Is there something I can check to make sure I didn't mess up the fan or disconnect a cable?
  6. Ever since downloading the Epic Games Launcher and downloading four games (~260GB total), my 2018 Corsair One's Wifi connection to my home wifi has not been working. When clicking the Wifi icon in the lower right of Windows 10, it will show the wifi is connected as if nothing is wrong, but if I try to load a website in either Chrome or Edge or try to load UPlay, Steam, or Epic Games Launcher, none can connect to the internet. Then, if I re-click the OS Wifi icon it will show the connection as having no internet. I've connected the Wifi to my mobile hotspot and it seems to work fine so the issue appears to be just with my home Wifi; however, all of my other devices connect to this wireless router and have worked as expected just fine for the past week. I've also tested an ethernet connection from the Corsair One to the router and this works too. The router is a Verizon Wifi 6 router. I've tried resetting it multiple times and also tried forgetting the connection in Windows, but neither has done anything. I've also contacted Verizon to see if they might be blocking that connection somehow since I downloaded so much data through that connection, but their tech support said there is no restriction like this. I tried uninstalling the wifi drivers and reinstalling them, but this had no effect. I installed drivers from the Corsair One website, but the system says the drivers already saved are newer and thus it won't install those older drivers. It appears as though every time I uninstall the wireless adapter and delete the drivers, Windows is pulling a backup from a folder (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore), but I can't delete these files even though my Windows account is an admin. I've tried installing the newest drivers from Intel for the adapter model Wireless-AC 8265, but that has not fixed the issue either. I've tried going into the BIOS to see what options are there, but since I have a Bluetooth keyboard that has no USB connection option, I can't get the BIOS to launch. Any ideas?
  7. Hi everyone, here are some quick guides for upgrading the memory and 2.5" storage of CORSAIR ONE i100/i200 Series systems. Note that PRO models are equipped with motherboards that feature slots for smaller form-factor SO-DIMM memory, so the modules will look different from traditional desktop modules as seen in non-PRO models. Final note, M.2 SSDs in current CORSAIR ONE models are underneath the motherboard and will require the motherboard to be removed in order to access the module. The M.2 drive contains your operating system and recovery partition, so an upgrade will require either you clone the drive using a USB M.2 NVMe adapter OR a fresh install of Windows 10 (you'll need to download drivers from the product page for your particular CORSAIR ONE model). Memory: [ame] [/ame] 2.5" Storage: [ame] [/ame] -CJ
  8. Hello, My computer has been unable to update for the past year or so. I tried everything possible(regular update, update assistant, media creation tool update) to try to update it but it fails no matter what. I tried resetting/recovery /restore my PC, but it always fails saying it was unable to reset my device. So at last I've decided to do a clean install. Using the instructions from here https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4000735/Windows-10-reinstall. I've reached the point where I need to format my drives, but I am unsure if there is any drive I'm supposed to leave un touched. I have a 500gb ssd, and a 2 tb hdd. I'm going to list them here Drive 0 - partition 1- primary Drive 1- partition 1"system" - system Drive 1 - part 2 - MSR (Reserved) Drive 1 part 3- primary Drive 1- part 4- recovery Am u supposed to delete all of them as mentioned in the how to? Or am I supposed to keep some of them. I really appreciate any help on this, I've been struggling with this for a really long time.
  9. Hello, iCUE has recently been not able to detect my Corsair One. My Corsair One is only a year old and is in great condition. I have tried removing iCUE as a startup program and re enabling it. I have tried uninstalling iCUE and reinstalling it. I have also tried updating to the latest version if iCUE and also restarting the program within the settings tab of iCUE. What else can I do do regain control over the lighting of my Corsair One?
  10. I was wondering if I could swap the z370-i motherboard with an x470-i motherboard, then put in a 3900x. Can it work?
  11. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. After I shut down from Windows, the keyboard, mouse and monitor all power off (LEDs turn off), but the Corsair itself just turns to its default blue lights (I have a different LED pattern running on it) and just sits there (fan quietly running). I've waited, thinking that maybe it is 'cooling off' after a long gaming session and needs to stay on for a bit to use its fan but no, it doesn't shut off even after about 30 minutes. I've called the help line and they suggested I restore it to a previous state which I did, but this hasn't solved the problem. Is this something I should worry about? I am ok with having to hold down the power button to turn it off... Thanks, Jake
  12. I recently purchased a Corsair One Elite, running the 8700K. I have also had an offer for a very very reasonably priced 9700K, so reasonably priced that I would be able to sell the 8700K, used and be in profit so I very intrestd in possibly switching out the 8700K to the 9700K, enjoying the slight speed increase and making a bit of money in the process. My issue is with motherboard comparability. Looking at CPU-Z it seems to show the motherboard as a 'Z370I CORSAIR ONE (MS-7B43)', which when googling comes up as the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC, which states it should support the 9th gen processor in question however I would like to confirm before going ahead as the board is quite obviously running custom software / bios and seems to have the top VRM heatsink removed for space saving reasons. The bios version is 2.CA and dated as 06/25/2018. Is this a custom BIOS version for the corsair one? Would the Motherboard be compatible with the 9700K? Or is this a board specifically modified and locked for the one CPU?
  13. I have the Corsair One (2017/18) model and recently I have had severe FPS (100FPS down to 6FPS) and mild ping issues (60ms up to 225ms) in a game I have played for years. This happens over a 20-30 minute period of playing the game. I have never encountered this issue before, nor does anyone else on the server report similar issues. I have run several test and the Corsair diagnostic has found two issues: Advanced PatternTest FAIL The pattern written (FEFEFEFEFEFEFEFE) did not match the pattern read (FEFEFEDEFEFEFEFE) at the physical address (000000019825EE00). The pattern difference was: 0000002000000000. Moving Inversion Test FAIL The pattern written (FEFEFEFEFEFEFEFE) did not match the pattern read (FEFEFEDEFEFEFEFE) at the physical address (000000019825EE00). The pattern difference was: 0000002000000000. Similarly I notice that I seem to be accruing 11GB of Standby memory that doesn't clear on a regular basis. I've followed various online tutorials and have a custom task with EmptyStandbyList.exe to clear it, but this hasn't improved the issue.. What is the cause and consequence of these failures, and could either/both these be the source of my FPS issues? I feel somewhat frustrated that my warranty has only just expired for a unit that cost me £2,000 just over 2 years ago (£75 per month usage). Can anyone offer some constructive advice on how to proceed, I'd rather not open a thread of complaints if it can be avoided. Thanks
  14. Hello, I have been using my Corsair One PC for about 1 year and a half or so and haven't run into any major issues until now. Recently, games that have never caused my PC any strain are suddenly causing the GPU to overheat and freeze up the PC. I tweaked an speeds to temporarily fix this issue, but today while playing Destiny 2, which had never caused my PC any issues before, caused my PC to freeze up. After rebooting it, there was this white tint on my screen (I only ever see this white filter when starting up or after closing Destiny, but after closing the game the tint turns off after a few seconds), but the tint wouldn't go away. I tried multiple reboots, unplugging and re-plugging the HDMI (which had horrendous results), power cycling the monitor and the PC, updating display drivers (also produced horrendous results), and nothing has worked. I have attached some pictures of the issue. The one of my desktop is to show the white tint, but the picture doesn't do the issue justice. It is much more evident with the naked eye. The other photos are the "horrendous results" I mentioned before when trouble shooting. I have searched online about this issue and found nothing. What do I do? Thank you ion advanced. Update: if I plug my HDMI cable into the jack at the front of my PC, the picture works fine. Could the graphics card be fried?
  15. CORSAIR ONE Z270 BIOS 4C3 Update SOP Important Note: This guide ONLY APPLIES to CORSAIR ONE systems equipped with Z270 motherboards and 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processors. Step 1 – Prepare a USB drive with the BIOS update files Download BIOS update from CORSAIR.com (or click here for direct download) and prepare a USB flash drive by unzipping the download file and copying the contents of the unzipped folder to the root of a blank USB drive (formatted FAT32). Step 2 – Boot to BIOS w/USB drive inserted Insert prepared USB drive into your CORSAIR ONE and boot to BIOS by pressing DELETE key until the BIOS screen appears. Step 3 – Disable Secure Boot in BIOS Once in BIOS, hit F7 and go to “Settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Windows OS” -> “Secure Boot.” Ensure that “Secure Boot Mode” is set to “Disabled.” Step 4 – Boot from USB flash drive Change the Boot Priority in “Settings” -> “Boot.” Change “Boot Option #1” to the UEFI USB Key (the prepared USB drive with the BIOS update files). Hit F10 to save settings and restart, the system should now boot from the USB drive. Step 5 – Follow prompts to proceed with initial BIOS flash Note: If the current BIOS is version 4QF, the following prompt will appear: Note: The system will reboot once during this process. Step 6 – Reboot to complete initial BIOS flash and return to BIOS to begin second flash] Press DELETE key as the system boots to return to BIOS screen. Hit F7 to go to “Advanced mode.” Select “M-FLASH”, follow the prompts. Select the “E7A66IZ1.4C3” file on the USB drive. Continue following the prompts, the process may take a minute or so once it starts. Note: The system will reboot twice during this process. Step 7 – Go into BIOS again and apply default settings During second reboot of the BIOS flash, hit DELETE on your keyboard until the BIOS screen appears again. Hit F6 to apply “Optimized Default” settings (this’ll undo the “Boot Priority” and “Secure Boot” changes made previously) Hit F10 to save and exit BIOS.
  16. Seems like I got unlucky but the experience so far has definitely put a damper on things. Just received my i165, excitement levels were through the roof. However, this quickly changed upon the initial boot as currently my new machine just continues to endlessly cycle through the boot sequence followed by a sudden restart. Also noticed that during the unboxing process the power adapter and antenna weren't in there own cardboard box but simply in their own plastic bags wedged in the gap between the foam padding at the bottom of the box (not sure if the packaging procedure has changed as unboxing videos I've seen prior to my purchase show the accessories within the box packaged differently). Definitely pretty sad that I just got a new machine and it had to fail on me straight out the box... Logically I know for every x number of machines sent out to customers I'm sure a small fraction of them make it through QC despite having issues. However, I can't help but feel very let down especially after spending a long time reading up on and researching the machine and hearing nothing but praise. Currently undecided whether to get a replacement or simply get a refund, safe to say my first time buying a prebuilt has sort of left a scar.
  17. Hi, I just received a Corsair One i165 two days ago (love it) and I was wondering if there might be a RTX 2080 Ti Super version in the near future. Basing everything on rumors at this point so its likely that Corsair doesn’t have an official position on this yet, but thought I’d get the conversation rolling. Exciting times, folks. https://wccftech.com/exclusive-nvidias-super-gpus-unleashing-monsters/
  18. I purchased a Corsair One a few months ago. The i140. I keep getting blue screens. Ran some tests and found it to be either bad ram or bad ram mount. I put a ticket on the support site and somebody responded asking for my serial number and proof of purchase and address. I gave them that and now are silent. Everytime I call nobody answers. I was on hold for over an hour. What should I do? #2000740836 - Ticket number
  19. Hello everyone, We've worked with our board partners for the CORSAIR ONE i140/i160/i165/i180 to provide new BIOS updates that accomplish the following: 1. Limited overclocking has been enabled (for i180) 2. Recent platform vulnerabilities (Zombieload) have been addressed (for i140/i160/i165/i180). Direct links provided below, please verify that you download the correct BIOS version for your system before flashing the update. CORSAIR ONE i140, version 2QJ, (DIRECT LINK) CORSAIR ONE i160, version 2QJ, (DIRECT LINK) CORSAIR ONE i165, version 2QJ, (DIRECT LINK) CORSAIR ONE i180, version 2.10, (DIRECT LINK) Similar BIOS updates for CORSAIR ONE 2017 and 2018 models are now available, please check the model number of your system before downloading and flashing the update: CORSAIR ONE PRO PLUS (CS-9000013), version 2CD, (DIRECT LINK) CORSAIR ONE ELITE (CS-9000014), version 2CD, (DIRECT LINK) (CS-9000016), version 2CD, (DIRECT LINK) CORSAIR ONE PRO (CS-9000017), version 2CD, (DIRECT LINK)
  20. Hi everybody, A validated 64GB kit of Vengeance Series SODIMMs is now available for CORSAIR ONE i180 systems. Please note that the modules included are SODIMMs and will not work as an upgrade for first gen or current gen i140/i160 systems. https://www.corsair.com/ja/en/Categories/Products/Memory/Vengeance%C2%AE-Series-64GB-%284-x-16GB%29-DDR4-SODIMM-2666MHz-CL18-Memory-Kit-for-CORSAIR-ONE-PRO-i180/p/CMSX64GX4M4O2666C18 Complete upgrade instructions will be available shortly and this post will be updated when those resources become available. For now, here are some steps to help guide the upgrade process: Please back up your data before attempting upgrades. CORSAIR is not liable for any damages or voided warranties caused by incorrect upgrades. ACCESSING INTERNAL COMPONENTS OF CORSAIR ONE i180 Press the release button firmly and pull the top assembly straight up. Disconnect the fan cable and set the top assembly aside. With CORSAIR ONE facing towards you, use a screwdriver and remove the first of the two screws holding the left side panel in place. Next, remove the second screw while resting your hand against the side panel as it might pop open. With the side panel released, rotate the cooling hoses so that the panel can be laid parallel with the CORSAIR ONE unit. *** Be careful *Tools you will need - Phillips Head Screwdriver REMOVING DRAM To replace the DRAM start by flipping the latch on both sides of the DRAM slot. Carefully pull the memory up and out of each slot. REPLACING DRAM To properly insert the memory align the notch on the module with the notch in the memory slot. When inserting the first module carefully push down on both corners until it clicks into place. Repeat this process for the next module. Make sure to reconnect any cables you may have unplugged to access the memory and proceed to reinstall the side panel and close up your i180 system. If anybody has questions regarding the upgrade process. Please contact myself or our customer service team. -Corsair CJ
  21. We understand that customers are concerned about not receiving or having access to proper BIOS updates or features for their CORSAIR branded PCs, and that messaging around this may have been confusing. This post is to clarify our plans for BIOS updates for CORSAIR branded PCs. We are currently planning on providing security or stability related BIOS updates on an as-needed basis. If there’s sufficient demand for it, we’ll explore adding QuickSync support to Z370-based CORSAIR ONE systems. For the first generation, Z270-based CORSAIR ONE systems, we are not planning on releasing any further BIOS updates unless there are critical security or stability issues that need to be addressed.
  22. Hi, I have been looking to get the the Corsair ONE (i140 or i160) outside the EU and NA, but have been struggling to find any suppliers for the product. Even when the original Corsair One Pro came out, I could find any suppliers for the product. I am based in Singapore, but it seems the only supplier I could find is Newegg but it had a severely inflated price tag, before shipping. Is Asia not important for Corsair? Or is the Corsair One series not meant for people in Asia? It confuses me how hard it is to obtain a Corsair One PC outside the EU and NA. Asian owners (if you own the Corsair One): How did you buy the Corsair One? Did you buy it from Amazon US and get it shipped?
  23. Basically for some reason I dont have a 3d sound, may be I am putting in a wrong hole or something but there is no 3d sound and tried different things like plugging in different ports or reinstalling driver. Manually trying to turn on windows sonic immediately turns it off. Dont know what to do
  24. Hi everyone I recently bought corsair one i140 and was wondering how to custom a fan profile in iCue? Because I could not see such an option in it. Also anyone know the best way to know the temperature of vrm (preferably via win 10) on motherboard and if it has a heat sink on it. Finally, did someone try to achieve 2Ghz on rtx 2080? and maybe 5Ghz on i7 9700k (what are the power limits you used?) Thanks
  25. Have been very pleased with my Corsair desktop since its arrived and has worked flawlessly, but on logging in today, every couple of minute's it keeps making the usb device connect and reconnect sound and the case lights flicker on and off. Checked the logs and this is the only information I could find.. Not sure if its an iCue problem as the app is working fine and both software and system are fully updated. Heres the repeating event log below: System.DeviceRemoved [u'\\\\?\\HID#VID_1B1C&PID_0C14#6&84c70ff&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}'] System.DeviceRemoved [u'\\\\?\\USB#VID_1B1C&PID_0C14#5&1da084b3&0&7#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}'] System.DeviceAttached [u'\\\\?\\USB#VID_1B1C&PID_0C14#5&1da084b3&0&7#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}'] System.DeviceAttached [u'\\\\?\\HID#VID_1B1C&PID_0C14#6&84c70ff&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}'] And repeats. Any info would be great!
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