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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. My PC (Corsair One Elite 2017) wont boot anymore, and i think its the PSU. It smells burnt and the fan isnt spinning anymore. Everything turns on fine (other fans, water cooling, LEDs) but i cant get a video feed, so idk whats going on exactly. So, is it possible that my PSU (Corsair SF500) is faulty despite other components seemingly getting power? And i would try to change it with a SF750, but i read that you cant use the same cables when changing PSU, but i think the SF series all have the same pinout, so could i just unplug the old SF500 and put the same cables into the SF750?
  2. Dear Corsair Support or fans I’ve been using my Corsair One Elite for a while now, about one year and a half I’d say, without any major issues that wouldn’t be solved in just a few clicks. But today I’ve encountered one major problem I think. I didn’t use my computer for some time, as I wasn’t home for 3 months or so, when I came back it worked just fine. Today I decided it was time for some hardware checks and also time for new drivers. I did a fast analysis using Corsair Diagnostics and everything seemed fine. Afterwards, I installed the new drivers, but as soon as I did that, both my monitors went of two different colors. I didn’t think much about it at first. After a few seconds they came back normal. After 5/10 mins they became like that again, but now with different colors. Now I started becoming a bit worried and decided to check if someone knew what was going on, but I didn’t actually find what I was looking for. As I could une nor my keyboard nor my mouse, I just shut down the computer clicking the main button. After rebooting it they seemed fine, but then did the same thing again. I tried unplugging and plugging back in the Display Ports, but it caused much more problems. As fast as possibile I tried rebooting it while clicking F8, uninstalled the latest Windows update, and continued, still getting the same problem. I don’t know what it could actually be, I kind of feel like it might be a GPU problem, but I don’t get how it would affect also all the other computer peripherals. Thank you in advance.
  3. Dear Corsair Support, My Corsair ONE Elite, GTX 1080ti, i7-8700k is crashing during games and the Uniengine Heaven Bench even at clock speeds. The game or application will play for a few moments before crashing with artifacts across the screen: white squares, strange colours. The sound bugs out for sometime, keyboard and mouse lockup before the whole the system requires a hard reboot. I have tried reinstalling new drivers, changing drivers, reducing clock speeds through MSI afterburner. Resetting computer via CMOS button. Returning everything to factory settings. All temps when monitored appear to be normal: between 50c and 68c at max GPU load. PC has been working as intended for 6 months before this with only minor and infrequent crashes every now and again. Before the PC was crashing in particular applications leading me to think of incompatibility software but now the GPU is crashing in every 3D application. Any help or support would be much appreciated - happy to send in for RMA and pay for any repair services to help fix as warranty is likely expired. Looking it similar threads, users report the potential issue might be a faulty PSU or failing Graphics Card? Any help would be much appreciated - submitted a ticket but tearing my hair out! Ticket number submitted: #2001145359 Best, Nick
  4. I recently purchased a Corsair One Elite, running the 8700K. I have also had an offer for a very very reasonably priced 9700K, so reasonably priced that I would be able to sell the 8700K, used and be in profit so I very intrestd in possibly switching out the 8700K to the 9700K, enjoying the slight speed increase and making a bit of money in the process. My issue is with motherboard comparability. Looking at CPU-Z it seems to show the motherboard as a 'Z370I CORSAIR ONE (MS-7B43)', which when googling comes up as the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC, which states it should support the 9th gen processor in question however I would like to confirm before going ahead as the board is quite obviously running custom software / bios and seems to have the top VRM heatsink removed for space saving reasons. The bios version is 2.CA and dated as 06/25/2018. Is this a custom BIOS version for the corsair one? Would the Motherboard be compatible with the 9700K? Or is this a board specifically modified and locked for the one CPU?
  5. CORSAIR ONE Z270 BIOS 4C3 Update SOP Important Note: This guide ONLY APPLIES to CORSAIR ONE systems equipped with Z270 motherboards and 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processors. Step 1 – Prepare a USB drive with the BIOS update files Download BIOS update from CORSAIR.com (or click here for direct download) and prepare a USB flash drive by unzipping the download file and copying the contents of the unzipped folder to the root of a blank USB drive (formatted FAT32). Step 2 – Boot to BIOS w/USB drive inserted Insert prepared USB drive into your CORSAIR ONE and boot to BIOS by pressing DELETE key until the BIOS screen appears. Step 3 – Disable Secure Boot in BIOS Once in BIOS, hit F7 and go to “Settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Windows OS” -> “Secure Boot.” Ensure that “Secure Boot Mode” is set to “Disabled.” Step 4 – Boot from USB flash drive Change the Boot Priority in “Settings” -> “Boot.” Change “Boot Option #1” to the UEFI USB Key (the prepared USB drive with the BIOS update files). Hit F10 to save settings and restart, the system should now boot from the USB drive. Step 5 – Follow prompts to proceed with initial BIOS flash Note: If the current BIOS is version 4QF, the following prompt will appear: Note: The system will reboot once during this process. Step 6 – Reboot to complete initial BIOS flash and return to BIOS to begin second flash] Press DELETE key as the system boots to return to BIOS screen. Hit F7 to go to “Advanced mode.” Select “M-FLASH”, follow the prompts. Select the “E7A66IZ1.4C3” file on the USB drive. Continue following the prompts, the process may take a minute or so once it starts. Note: The system will reboot twice during this process. Step 7 – Go into BIOS again and apply default settings During second reboot of the BIOS flash, hit DELETE on your keyboard until the BIOS screen appears again. Hit F6 to apply “Optimized Default” settings (this’ll undo the “Boot Priority” and “Secure Boot” changes made previously) Hit F10 to save and exit BIOS.
  6. I've been looking for the best way to store my Corsair One when I travel with it and I've come to the conclusion that a duffel bag between 19" - 23" will work well. My problem is I cant fine a duffel bag that will fit the computer, a compact Razer Keyboard, Mouse, cables, etc. I also want it to be able to hold my tablet and chargers. Basicly it needs a large rectangular pocket for the keyboard and smaller ones for everything else. The main pocket has to fit the One itself. I haven't been able to find a bag that has all of these things, I'd appreciate any help in finding a better bag or another solution to this problem. Thank You!
  7. Hallo zusammen. Wollte mir gestern einen Corsair One Elite bestellen aber es hat nicht funktioniert. Habe das Gast checkout gewällt habe versucht mit PayPal zu zahlen aber es wurde kein Geld abgebucht und ich habe auch keine EMail Bestellbestätigung bekommen. Bitte um schnelle Antwort. Danke im Voraus.
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