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Found 24 results

  1. Hello fellow Corsair users :): I have had to reinstall Windows due to issues updating. I have begun reinstalling everything when I found that my H110i liquid cooler doesn't show up in iCue or Corsair Link. I am aware that the H110i is incompatible with iCue 4, so I tried iCue 3.38.61 with no luck. I tried Corsair Link 4, and it does not show up there either. It was all working fine before I reinstalled Windows. If anyone is able to help me, I'd appreciate any answers.
  2. Greetings, for some reason my PSU is not showing up in Corsair link. My h80i is showing up fine. The PSU is plugged into the alt port on the h80i. It was all working last time I remember checking but after the update to the latest link I don't see it anymore. I don't even see a corsair dongle under device manage USB. I have updated my pc specs so they are correct.
  3. Dear Community, What is Temp Sensor #5, Temp Sensor #12, and Temp Sensor #13? So What do they measure and What are they connected to or located at? Having issues with Corsair Link 4 Thanks Regards, _Sarumon_
  4. I've been having some problems the past couple of days with corsair link. My H80i isn't getting detected on the app anymore. It was working perfectly fine the other day i was able to check my temps and change my fan speeds but now its not getting detected at all. I've tried swapping out the usb cable, redownloading corsair link, tried to install Corsair ICUE but its not getting detected in that either.
  5. Moin, ich habe seit jetzt etwa 2 Monate Probleme mit meine Software-Hardware von Corsair und zwar erkennt die Link 4 und iCue meinen Lighting Node PRO gar nicht mehr bzw. wird auf Dashboard nicht angezeigt und die 4 angeschlossene LL120 wird nur noch als Lüfter unter HAUPTPLATINE erkannt und die arbeiten ordnungsgemäß (Lüfter dreht und RGB leuchtet in seiner Element). Wie bekomme ich die Lighting Node PRO mit 4 LL120 Lüftern wieder in die Dashboard hingetan, so dass ich die RGB-Effekte wieder nach meinen Wunsch (Regenbogenwelle) ausrichten kann? Die beiden Software wurde 1000 mal hin und wieder de- und installiert und es wird immer noch nicht angezeigt, obwohl ich keine Hardware und Software Änderung vorgenomen habe..
  6. Hello. A little over a month ago I purchased a LNP. I installed it in my computer, and immediatly there were some issues, such as that I had to update the firmware each time I turned on my PC in order for the RGB strips to work. This was frustrating but manageable. However, I am no longer able to update the firmware without getting an instant "Firmware download failed" message. After about two hours of troubleshooting I managed to manually download the firmware and reinstall the Link software. I attempted to manually force a firmware update, but regardless of the version of firmware I attempt to install from the local drive, it always progresses to exactly 16% and then I recieve a "Firmware flash failed" message. This is becoming frustrating. (How hard is it to power 4 RGB strips?) It seems to me like it must be a bug, but a complete re-download and install of the software fixed nothing. I feel I have looked at every forum post about this issue and tried numerous fixes to no avail. I would like to try all my options before I opt to try an RMA on some RGB strips. (If I can even do that, being it is over a month now.) Any help is greatly apreciated. Thanks
  7. So I've got the node pro with a problem that seems to be plaguing the folks who use the hub+pro. My fans either do not light up at all, or sometimes light up on #1. I have tried in both Corsair Link and iCue. Nothing is working to make either of these. I've tried several fixes (making sure cords are slack, trying other slots on both the hub.) When I first built the computer - ALL the fans lit up, rainbow, so I know they work. (They were also gorgeous thanks Corsair!) However I ended up with either a dead mobo or chip and nothing would post, so I had to do a lot of work and RMA them. Then, I got Windows up and running, and only one of the fans would light, and only white. So I know: The slots on the fans work. The fans themselves work. The node works. HOWEVER, they're not working now and I have no idea how to fix this.
  8. Hello everyone, when i plugged to properly my hx1200i, everything was perfectly working but one thing doesn't work "Corsair Link". When i was click Fan test button, fan will turns well but Hx1200i doesn't shown on "Corsair Link 4" and "iCue". -All programs and all windows update is lastest version. -On the psu, there is one led, this led always green. Some forums or some ppls said that should be "green and red" but mine is always green. -On the other hand i checked from "USBDeview" program, system will see that usb but not recognize. -I've corsair h115i pro there is no problem on iCue or Corsair Link 4. I use "NZXT Internal USB Hub" but i try with it and without it. There is no changes. What can i do right now any one tell me anything? Many many Thanks!! EDIT: After i open that topic, i deleted newest Corsair Link 4 program. And install "Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.9.4.28" after that hx1200i works fine! shows on corsair link 4. But still doesnt shown on iCue. Nevermind corsair link 4 is work fine. http://i65.tinypic.com/357rms6.png
  9. Hey Team, I took apart my PC for cleaning and suddenly my H100i GTX was not showing up in Corsair Link 4v4.7.0.77. I know this is a common issue through my searching and so far I have: Updated, uninstalled and tried different versions of Corsair link 4. (restarts, uninstalling, ccCleaning between) The device was showing in device manager but was hidden, asking to be plugged back in, so I uninstalled it(After multiple restarts and using different plugs on mobo) and now it doesn't show up in device manager at all (as unknown or hidden). The regedit method found on these forums and youtube didn't have the files required to edit values to 0. I have taken the PC apart and plugged the micro-usb into different ports on the motherboard. I have tried a different cable, that stopped the PC from posting....? The AIO is still not showing up in device manager or in corsair link under devices. The fans work, they adjust speed to the heat of the CPU, an aqua light in on the Corsair logo so it seems to be working. I have plugged everything back into the same place on the Mobo (took pics before taking it apart) The only thing I cant think of is maybe the cable or plug broke, When I first restated the PC from cleaning it tried to post multiple times and ended up resetting my bios settings, i'm not sure if that could of effected it? Or hopefully there is a quick and easy software solution. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hey, guys. So at one point, most of my components were displayed on Corsair Link 4. Now I've only got my Motherboard readouts (fans and thermometers), my CPU (core temperatures and load), my GPU (Temperature and Fan Speed), my RAM (performance) and my PSU (all the goodies you'd expect from a HX1200i, I think). I am missing the H55 built into the GPU, all of my drives (an m.2, two SSDs, and a disk drive), and my H115i. And on top of the H115i not showing up in Link, Windows can't find a driver for it either. When attempting to update drivers through the device manager, I am met with the "Windows was unable to install your H115i" message. So I head over to Corsair's site to find drivers, and the only download I am offered is Corsair Link 4. Which I have. So . . . now what? Also, what does the "Graphing" tab do? It has never worked for me at all. Every time I click it, nothing happens. Can anyone offer some insight or assistance? I'd certainly appreciate it.
  11. Hola que tal, bueno mi problema es el siguiente: compre 3 ventiladores Corsair LL140 RGB (El paquete que vienen 2 ventiladores y su respectivos controles y uno individual que solo viene el ventilador) al momento de instalarlos los ventiladores funcionan (si giran, pero solo uno de los tres ventiladores funciona el RGB), cabe mencionar que conecte todo como lo indica el manual en orden continuo 1,2,3, conecte el cable SATA al power supply, y en el Corsair LINK asigne los ventiladores, pero a un así no prenden, cuando recién encendí la PC prendieron 2 de los 3 ventiladores solamente que a los 30 segundos se apago uno de los 2 y solo quedo uno prendido
  12. hi people, recently i acquired a corsair h80i v2 water cooling and have things to ask you, because i have some problems with it 1) What is the best way to connect the cables regarding the motherboard, PSU, Pump, usb port. Motherboard(Asus Z97a Usb 3.1)cpu connectors: cpu_fan, cpu_opt motherboard fans connectors: CHA_FAN 1, 2, 3 and 4 Usb 2.0 internal connectors: usb1314, usb1112, usb910 Do I connect the radiator's fans to the pump, to the motherboard or to the PSU? do i connect cpu fan cable, to cpu_fan or cpu_opt connector? which usb 2.0 would best be to use? in what connectors put fans case? What should I choose in the bios? dcmode/pwm/automatic/disable 2) As for the problem, corsair link 4 does not work, i have already installed and uninstalled many times and nothing happens. the radiator's fan spin very fast and thereforce noisy. I can not control them in bios or in operating system (windows 7 x64) well i hope you help see you
  13. As the title reads. The RAM will not show up in the corsair link application and will not let me switch the lighting...it is constantly pulsing, even if the computer is hybernating. My H110i finally showed up after I hooked up the cable to the MB but the ram is not supposed to have a cable...it should show up in LINK after plugging it in. What could be the issue here? I tried re installing LINK and it still does not recognize it. I couldn't find any help online. I attached a screenshot of what LINK looks like.
  14. Hello I don't know if this the right area to suggest a feature for Corsair Link. So I will be posting it here. I'm not sure if this feature was suggested before but here it is: I would like to suggest to add a feature that allows the user to either individually changed the RGB Strips colors or make them change all the same time while they are doing these lighting effects: Color Pulse Color Wave Blink I explain it: In the current corsair link version, these lighting effects has options that you can choose 2 alternate colors or chose a random color. When you choose a alternating color, the strips will be in unison of displaying the colors. But if you chose random color, each individual will have its own color. Its still nice to look at but if you like the effect to show different, yet all the same color, adding a feature to controllably make the strips show the same color of light when doing the effect on random colors. This would be nice feature to add. I hope you guys like it :) If any clarifications, feel free to reply. Thank you.
  15. Hello I recently upgraded to the latest version of Corsair Link and now every time the H115i's temp goes above 40c boom the fan becomes super loud. This has never been the case before then. Any advice would be helpful my setup cpu: intel i7-6850k ram: 32gb corsair vengeance 2333mhz mobo: asus rog strix x99 gpu: msi gaming gtx 1080 os: win 10 64 bit http://i.imgur.com/ViJC1o9.jpg Thanks
  16. After updating to Corsair Link my ax860i has disappeared and I cannot monitor power usage or change the fan speed. I am able to monitor the data through HW Info so the PC is detecting it but for some reason, corsair link cannot. Can you help me out with getting corsair link to detect it? Some more details: The ax860i is plugged into my h100i which is plugged into the NZXT iu01 (internal USB hub) which in turn is plugged into the motherboard. Thank you in advance for the help.
  17. So i have Corsair Link 4 downloaded, but it doesnt wanna startup ive set it to start up in the software it self and ccleaner but nothing happends. I tried reinstalling. Please help! :biggrin:
  18. Restarting my pc or uninstalling Link doesn't fix this. I reinstalled steam to fix the same crashing issue some of my games were having and that fixed both the problems. This only started happening two to three days ago. The Link 4 service is still running in my task manager, I just can't monitor temps or change fan speeds because Link won't boot.
  19. Good afternoon, After this update every time I boot my computer a couple of seconds later I get an app crash from corsair link software. If I restart it as long as I don't minimize it to the tray it doesn't crash. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? I had absolutely no problems before this version. My Corsair hardware is the H80iGT. Any help would be most appreciated. http://img4.imagetitan.com/img4/5eQzO6lJF2Qv6ij/16/16_screenshot2017-05-2612.18.57.png Thank you.
  20. Hi! I´ve just noticed that Corsair Link is not showing me the pump speed and cannot switch profiles, It just got stuck. I have already unistall and install again and nothing. This happended from one week to an other and i dont know if the recents windows 10 updates bugged the software. I appreciate the help. http://i.imgur.com/FOhlyOB.png http://i.imgur.com/D9gYEMu.png
  21. I have just changed out my old CoolerMaster HAF X for a new Corsair Air 240. needed a new smaller motherboard for my new case. Now that I have upgraded my motherboard to a Asrock 970m Pro3, my H100I pump will not stop running at full speed, which makes it sound like I am flying on an airliner. the fans configuration is just fine, pressing quiet or performance only increases/decreases the fan speed not the pump speed. the fans are plugged into the H100i so I am kind of confused as to why the pump wont change but the fans will. If someone could give me a speedy response that would be awesome.
  22. Hello Everyone, so Corsair Link does not detect my newly installed h110i. The cooler does power on and everything functions just link does not show it. I also have a Corsair HX850i which does show up in link. I have tried swapping which usb port on the motherboard it is plugged in to with no luck, however the HX850i does show up regardless of what port it is in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried the registry edits, just I cant get it to work. Any ideas?
  23. My HX 850i is not detected by Corsair link. I have tested the Motherboard USB socket which is ok, the lead is firmly inserted into the power supply (which otherwise works ok). I've reinstalled the software, making sure that all settings folders were also deleted, but still the problem persists. I'm thinking its either the socket on the psu, lead or a software issue, any ideas ?
  24. Hello all. I've just recently built my first pc and everything seems to be working alright, except my H100i v2 isn't being detected by the system and the fans are running loudly. It isn't listed in Devices and Printers, nor in Device Manager or Link 4. I'm very new to this and a lot of what I've read and researched in order to fix my problem is a bit confusing to me, so I apologize in advance for my newbishness! The fans were initially running at full blast. I read that I needed to disable fan control for the cpu fan in the BIOS, but was unable to find a way to do that with my motherboard (evga z170 classified k). I read elsewhere that I should turn it up to max instead and so did that and the fans seemed to be running how they should for a bit, but after a restart the fans have reverted back to full blast (or almost full blast). Also, my system isn't detecting the cooler at all. I have the mini usb plugged in correctly, connecting the cooler pump to the usb header on the bottom of the motherboard. I've tried using a different mini usb to usb cable to connect the pump to a usb on the back of the tower, but same results. I'm not sure if this is important, but before, when I got the fans to seemingly work correctly and not run constantly at full, the LED on the pump was a bright white as opposed to the dim blue it was before I changed the cpu fan settings in the BIOS. I attempted another try to see if the mini usb to usb cable would work, but it caused the fans to go back to being loud again. Switching back the the cable that came with the H100i v2 has not fixed it. Still loud. Any help is greatly appreciated! I apologize if this is a confusing mess, and that I haven't attached any images. I'm not entirely sure what would be helpful at this moment in time, but am willing to provide them should you need any.
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