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Found 10 results

  1. With all the recent platform launches from AMD and Intel along with new graphics cards already starting to hit the shelves, you might be looking at upgrading your power supply. The CORSAIR HXi fully modular power supplies are ultra-low noise and feature three EPS12V connectors with 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency. They are also compatible with CORSAIR's iCUE software which allows the user full control for setting custom fan curves, monitoring, and adjustable power settings. Let's discuss some of the key benefits of these new power supplies. First off, these are fully modular PSUs which allows the user to only connect the cables needed in the system, no unused cables and clutter to help better cable management. The triple EPS12V connectors along with high quality Japanese capacitors give full compatibility with modern motherboards while ensuring long-term reliability. Being 80 PLUS Platinum certified, you'll get up to 92% efficiency for exceptional low power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures. Zero RPM Fan Mode allows the power supply to switch off the 140mm cooling fan completely during low and medium loads for near-silent operation. When the fan does start spinning, the fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) delivers extremely quiet and long-lasting fan performance. Finally, with it being iCUE compatible, you can set custom fan curves, monitor, adjust power settings, and even switch between single-rail and multi-rail overcurrent production (OCP) all on the dashboard. For a tutorial on the installation and setup of the CORSAIR HXi series power supplies, check out this video here.
  2. My mouse does not appear in corsair ICUE, it works, it is connected to my pc, those rgb leds work, but it does not appear in IUCE, it is an ironclaw rgb wireless. I have tried in wired and wireless mode, nothing happens, please help me.
  3. Title is self-explanatory. I want to avoid using the core if possible since I already have a node core for my RGB. My motherboard also has two headers for CPU fans (aka the fans on my rad) and a specific AIO pump header. Clearing this question up before i purchase would be appreciated!
  4. Hey, seit dem neuen Corsair ICUE v.4 leuchtet mein RAM die ganze Zeit rot, obwohl ich statisch blau eingestellt habe. Woran liegt das und wie kann ich das ausstellen? Lg.
  5. Hey, ich habe im forum gesehen, dass bei der Harpoon wireless sehr viele Benutzer das problem hatten, dass bei einem klick manchmal 2 ausgeführt werden. Es wurde damals mit einem treiber für die maus gellöst. Dabei wurde die Debounce time einfach hoch gestellt. Es gibt spiele, in denen man aber viel clicks braucht. Leider hatte man nach diesem treiber keine möglichkeit über 10 clicks fair ohne autoklicker zu kommen. Deswegen hätte ich mir einen schieberegler in der ique software gewünscht, von dem man die debounce time einstellen kann. Dabei sollte minimal mindestens 4 ms betragen. So ist es auch bei der glorious model o und noch ein paar anderen mäusen. Der regler würde perfekt in die einstellungen passen und könnte standwardmäsig auf dem jetztigen wert stehen. So könnte man wenn man mehr clicks braucht es einfach hochstellen :D Bitte baut dieses Feature ein Mfg. Lukas
  6. Hello there, to keep it simple, as the title suggests, my audio sounds weird (overall worse, like everyone has gotten a worse microphone quality, less natural-sounding, background noise like keyboard clicks are also more noticeable than before). I've previously and currently use the unedited clear chat EQ preset. Things I've tried so far: - Reinstall my audio drivers - Reinstall ICUE - Uninstall ICUE then my Realtek audio drivers and reinstall both in the same order - The above but vice versa - Clean uninstall ICUE as instructed on the support page - The above but also reinstall my Realtek audio drivers Something to note is that there is no noticeable difference between surround off and surround on, but previously, there was a notable difference between surround off and surround on (with surround on sounding overall better), which may or may not be the issue at hand, but I do not know how to go about and fix that. Appreciating any input on that issue, Sincerely, Zaruna Edit: Tried the following two things without success to fix the issue:
  7. Hi everyone, I just bought a 570x corsair case that comes with 3 sp120 fans. I ordered 3 ll120 fans and another rgb fan hub. So right now I have -3 sp120 rgb fans -3 ll120 rgb fans -2 rgb hub -Lighting node pro I would like to be able to control all 6 fans from my bios but my mobo only has 4 3-pin connecters on it. Can a 3 way splitter like this one be used to power 3 sp 120 rgb fans? https://www.amazon.com/DZS-Elec-Splitter-Sleeved-Extension/dp/B07FNL8YCZ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=3+way+fan+splitter&qid=1586979595&sr=8-3
  8. I have a new Pc with 2 Corsair 120 pro(red) fan and one Corsair 140 pro(red) fan and the Corsair Icue dosent show them and i don't understand to configurate them with Corsair link so if anyone could explain Corsair Link to me or has any idea why Corsair Icue dosn't show/find them (all fan run and light in red) is welcome to share his/her idea to help me. have a nice day or night depending when you read this.
  9. Hey Guys/Girls. So i have a Problem regarding the icue software with my corsair h115i pro. The Sensor on which i base the fanspeed of the cooler of off switches everytime the program is started. i have set it to the processors package temp, but it resets everytime to the coolant temp of the cooler. does anyone have the same issue and maybe a fix to it? Thanks in advance
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