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Found 14 results

  1. So I've been searching online for the last 6 hours and still can't find an answer to my issue. I own an Asus Helios Strix case and plan on Mounting an H150i ELITE CAPELLIX RGB which comes with 3 ML 120 PRO RGB'S and a Commander Pro to install them too. My question is I also plan to buy an additional 4 ML 140 Pro RGB fans making 7 total. Three will be in the front with 1 at the rear for exhaust. I haven't decided on how many RGB strips im doing yet. But my question is can I just use a splitter for the extra fan or is there a better way to sync the fan and RGB together so the system works in harmony? Bonus points! Can I sync the RGB front display of my case with ICUE and if so how?
  2. Hello all, I have a question about the Commander Pro. I am looking to have one HD120mm fan on the outside of my Dark Rock Pro 4 for just a touch of RGB. I want to be able to control the RGB with Corsair software. What would I need to achieve this? I saw a YouTube reviewer who stated you only need the Commander Pro which would act as a fan hub for my other Noctua case fans but also provide power and RGB control for my HD fan. In a contradictory fashion I have seen posts on here and elsewhere which state I need both the Commander Pro and the RGB hub Corsair also sells. Could I get clarification on this please? Thanks.
  3. First time here hoping someone can help me with my problems. I recently made a new build with a number of parts from Corsair. My build is: Corsair Obisidian 500d RGB SE case AMD Ryzen 3700X Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master Corsair H115i Platinum. Corsair RM750x The problems I have are with the Commander pro that came with the case and the H115i. These two are connected to the USB 2.0 ports on my MB but I cannot find them both in Device Manager or in iCue software. i have tried different setups both separately in a usb2.0 port. Also tried with the H115i in the commander pro and the Pro on the 1 of the 2.0 ports tried without success. All fans are connected to the commander pro excluding the fans of the H115i which I connected directly to the pump itself. All fans are running and so is the AIO. The RGB lighting also works on the standard rotation. I just can't find them in ICue, so I can't change them either I did read that there were problems with the USB 2.0. in combination with AMD and Corsair is this still playing is there any other way to get this working?
  4. Hallo Liebe Community ich habe vor 2 Tagen mir einen neuen PC zusammengebaut. Aber nach ein paar Hardwareüberprüfungen funktionieren ein paar Komponenten nicht so wie ich es mir Vorstelle bzw. die Corsair iCUE Software es vorgibt. Und Zwar wir bei mir der Commander pro in der iCUE Software mit 12V mit 0V angezeigt, 5V - 0V und 3,3V - 0V https://prnt.sc/ojor8r . Laut HW Info hat er die Spannung https://prnt.sc/ojorlu . Auch in der iCUE Software wird mit die AIO H115i RGB Platinum auch nicht angezeigt https://prnt.sc/ojorwf . Der rest Funktioniert soweit ganz gut. Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen. LG Jumpy
  5. Hey there, I just built my PC (his name is Frank) and I have 3 sets of unruly RGB parts. I have two sets of Thermaltake Riing 120mm case fans which are independently connected to their own RGB controller, which looks like this: https://thermaltakeusa/hc/article_attachments/360003381393/Gen_1_Controller.jpg Not only do these two sets not sync even on the exact same settings, but it has no RGB cable support for the RGB strip on the front of my case. Additionally, I recently purchased the Corsair H100i pro, which isn't synced with my fans either. I hooked the two controllers into the H100i pro for the fan inputs, and I was hoping that somehow iCUE would be able to pick up on the RGB controllers and allow me to control them, but that is not the case. In fact, it doesn't even pick up on the fact there are 6 fans. Because there are only 2 controllers plugged into the H100i pro, it only thinks there are 2 fans. My next idea to control all of the RGB in and on the surface of my case would be to purchase the Corsair Commander Pro, which is not very cheap for my current broke college boy budget. I'm wondering if my Thermaltake Riings will be able to have their RGB controlled by iCUE when plugged into the Commander Pro? I don't like the idea of having to buy 6 new case fans so that all of my RGB is linked, especially having to fully dedicate myself to one brand when the corsair RGB fans are double the price of the TT ones I had gotten. I know the commander will be able to control my case RGB strip and iCUE already is capable of controlling my cooler, so I'm not worried about those. I'm more so concerned if I decide to drop 60 odd some dollars on a controller, that I'll have to purchase all new fans as well. Thanks for your help in advance, if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them to my knowledge, as this was my first ever build and I've only been studying up on this side of computers for the last 5 or 6 months.
  6. Hello, I have some incompatibility issues between the Corsair H115i RGB PLATINUM and the corsair commander PRO. when I use the BitFenix USB extension cable (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812493064). When I connect the AIO using the original cable it works smoothly but, to have a better cable management, I need to use the USB extension. Using the extension cable the AIO is not recognized by iCUE when is connected to the Commander PRO but if I connect it in the same way to the USB port of the mobo it is again recognized by iCUE. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks for the help
  7. Hi all, Seems it's quite some time since I posted on the forums :) Anyways, I was re-doing my computer build, well partially. Got a new case (Lian Li Lancool One Digital), Corsair H150i Pro and the Corsair Commander Pro. Now, probably a stupid thought, I thought I could connect the front addressable RGB on the Lian Li case to the Corsair Commander Pro. But the connector is different. I took a few screenshots of everything, maybe someone has an idea. Lian Li RGB connector side #1: https://imgur.com/BLWlYBs Lian Li RGB connector side #2: https://imgur.com/11qcZ4I Lian Li RGB connector side #3: https://imgur.com/p5XRPtB Lian Li onboard RGB connector #1: https://imgur.com/qxXmngt Lian Li onboard RGB connector #2: https://imgur.com/HyMjY38 Corsair Commander Pro LED connectors: https://imgur.com/e7Q4jg2 According to the Lian Li manual the addressable RGB LED can be connected to the onboard case connector. In this case you can switch RGB LED effects by pressing the button on the case. Also they say that you can connect it straight to your motherboard's RGB LED connection header (which my mobo, Taichi X99, does not have). Here is a quote from a review site: So I thought if I purchase the Corsair Commander Pro, I would be able to control the Addressable RGB LED? But the connector does not fit. Does anyone have any experience with this by any chance? Sidenote; I also included a screenshot of the manual with the Adressable RGB LED. Thanks in advance for your help! Regards
  8. Is it true that I can daisy chain 2 or 3 Commander Pro's to each other so that I can run 12-18 Corsair LL120 fans in my new 1000d case? I currently have the 1000d case and 15 LL120 RGB fans. I'll need to daisy-chain (if possible) because my new Rampage VI Extreme motherboard only has 1 USB 2.0 header (which I still think is a bad design choice) and I've heard of some horror stories where the internal NZXT USB 2.0 hub has fried some people's motherboard headers and even stories of some smoking and melting (though I wonder if those stories are true or just overblown tall tales). I wanted to run 8 in front as air intake, 2 in the rear as exhaust, and 3 (or maybe 6) mounted up top with my Corsair Hydro Series H150i AIO (maybe in push/pull?). Also, a side question: A bought a 150i AIO cooler for my CPU. It is a 360mm radiator with three 120mm fans. Would I be able to somehow mount this radiator at the top of the 1000d case or are those fan holes strictly for 140mm fans / 420mm radiators? I really don't want to mount a 360mm radiator to the front of the case, especially since I heard the 150i's tubing just barely extends far enough to accomplish this. I am eventually going to custom hardline the entire loop. I am coming from a CaseLabs TH10 (which is a bit outdated now but was also a gigantic case but they are now out of business so I'm moving everything over to Corsair stuff). Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, This is my first build and especially first time dealing with RGB hardware. I purchased the Corsair Commander Pro, 3 HD120 RGB Fans, and the Corsair Lighting Node Pro. Starting with the Corsair Commander Pro it is hooked into the USB1 header on my motherboard and the power is connected to a sata connection that is also powering a hard drive on the same cable (cable has multiple sata power connectors on it.) The Lighting Node LED Strips are all connected to each other ending at being connected to the LED1 header on the Commander Pro. The 3 fans are connected to ports 1-3 on the Commander Pro and the power for each are connected to the PUMP_FAN1, SYS_FAN3, and SYS_FAN4 ports on the motherboard. All the fans are spinning and the speed is controllable in Corsair Link. So to sum it all up i've got 3 fans, and 4 daisy chained LED strips connected to the commander pro (which is being detected in the software, just updated the firmware) but the LED strips aren't working at all and the RGB for the fans aren't working. Please help a first time builder! Thank you!
  10. Howdy! I am trying to figure out the best placement of a few components in the Corsiar Carbide Air 740 case for optimum cable management and air flow. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Here are my components: Case: Carbide Air 740 Fans: - CPU: H110i AIO Cooler (Currently the radiator is mounted as intake in a pull configuration on the front of the case) I have also upgraded the fans to ML140 Pro fans. - Case Fans: 2 SP120 Quiet Edition fans located bringing air from the bottom. - Case Fans: The two stock 140mm fans that came with the H110I mounted to the top and are exhausting. 1 stock 140mm non-pwm fan as a rear exhaust. Fan Controller (Particularly looking for suggestions on placement of this and the temp sensor placement): Corsair Commander Pro Graphics Card: Asus Strix 1060 6GB Let me know any suggestions you would have on placement of the fans, aio radiator, and where the fan controller should go. One other question is the RM750x, can the fan point inward towards the mobo in this case or should it point outward to the cover of the case? It looks upside down if it is mounted that way but seems like the fan would work better. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hello I don't know if this the right area to suggest a feature for Corsair Link. So I will be posting it here. I'm not sure if this feature was suggested before but here it is: I would like to suggest to add a feature that allows the user to either individually changed the RGB Strips colors or make them change all the same time while they are doing these lighting effects: Color Pulse Color Wave Blink I explain it: In the current corsair link version, these lighting effects has options that you can choose 2 alternate colors or chose a random color. When you choose a alternating color, the strips will be in unison of displaying the colors. But if you chose random color, each individual will have its own color. Its still nice to look at but if you like the effect to show different, yet all the same color, adding a feature to controllably make the strips show the same color of light when doing the effect on random colors. This would be nice feature to add. I hope you guys like it :) If any clarifications, feel free to reply. Thank you.
  12. Good day, I am planning on migrating my rig to a new case shortly. I want to know before I go out and buy a Commander Pro unit if it can control all 6 PWM fans individually or will all of them run at the same speed? The cooler I am using is a H100i V2 paired with the ML120 Red LED fans. Will I be able to setup a custom fan curve according to the CPU temp or any of the 4 thermal sensors or will I still be bound to the coolant temp like I currently am using the H100i V2? TIA
  13. Hallo Corsair-Team, um mein Air 240 etwas aufzufrischen, habe ich mir den CORSAIR Commander PRO , einen 3er-Pack SP Lüfter inkl. Controller und RGB Fan LED Hub gegönnt. Im Großen und Ganzen war das Anschließen recht simpel, denn da kann man ja nix wirklich falsch machen. ;): Nach der Installation der aktuellen Link Software lassen sich eine Menge lustige Sachen einstellen, doch nun zu meinem Problem. Wenn ich den "Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub" mit dem "CORSAIR Commander PRO" durch das mitgelieferte RGB LED Hub Kabel verbinde, leuchtet nur der erste Lüfter, der am Hub angeschlossen ist, auf. Die restlichen bleiben unbeleuchtet, egal wie man sie steckt. Laut Beschreibung des Commander PRO sollten jedoch maximal 6 SP Lüfter pro LED Leitung durch einen LED Hub möglich sein. Ich weiß nicht, woran es liegen könnte, denn der erste Lüfter leuchtet ja auch nach entsprechender Einstellung im Link 4.7.0 Über Ideen oder Tips wäre ich dankbar und bei offenen Fragen einfach fragen. :laughing:
  14. I'm currently running two Dominator Airflow Platinum fans in my rig, and in order to do it I have two Corsair Commander Mini's. I noticed with the Commander PRO it has two LED slots, HOWEVER they are 3 prong LED slots. The Airflow Platinum fans LED cable has 4 prongs which the Commander mini is as well. I don't know enough about it, and was just wondering if it's possible to get some sort of conversion cable or something like that. Anyone?? ::pirate::
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