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Found 9 results

  1. So I bought this on Monday and installed since then I have heard this humming sound coming from my PC. Ive stopped all my fans and realised it was the pump. I checked in ICUE and realised it was running at 2.2k RPM in quiet mode. if I change it to balanced, 2.4k and Extreme 2.6k. Is this a bug in ICUE or have I installed the cooler wrong? ICUE is on the latest version and so too is the firmware for the cooler. I have 9 fans connected via commander pro, commander core and node core. The commander core and commander pro are both plugged into my mobo. Any ideas or have I got a faulty cooler?
  2. I just installed the H60 liquid cooling system and now my cpu runs super hot, around 98 degrees. I noticed my games now all have horrible frame rates and will not start as well. Any ideas what could be the issue? My PC: AS ROCK z68 Extreme Gen3 Intel i7 (not over clocked) Nvidia GTX 1070 32G Ram 1TB SSD
  3. i'm having an issue with my desktop computers Aio cooler. the LEDs on the pump keep changing from white to red. the cooler has no RGB connection to the motherboard or anything else just a fan header connection and a power connection. im hoping its just the leds dying and not a major issue. the system (core i7-8700k) is working normally even under load the temps aren't exceeding 70c as reported by multiple programs including icue. any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Hey guys. It seems I am having trouble with the cooling of my CPU, which is done by Corsair H60. The idle temperature of my CPU is 60-70 degrees Celsius. If I start to play CSGO the temperature of my CPU jumps to 90-115 degrees Celsius instantly and it doesn't go down. It stays at that temperature. After opening the PC, I have observed that one of pipes of the Corsair is extremely hot but the other pipe is regular living room temperature. Does anyone here have any suggestions for solving this problem? Any idea what is setup wrong? Or is it possible the cooling fan is faulty and should be replaced? The PC is built by me. Hardware setup: Corsair fan is plugged in to CPU_fan on the motherboard Pump is plugged in to to Fan_opt w/pump See picture https://www.asrock.com/mb/features/Z390%20Phantom%20Gaming-ITXac.jpg details BIOS setup: CPU is the temperature source Sat to water pump with DC full speed PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake S Cooling: Corsair Hydro H60 PSU: Corsair SFX series SF750 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 16 GB Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Phantom GAMING-ITX Harddrive: Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD M.2 2280 GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 VENTUS 8G Thanks in advance
  5. In feb of this year I purchased 3 LL120 fans to switch out for the original fans in my pc. They were working all fine until a couple of days ago. I found that 2 of my fans are working incorrectly. One of the fans completely freezes. I usually have my fans set to the rainbow wave setting and the colours just stop turning. The leds are still on but just dont change colour. On the other fan all but one led have the same issue. If I try to change the mode to temperature lets say, the leds that freeze dont change. This happens intermittently. Could that be an issue with the fans or the RGB hub?
  6. Hi there , Two days ago my pc started giving warning sings about the temperature of my cpu. It was about 100degrees . I checked corsair link 0 pump rmp and fan Rpm. I turned of my pc at once ofcourse . There are no leaks , pump does not make any weird noise . It just suddenly stopped working after 2 years . Is there anything i can try to fix it myself ? Kind regards, Maxim
  7. Zwick

    H110i Issues

    For the past 7-8 months I've been having cooling/temperature issues. Yesterday I replaced my asus z170 deluxe board and i5 6600k cpu with an asus z370-e gaming board and an i7 8700k cpu. When idle(0-5% load), with all the panels off of my phanteks enthoo evolv case and max fan and pump speed, I'll be around 60-70c. I've had the h110i cooler for about 3-4 years now, and I have an h115i cooler coming tomorrow. If its not the cooler, what else could it be? I know for a fact the cooler is running, I can hear and feel the pump working, but I cannot tell if there is any blockage. When gaming a few weeks ago on my old board and i5, I'd be sitting at temps of 85-90c over a 3 hour session, and my cooler would be aroung 60c. Is 60c too hot for an AIO cooler/does it indicate that it is not dissipating heat properly, especially since I have a push pull configuration? I made sure that the cooler is fastened right and is making full contact, I’m using the arctic mx-4 thermal paste too
  8. Atiral

    H100i v2 0rpm

    Please help me, I've come across a problem that my processor is overheating, and I assumed I just had to re-apply thermal compound to the cpu.. So I did. Then I powered on my pc again and its still overheating when I play GTA, please let me know what to do.. I've tried going into my bios like other people but I could not quite find what they've found.
  9. Hi i cleaned my computer Yesterday i remove all the parts and replaced my thermal paste on my cooling , i noticed that my CPU temp is so high with 20-30LOAD upon start up . I didnt open any application or games but i got several running application on my background (refer to the photo below) . I need some help since my temp before is 45-50 after startup my room temp is 30-40 since i live on asia and my place is kinda hot . hope someone can help me . Btw One pump of my h100i gtx is warm and one is cold the rad is warm also . thankyou. http://imgur.com/a/orQkc My specs are : i7-4790k H100i GTX S340 Elite Gtx 1080 VS650 16GB of ram
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