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Found 6 results

  1. So, I built my first PC today. It booted up fine, but gave me two errors- one that my CPU was above temperature and another that there was a CPU fan error. I’m using the h150i elite capellix to cool an i9-12900ks. I have the tach cable plugged into the AIO spot and the other cable plugged into the icue commander that came with it. I also have the fans attached to that commander which turn on when I start my system. So, I don't believe there are issues with the commander or it’s connection to the motherboard. My pump also doesn’t show up in the bios, there is no pump speed displayed only an N/A. Could my pump/tach cable be faulty or is there something else that would cause this problem? I’m fairly certain the heat block is installed on the processor correctly with an appropriate amount of thermal paste, but I’m more than willing to redo it if that could be the issue causing this, but I don’t really think it is. I am planning to go out and buy a standard heat sink to see if that’s able to cool down my CPU and maybe isolate if it’s the h150i that’s the problem. Thank you for your help :)
  2. Corsair Hydro 100i RGB Platinum, Hydro Series, 240 mm Radiator. Recently bought off from Amazon, literally got it and installed yesterday (1:30am currently, installed it at about 9pm-10pm). Installed the cooler to best of my knownledege, though, no manual or installation guide came with the purchase. The cooler LED works fine, but not detected by iCUE so unable to change rgb. The radiator fans that camewith the purchase only had one wire, which is to power the the fans. They, work fine, spin and everything, however no LED or RGB etc on the fans, at all which is frustrating. The only cables that I had were 2x4 pins fan cables, coming from the fans, 1x3 pin which is plugged into the cpu fan which to the best of my knowledge is only for fan speed and temps as it is only a 3 pin a singular wire coming from the cooler. Then a sata cable which comes from the cooler and plugged into a SATA using a corsair powersupply, unsure what model but is about 700w-800w. Why is the fan LEDs not working, why does it not come with any rgb hub wires, and why does my cooler not come up on my iCUE. I'm a huge corsair fan, always have been, pretty much all of my setup except cpu and gpu is corsair.
  3. The all I just bult my first "Super PC"... and for CPU Cooling I used a Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT. This Cooler cames with: x1 iCUE USB Cable - Just connected it on the Motherboard x1 SATA Connector - Connected it on the PSU SATA Cable x1 a Cable with 3 pins and only one wire - Connected on CPU_FAN (Motherboard). But there are 3 connectors (labeled as 1, 2 and 3 - as shown in the images attached), which I can't figure out where to connect them. Right now, the PC is working without these cables connected and I am worried if I am doing it right.
  4. Hey guys, i've got a nATX mainboard with (only) a 4 PIN CPU_FAN and a 3 PIN CHASSIS_FAN. Both of them are marked with 12V. Whats the best way, to connect the watercooler h45? the manual recommend to connect the 3 PIN to the CPU_FAN and the 4 PIN to a chassis fan. My idea is to connect it in the opposite way: 3 PIN to my 3 PIN CHASSIS_FAN and the 4 PIN to my 4 PIN CPU_FAN. Whats your recommondations? Note: I've started up once to check if my diy server posting and all works fine (the fan is running). Thanks Benini
  5. So my H150i Pro is not getting detected by Icue anymore after an Update on the AiO got aborted due to a Power Outtage. After my PC rebooted it was not getting detected by Icue anymore. It seems like the H150i hast lost its drivers. Thing I have tried: -Reinstalling Icue -Installing an older Version of Icue -Reinstalling Windows -Unplugging and Replugging the USB Cable on the Pump I Have figured Out that this is what Windows is detecting as the AiO.
  6. Hello guys, I want to upgrade from Ryzen 5 1400 to Ryzen 7 1800x,the R5 currently in the HP Omen 800-010 is 65 TDP and the R7 is 95 TDP. The problem is it's a AM4 board with the mounting layout resembling LGA1151 So options are Corsair H60,H70,H75 Its worth noting the motherboard pump head is 4 pin as opposed to 3 pin. Are there any 4 pin 120mm solutions,whats the best cooler for my upgrade? Has anybody upgraded this PCs cooling Thanks
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