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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve had this PC set up for the past year and it’s worked fine. Suddenly one of the cooling fans won’t work! It happened once but I just turned it off and on again and it somehow fixed it, however I’ve done that many times now with no such luck. The other fan in the cooling duo works fine, and both fans have the rgb lights still working, I’m worried it might be a motor issue on this particular fan????? Everything else works fine, I’m just worried about the cooling!
  2. So I bought a H100i from amazon for a new build that I was working on. My first one arrived damaged so I got a replacement. In the mean time I used my stock wraith cooler, with 3 case fans. 3 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial Fans, 2 on the front and one on the back using the regular motherboard fan headers. All was fine, all my case fans were working as well as my cpu fan. Fast forward a couple of days and my replacement AIO comes from amazon and I install it. I loaded up iCue and for some reason my 2 Noctua fans that I decided to use instead of my stock corsair fans that were included, refuse to spin unless they are set to Fixed %: 100% in a custom preset. 99% or lower and they stop spinning entirely, fixed rpm does nothing and neither does a custom curve or the stock presets. I've already turned off Q-Fan for the cpu fan header, given the sata power connector its own lead to the PSU and swapped the fan cables around in the splitter, and also tried the stock Corsair fans but they also only spin given the above parameters. I've also tried different motherboard usb headers. The fans definitely all work, so I'm currently at a loss. I dont know if this is something software related or whether its hardware and I need to just order another replacement. I've already filed a support ticket, but if anyone has any advice or has experienced anything like this I'd love to hear about it because im struggling to find any answers. For further reference, I have no other fan control software installed such as AI Suite or Argus Monitor. The only other software that i have installed that could possibly interfere with this are AURA, Ryzen Master and MSI Afterburner.
  3. So i just purchased the LL120 Fan for my computer and when I turned on my PC, the fan became 7/8 red and 1/8 blue. I expected a solid color but figured things would be fixed up once I adjusted the colors on the MSI Mystic Light program (because I was able to change my colors for my Corsair RAM sticks and Cooler Master fans through this program). I bring up Mystic Light and this 4th fan is not being detected. So, I go ahead and download iCue. I bring it up and it's only detecting the RAM. So now, I'm at a loss as to what I should do.
  4. After doing some research i'm still not sure if you would need to have 2 Commander pros and 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs. Would regular pwm splitters suffice for both or would i need to splash some cash? I know this is overkilling RGB but i hate having various different fans and need all my possible slots filled. Sorry. Any other suggestions welcome of course. Thanks in advance. Kris
  5. Hello! A week or so ago, I purchased 3 ML120 and 3 ML140 fans. I have them connected to a lighting node pro, which in turn plugs in to the USB header on my motherboard. I also have them connected to a PWM controller manufactured by a different company. Basically, the fans worked perfectly fine when they were installed. But, upon restarting my PC, they stopped working. They were still spinning, so no problems there, but I could not get the RGB lighting to come on. The node pro does not show up in iCUE. I know iCUE works, though, because I have a K70 RGB MKII that does show up and is configurable, like normal. I was able to fix the issue (temporarily) by turning off the PC, unplugging the USB header from my motherboard (the one going to the Node Pro), starting my computer, turning it off again, plugging the USB header back in, and then turning everything on again. But, that only works until I restart the PC again. Obviously, I don't want to have to open my case every single time I restart my computer, and its kinda disappointing to have spent $250 on fans, just for this to happen... So, does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening here? Thanks for the help! ~Doombot1
  6. So i'm building a new system with a Carbide case [my first new one in a *long* time]. It looks like it might be problem, though, in that the exhaust from the PSU is blowing right into the fan for the GPU. My previous system had the PSU on top so that its exhaust left the case. Other than turning the whole thing on its head [and reversing the PSU, of course] how do i fix this? :confused:
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