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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all I just recently (<1week) built a new rig and I think my cpu is running too hot on idle 40-60 Celsius. At first I had installed a bunch of software that was giving me issues: Link4, iCLUE, NZXT CAM, MSI Afterburner, HWMonitor, etc and now I am just using iCLUE+MSI Afterburner+HWMonitor. Weirdly enough I have similar cpu temperature while playing call of duty. Attached images of idle and cod. On my asus board I originally had the pump connect to the AIO pump header which was giving me cpu fan errors. I moved it the cpu fan header and that went away. Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nF8HTC Things I tried: 1. Applied new thermal paste (not much changed) 2. Used icue to set fans+pump to max 3. Bios cpu fan set to %100 Any ideas? TLDR: cpu temp on h100i is 40-60 degrees C on idle and while playing Call of duty Thanks for any help or suggestion in advance!
  2. So prior to now the system was absolutley fine for 4 years, was setup correctly in exhaust mode, custom curve for gaming, everything was peachy Recently though anytime the CPU is under load the temps shoot to 90-100. Idle is still around 60. The fans on max in link do bring the water temps down, but the CPU stays overly high. I don't feel water running through the pump, but I'm not 100%. Also, the exhaust air being blown out is cold which seems weird? Should it not be hot Any help would be appreciated as I have a dissertation due in a month, and need regular breaks for Hearthstone :biggrin: So far I have checked all connectors, run a malware scan with norton, updated windows, checked BIOS again but nothing helps
  3. I noticed that the Threadripper 1920X is rectangular (approx. dimensions 7cm X 5cm), while the cooling base of the H100i is square (approx dimensions 5.7cm X 5.7cm). This means that the cooling base wouldn't fully cover the CPU when mounted. Is that an issue? Should a different cooler with a larger, rectangular cooling base be used to cover the entire CPU, or does it not matter? In addition, the H100i comes with pre-applied thermal paste (a very thin layer); is it necessary to apply more thermal paste to the CPU before mounting? My instinct tells me it is, just to be safe. Any advice / tips / links welcome. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello Community, Since noon today when I started the PC on this day the first time all temperatures rose to 100 ° C from my CPU Motherboard and water cooling is also higher yesterday everything worked and the temperatures were between 25 ° C and 40 ° C the temperatures rise in 1 minute at 100 ° C have the Corsair and the SUPPORT where I have put the PC together all recently, I can already imagine what the answers will be why I wanted to ask you for help in the hope here to get a reasonable answer if here someone ever had such a similar problem had this problem I had a short time but after 3 reboots it went away then it was again a quarter of a year until today I have already rebooted 10 times newly installed drivers and ever restarted with temperature again rose anyway in seconds clock. Here are the infos to the PC: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Prozessor MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON Mainboard Corsair DIMM 16GB DDR4-3000 Kit Arbeitsspeicher GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Grafikkarte Samsung 960 PRO 512 GB Solid State Drive be quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 1000W PC-Netzteil Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Wasserkühlung Windows 10 Pro Radiator Driver: iCUE und Corsair LINK (iCUE just yesterday installed because of keyboard) Thank you in advance!
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