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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Everyone, Get ready to switch it up with our new K70 PRO RGB MINI WIRELESS Gaming Keyboard! Combining both performance and customization, this hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is a must for enthusiasts and gamers alike. With up to 200 hours of battery life and 20 lighting layers per key, the K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS delivers customized performance, no strings attached. Here's a few quick highlights: Three ways to connect: Sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, Bluetooth®, or USB wired Compact 60% form-factor big on customization, with swappable MX switches and 360° RGB with a 28 LED LightEdge strip Store up to 50 onboard profiles with custom macros and vibrant RGB lighting effects with up to 20 lighting layers per key powered by AXON Powerful iCUE software enables dynamic RGB lighting control, key remaps, macro programming, exclusive integrations with select games, and more Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: Does the keyboard come with all necessary tools to replace keyswitches? A: Yup! Included is a keycap and keyswitch puller. Q: Is this keyboard compatible with consoles? A: Yes! This keyboard is compatible with XBOX and PlayStation 5. Q: How long does it take to charge? A: Anywhere from 3 hours from 15% battery when keyboard is off, and up to 5 hours from 0% battery when keyboard is in use. Let us know your thoughts below!
  2. So this works flawlessly on my pc and my xbox 1X, however PS4 not so much. I can not get it to work, wired, dongle, or Bluetooth. The F1 and winlock trick does not put my k63 into bios mode either, any suggestions? I'd like to get the most out of my $170 keyboard set up.
  3. I'm looking to finally take the plunge and get a gaming PC. I was wanting to get a horizontal HTPC to sit under my (rather marvelous) 55" 4K TV. I am not into tower PCs and never have been - yes, I'm one of those console gamer turncoats who wants the power of PC gaming in a console gaming experience. Sue me. :P I also really want to get into VR gaming. I was going to get the now discontinued Corsair Bulldog and build a 8700k/1080 ti setup myself (I'm also one of the freaks who actually liked the Bulldog design :P). But then I found out about the Corsair One and how it's pretty much everything I'm looking for - uber-small form factor, insanely quiet, and the most powerful components - all preassembled. And to top it all it has a HDMI port on the front for VR. AND it looks like something out of Tron. :sunglasse It's only missing one attribute I needed - it's not horizontal. And it doesn't fit in my TV stand, even at such a small form factor. And due to my living room setup there's nowhere near my TV that it will really fit. So my stupid question that I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to is this: can the Corsair One be put on its side and used horizontally? Obviously taking measures to elevate it and not block any vents etc. I know most normal gaming PCs can do this and many people do without issue - but the Corsair One ain't no ordinary gaming PC. I'm sure the answer is a "No, obviously not, you stupid n00b..." but I thought I may as well ask and check before I get the thing.
  4. Recently some of the family bought this keyboard to type with in FF14 (Final Fantasy 14 a mmo) on the PS4 (Playstation 4) but to our dismay the keyboard will light up and the playstation recognizes there is a keyboard, however it fails to type anything. So I was unsure if this keyboard was actually compatible with the console, I tried looking for some information myself but I didn't see any topics relating to it. So I hope to find a answer here of a possible solution or perhaps that it just really isn't for consoles and mainly for computers, as it works just fine on my PC.
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