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Found 10 results

  1. About a year ago I bought the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE. So far I'm pretty happy with it. It was my first Slip-Stream device and I was impressed by its performance. So I upgraded my headset, after my old one died with a Corsait VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT. It was a little pricey but absolutly worth it. Now, that headset comes with these cool larger Slip-Stream Dongles. They allow multi connection to multiple devices. Sounds pretty cool so far. So I put the Dongle for my mouse back in its spot and synchronized mouse and headset. It worked great. HOWEVER, every time I boot my PC now, I need to unplug the Dongle and put it back in. Otherwise there won't be a connection. It's not a mouse or headest issue as the Dongle won't even light up (got a small indicator LED). I'm using a USB 3.0 Port so I don't see the issue. If anyone got an idea why that is, please let me know. After putting the Dongle back in, it works absolutly fine tho. Also the RGB-Lighting works just fine across keyboard (Corsair K70 MK2 Low Profile Rapidfire), mouse, Nexus and headset. The Nexus detects the devices as well so I am pretty sure that the connection itself works just fine! Thanks for the help!
  2. Servus, ich habe gestern ein Corsair HS70 Pro Headset Wireless bekommen. Leider habe ich andauernd Verbindungsverluste für ca 1 sekunde was leider sehr nervig ist. Danke schonmal für die Hilfe
  3. Hi all guys, i'm new to this community and i'm writing this question because i didn't found a correct answer with YT videos or searching on WEB. I'm going to buy the components to assemble a pc and the doubt is the following: I will buy a Corsair H115i rgb Platinum (Mounted front pushing in), 1x LL120 rgb (rear pulling out ), 1x LL140 rgb (top pulling out),Corsair dominator rgb 3200 Mhz with an MSI x570 unify, Ryzen 7 3800x, all into an NZXT h510. 1: Is the h115i rgb platinum + NZXT h510 front aiflow enough for cooling my Ryzen ? 2: How to connect all fans to handle rpm and rgbs? Need i a sort of controller? Mobo has 1x 4-pin RGB LED connector and 1x 3-pin CORSAIR connector (what connects to this? ) Thanks all
  4. Im installing an H100i Platinum SE on a ASUS ROG STRIX 550-B Motherboard. The connectors have me a bit confused. The fan connections seem to make sense, but the pump connections arent very intuitive. The pump power connection plug was nowhere on the motherboard. I assumed it connected directy to my power source and it made a good connection there, but the pump power connector that goes to the AIO header on the motherboard has me stumped. Its a three pronged plug. All the fan headers are 4! Do i simply attach it via a mismatched 3/4 connection or am I missing something? is there somewhere else that connects that Im not looking? Thanks for the assist, obviously Im a bit new.
  5. For the first time in my life I'm signing up to a product forum to relay my frustrations with a product. A quick read even just the first page of the forum tells me that I'm not alone. I've seen individual issues but none that have aggregated them and provided a bit more information. My problems have been mostly with the wireless connection: 1. If the headset and/or computer go to sleep, upon waking the headset doesn't reconnect. The device shows in the volume popup in the task tray, but no sound comes out. Unplugging and re-plugging in the dongle usually works (but not always!) This happens multiple times a day. 2. Audio corruption happens frequently. One second the sound is fine, the next it sounds like it's coming through a radio with really bad reception. This happens almost every day. 3. Every 3-4 days the sound quality will deteriorate. What I means is that the audio sound normal, then every few seconds there is a "popping" sound. Not quite as bad as in #2, but still enough to ruin music listening. The only way I've found to fix it is to do a full restart using the command "shutdown /t 0 /r". A normal restart via the start menu will not fix it. 4. The volume wheel on the right cup will not scroll the volume level smoothly. I've seen at least one other user having the same issue. You scroll the volume level down and then it will jump back up a few levels. I believe these are software related as these are recent issues but I've been using the headset since Oct 2019. I'm on latest iCue and firmware for headset + dongle. I used to get other issues such as constant connection dropping and duplication of the headset in the iCue software, but they have been resolved in recent months, only to be replace by other issues just as bad! I've actually steered away from choosing Corsair for other wireless products because this experience and iCue stability have been so poor. Such a shame, the actual hardware of the headset is brilliant, and the mic quality on the non-SE version is superb. But if the audio drivers are naff then that defeats the whole point of having one. Are people having similar issues? I'd like to gather a consensus here that something is up with these things. In the meantime I'm going to speak to the retailer and see what their returns policy on bad products is.
  6. Hello guys, Does anyone know how to fix this issue with this headset. I used to be able to just turn on the headset and it would automatically connect to game audio or just the audio in general. Now, it doesn't connect to any audio on my computer. If I am playing music and I turn it on, it continues to play on my computer. I have to go into my audio settings and set it to the headset which sometimes doesn't even work. Now when I am gaming, I have to exit the game, set it as default, and go back in, which it never did before. This headset was probably the worst purchasing decision I have ever made. From freezing (when it used to work) when turned on while audio is running to it being very very hot, I just can't.
  7. Bonjour ! Depuis un certain temps, ma souris Corsair Ironclaw ne veut plus se connecter en 2.4 GHz. Elle ne fait que clignoter en blanc. Je pensé que cela venait d'une mise a jour a faire, mais non... Si quelqu’un pourrait m'aider ce serait super cool. Merci d'avance ::pirate::
  8. Hi. My h2100 has been working OK for a couple of weeks now, it has dropped connection like 1-5 times a day, which was annoying, but still managable. Since yesterday, the headset has lost connection atleast 50 times, ive restarted my PC, changed USB-port on the dongle, restarted the headset, drained the headset and recharged it, and also tried it on another computer. It'll work flawless sometimes for 10-15 minutes, and then struggle to stay connected for 10-15 minutes, this goes in waves, more or less. I havent added or removed ANY wireless devices, or other electronical devices, everything in my apartment is exactly the same as when it worked fine, but now it's just toying with me. I'm really disappointed, im leaving to go to USA for 3 weeks tomorrow, and i dont have time to turn it in to the store before i leave. Any tips, workarounds, or things i can try to fix this? It's reaaally annoying :( Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone... i have a Corsair Irionclaw mouse and I am having issues with the cursor. As I move the mouse, the pointer just won't play along. It jumps around when I start moving the mouse. I've tried wireless, moving the connector to different ports, unplugging other devices, and then Bluetooth is just a nightmare...whole different story. I have also uninstalled, and reinstalled...Updated! Any Ideas? I bought it last week and still haven't been able to use it. I am mainly concerned about it working on wireless. I can deal with BT after I sort out the wireless later. >>>> LOL...as luck would have it, I but the Ironclaw and Corsair really starts pushing for the Dark Core Pro RGB! I am wanting that instead now! <<<< :beatchair:beatchair
  10. I got a the cheapest wireless corsair headset a while ago and it was doing great. But my wireless dongle broke and so I was trying to get a new one, but I'm trying to use another from a different set temporarily. I plug it in, and my computer and ICUE recognizes that its plugged in and ready to be used. But since I need to re-pair it to my own headset, I use a paperclip to insert into the little hole that's in the dongle as the instructions say on how to make it enter pairing mode; aka make it blink a lot. But no matter how long I have the paperclip in there, nothing changes. I've heard people saying there's a button in the hole that I'm supposed to be pressing, but I feel nothing of the sort inside. This may be just me, but the matter of no matter how long I hold it in, at any angle, nothing responses. Please give any help you can, I really want to use my headset, and even if I get a new dongle, I need to re-pair it anyway and this might still happen.
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