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Found 6 results

  1. Ever since downloading the Epic Games Launcher and downloading four games (~260GB total), my 2018 Corsair One's Wifi connection to my home wifi has not been working. When clicking the Wifi icon in the lower right of Windows 10, it will show the wifi is connected as if nothing is wrong, but if I try to load a website in either Chrome or Edge or try to load UPlay, Steam, or Epic Games Launcher, none can connect to the internet. Then, if I re-click the OS Wifi icon it will show the connection as having no internet. I've connected the Wifi to my mobile hotspot and it seems to work fine so the issue appears to be just with my home Wifi; however, all of my other devices connect to this wireless router and have worked as expected just fine for the past week. I've also tested an ethernet connection from the Corsair One to the router and this works too. The router is a Verizon Wifi 6 router. I've tried resetting it multiple times and also tried forgetting the connection in Windows, but neither has done anything. I've also contacted Verizon to see if they might be blocking that connection somehow since I downloaded so much data through that connection, but their tech support said there is no restriction like this. I tried uninstalling the wifi drivers and reinstalling them, but this had no effect. I installed drivers from the Corsair One website, but the system says the drivers already saved are newer and thus it won't install those older drivers. It appears as though every time I uninstall the wireless adapter and delete the drivers, Windows is pulling a backup from a folder (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore), but I can't delete these files even though my Windows account is an admin. I've tried installing the newest drivers from Intel for the adapter model Wireless-AC 8265, but that has not fixed the issue either. I've tried going into the BIOS to see what options are there, but since I have a Bluetooth keyboard that has no USB connection option, I can't get the BIOS to launch. Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys, i've got a nATX mainboard with (only) a 4 PIN CPU_FAN and a 3 PIN CHASSIS_FAN. Both of them are marked with 12V. Whats the best way, to connect the watercooler h45? the manual recommend to connect the 3 PIN to the CPU_FAN and the 4 PIN to a chassis fan. My idea is to connect it in the opposite way: 3 PIN to my 3 PIN CHASSIS_FAN and the 4 PIN to my 4 PIN CPU_FAN. Whats your recommondations? Note: I've started up once to check if my diy server posting and all works fine (the fan is running). Thanks Benini
  3. Hi folks, ich versuche seit geraumer Zeit meine neue Tastatur mit meinen Rechnern zu verbinden. Momentan arbeite ich mit zwei Rechnern "gleichzeitig" weshalb ich mich für diese Tastatur entschieden habe. Mein Plan ist zwischen Funk und BT zu schalten, was mit der Maus schon super funktioniert, leider verbindet sich meine Tastatur partout nicht mit dem Funkempfänger. Gibt es da noch irgendwelche "geheimen" tricks? Andernfalls muss ich mich leider wieder von dieser Tastatur trennen. Besten Gruß
  4. I recently bought a K70 Lux with red LED and cherry mx red and it works as expected, the lights go on and all the buttons work, but ICUE doesnt see it, it works fine for my hs70 but the keyboard isnt shown as a avalible device, what do i do?
  5. The headset works fine but it only connects if I have it turned on before I start up my computer. I can turn it off and on fine but if it's not on when I initially startup my PC I have to restart to get it to work.
  6. I've had my headset for roughly a year now, and it's starting to act up and annoy me. First Issue: When I power it on, it doesn't always connect. The female voice doesn't say "Powering On, Mic off" like it should, and NO audio comes out. I then have to hold the power to turn it off, and then turn it back on. This happens a couple times a day. Second Issue: When there's no sound being played, you can hear an annoying static sound coming out of the headset, it isn't loud.. but it's annoying Third Issue: When it is plugged in charging (right now it's charging through my K70), it keeps saying "Charging Battery", like it normally does when you first plug it in, however, it's been plugged in for awhile when it does it. Does anyone have any ideas? Starting to consider canning it and buying another brand.
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