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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there, After installing my new ICUE H100i Elite Capellix I noticed only the LED on the pump was lighting up. I thought that it was weird that the fans didn't light up but I went to the ICUE application hoping it was a setting I needed to adjust. After learning how to use the ICUE application, I did the "Lighting Wizard 4-Pin Setup" and to my surprise no fans were detected. Luckily I had another fan handy and tried to use it through the controller that came in the box with the H100i, and it worked! The fan was detected and I was able to use all the controls including the LED controls. So that leads me to believe that something is wrong with the LED's on the fan it came with. So to recap here is everything I tried: 1) Using a different fan 2) Uninstalling IQUE and reinstalling 3) Using an older version of ICUE 4) Plugging only one fan in at a time 5) Using a previous version of windows 6) Disabling ANYTHING that could be effecting/monitoring the fans 7) Switching around the order of which the fans are plugged into the controller To my knowledge I installed everything correctly considering the fact that I used the video on how to install it from Corsair's website. It's super frustrating and sad that I've had nothing but problems when it comes to Corsair's LEDs. I had a three pack of Corsair fans a few years ago and it was the worst thing ever. My PC is almost ready for a full rebuild and I was going to go full Corsair but if I can't get these LED lights to work I might as well but from elsewhere. There are a ton of good products out that the LED's actually work on them. The worst part about the whole thing is that I've been trying to fix it for hours now and I feel as if I've done everything humanly possible and it still fails to work properly. If anyone has a solution to this or has a faced a similar problem please help me! Also, something I forgot to mention... When in BIOS no fans that are plugged into the controller are detected. Just the pump shows up under BIOS but in the ICUE software I can see all fans that are plugged in. Could it be a problem with USB that's plugged into the motherboard from the controller itself? So confused and lost here, Ill add some pictures if that helps, thanks for reading if you made it this far!
  2. PSU is Corsair AX1200i. Is this situation from topic title normal? Shoud fan always spin on self-test button pressed? I run self test while only 230v power cable connected to PSU. No any other cables connected. PSU lies on dielectric wooden clean office table. P.S. I know instructions manual says fan should spin on self-test button pressed, but why test status LED shows green light then if fan failed to spin on start? It is obviously not "green" situation.
  3. Good Afternoon everyone, I know this question has been asked many times, and i apologize in advance for the repeated question. I am still very confused and would like to optimize my new build, or at the very least get come confirmation that i have built it correctly. PC Build: I have a Corsair Obsidian 500D SE. A H150I Pro AIO Commander Pro Corsair Lighting Link Controller. ASUS TUF X570 Motherboard Fan Configuration: My AIO front mounted to my case with fans pulling cold air in. Two top exhaust fans. one rear exhaust fan. The three AIO radiator fans are connected to the three pump headers from the AIO. The other three exhaust fans connected to the commander pro on 4, 5 and 6. The AIO USB connected to the Commander Pro. The three pin from the AIO connected to the AIO_PUMP motherboard header. All RGB's connected to the Lighting Link then connected to the Commander Pro. Sorry if that was all to convoluted to follow, if so ill make sure to try to reword it to make it clearer. BIOS Configurations: I have the CPU_Fan Q Fan control disabled in BIOS AIO_Pump Q Fan control set to enabled PBO enabled D.C.O.P Enabled ICUE Configurations: In ICUE, my three rad fans are set as balanced and increase with temp's average RPM's 900 no load 1400 RPM on load.(no custom curve). The pump is also set on balanced (2040 RPM) does not increase with temperature (I would like for it too, no custom curve applied) The three exhaust fans are set on balanced 1300 RPM no load 1700 max under load (no custom curve applied.) Temp readout: Ryzen Master: 35C idle, 74 in benchmarks ICUE: Doesn't seem to show CPU temp only Liquid temp (not sure if this is intended?) Questions: 1. The three rad fan's should they stay connected to the pump headers or should they connect to the Commander pro? *if so are there any specific ports 1-6 that they should connect too?* 2. The three pin pump from the AIO, should that stay on the AIO_Pump header, or should that go to the CPU_FAN or CPU_OPT header? 3. Should I change any BIOS settings? 4. What general ICUE settings if any should i alter? For reference i am attempting to follow the diagram mentioned below minus the LED strips and my Power Supply is not an I series PSU. https://imgur.com/veQagHe I know this is a very long post, I am coming from a very old build using a different AIO that connected to the Motherboard, and very little software control. So everything with the Commander pro, Lighting Link and a different AIO is all different (along with going from purely Intel to AMD CPU for the first time haha. Thanks in advance for any advice, i can provide any pictures of my case or setup if needed.
  4. Hellllllp I currently have 2xLL120 RGB 3 pan packs. Using one of the included lighting node pro's I get the following problem. Add fans 1-3 in the corsair link software, all 3 fans work perfectly, full control add fan 4 in the corsair link software, Fan 4 does not light and there is no control add fan 5 in the corsair link software and fan 4 lights up with full control add fan 6 in the corsair link software and fan 5 lights up with full control Fan 6 stays dark, swap fans 5 and 6 in the hub and fan 6 then works. Tried reflashing the firmware initially all fans light up, but as soon as you try to control them the issue above reappears. Tried the other lighting node pro from the second 3 fan pack and the same thing happens. Tried an older version of the link software and no different This is doing my nut in, any help would be appreciated cheers Ian
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