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Found 3 results

  1. So I will be getting a new PC and have thought of making a custom loop with Hydro X. I will be using the Evolv X case from Phanteks, but I selected the 500D RGB SE because Corsair doesn’t yet have a model for the Evolv X. So I made a configuration, went to the modeling and it spits out a 54mm radiator thickness (which is fine) but then has the new XD3 pump. That’s good and all, but I want the XD5 and a 33mm 360mm radiator and I can’t change the pump! Like, I click on the pump section and I can’t change it to a XD5 pump. And I’ve done this configuration before (3700X and a 2080 Super) and I forgot the price but now I don’t know how to get my XD5 configuration back. Is there a way to fix this? Can I just swap out the pumps in the cart (I have clearance) and be good to go? And also Corsair should add the option to change the pump/res for those who want a big one like me.
  2. So, the configurator seemed to do great. took a couple of weeks for everything to come in, got the rig tore down yesterday and started laying out my parts to install. The configurator does not recommend a ball valve... or any way to setup a drain for that matter, Despite saying "everything you need for the loop will be included". This should, in my opinion, be just as important as the other components, because you cant really put one on retroactively until you have actually (dangerously) drained your loop "The hard way". I ordered mine, but thought you guys may want to consider taking a look at that, as it seems there may be a lot of issues in a few months when newbies begin realizing they cannot drain their systems easily. Also, was wanting your thoughts on flushing the radiator before use. I know in previous builds it has been recommended to always flush the rad before hooking it up in order to ensue there are not leftover particles that could gunk up the loop. If you do recommend this, how/ what do you recommend to use? Vinegar / Water? Mayhem Blitz Cleaner? Thanks ahead of time. Also psyched about getting everything in. Got my 420 rad with push pull LL140's and my pump mounted. Now im just waiting on my ball valve order so i can mount the cpu block. Kinda sucks I gotta wait another week for it, but whatever. ::pirate::
  3. Previously I've asked repeatedly about whether we'll see AIOs from the company with RGB fans, since we see screenshots of these a lot in their promotional material. What I now propose is Corsair creates a configurator for their online store, where users select a radiator, and then can customise the supplied fans using their full range of available products. In the case of RGB, the company could also provide options to add an RGB Fan Controller or Commader Pro, and Corsair Link to an order... This way customers would save money on getting a standard AIO, because Corsair would assemble it before shipping, instead of making users replace the fans themselves.
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