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Found 17 results

  1. Bonjour, Je viens de monter mon premier build, je rencontre un léger problème concernant le système RGB, j'ai installé deux RGB hub sur lesquels j'ai brancher 7 ventilateur, j'ai également un commander pro sur lequel j'alimente 6 des 7 ventilateurs un est branché en direct sur la carte mère, au niveau du RGB je n'arrive pas a synchroniser tout le RGB, lorsque je vais sur icue, il y a parfois le même ventilateur et éclairer sur deux canaux, lorsque je retourne sur le hub il y en a qui s'éteigne, je pense qu'il y a une erreur sur les branchement je n'arrive pas a trouver d'où cela provient, de plus j'ai des ventilateur différent, 6 SP RGB ELITE, et 1 LL120 rgb. Le problème peut-il provenir de cela? Lorsque je vais sur icue il faut indiqué le modèle du ventilateur pour que ca fonctionne je doit les enregistrer sur bande led dans icue sinon ca ne fonctionne pas tres bien. Quelqu'un pourrait peut-être m'aider please?? Merci beaucoup.
  2. Bonjour, Je viens ici pour espérer trouver des réponses à mes problèmes car là je suis perdu. En effet, il y a moins d'un an j'ai fait l'acquisition d'un watercooling Corsair H100i elite capellix livré avec son commander pro. Je l'ai monté et je n'ai jamais eu de soucis jusque là. Or, depuis 2 jours j'ai remarqué que les lumières RGB de la pompe du watercooling et de mes ventilateurs ne fonctionnaient plus. Pire encore, la pompe ne marchait carrément plus et 2 de mes ventilateurs ne tournaient plus. Ayant bien suivi comment brancher le Commander Pro voici comment j'ai fait jusqu'alors : Sur le Commander Pro il y a : 5 ventilateurs : 3 ventilateurs de 3 pins et 2 ventilateurs de 4 pins (ce sont ceux de 4 pins qui ne tournent plus) + leur câble RGB. Le branchement de la pompe du watercooling. Le Commander Pro est lui branché en SATA sur mon alim pour l'alimentation et en usb avec son câble intégré directement sur ma carte mère. J'ai tout essayé pour arranger la situation. J'ai changé de branchement SATA, de branchement sur la carte mère, regardé dans le BIOS si la pompe était bien reconnue : rien. J'ai supprimé totalement iCUE y compris dans les clés de registre et je l'ai réinstallé : rien. J'ai essayé de prendre le câble d'un des ventilateurs 4 pins qui ne tourne plus sur le Commander Pro pour le brancher sur la carte mère : il fonctionne normalement cette fois si. J'en ai donc déduis que c'était bien le Commander Pro qui ne fonctionnait plus et je ne sais plus quoi faire là. Le plus étrange c'est que les 3 ventilateurs 3 pins eux fonctionnent sans soucis, sans RGB bien sûr, mais ils tournent. Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait une piste sur ce qu'il se passe ? Est-ce que j'ai bien raison et c'est le Commander Pro qui fait n'importe quoi ou c'est mon PC qui a totalement déréglé le tout...? Même si j'ai des doutes sur la 2ème option vu que j'ai absolument tout supprimé pour réinstaller et rien n'y fait. Merci d'avance !
  3. Hello! I have a Commander Pro with 6 LL fans. From 2 or 3 months i can't control the leds of all fans. When i start the pc sometime only one led fan work, sometime 2 and half fans work. When i go in iCUE and change rgb setting (pass from white to red for example) the first fan rest white and the other change color. I tryed to connect the RGB Hub of corsair directly to the Asus Motherboard ARGB connector (data from asus motherboard to the central pin of the hub) and only 4 leds of first fan (i have selected 96 leds int he armoury crate). I restarted the pc reconnecting the HUB to commander pro and only 4 leds of first fan work. Restarted again the pc and 2 and half fans work. I have also disable the plugin and also delete the plugin folder. I'ts like iCue and Armoury Crate share something (memory?). Others have my problem???? I tried also the unistall Armoury crate with Asus tool and clean unistall iCUE (guide on this website) and reistalled all new. Same. How can i solve this problem?
  4. First of all, early happy August to everyone! So I'm building a new pc since I upgraded my wife's with my old cpu and motherboard and I've run into a strange issue I've never had. Here's a breakdown of all the components : ryzen 5600x (corsair water block) Gigabyte B550 Auros master EVGA 3080 (ek water block) Corsair XD5 EVGA 850 80+ gold psu Lian li o11 dynamic XL 32 gigs of vengeance pro ram at 3600mhz 10 QL 120s 2 commander pros 2 rgb hubs (came with the fans) 2 360s In one hub, I had 4 exhaust fans and the XD5 and their rgb hub. In the other, 6 intake fans and their rgb hub. Both pros plugged into USB ports on the motherboard. So, when I went to fill the system, I noticed that the water wasn't actually moving past the gpu (the run goes pump-gpu- radiator-cpu- radiator- pump), yet all the rgb fans were lit. I thought this was curious. Even more so when I noticed that only the intake fans were actually spinning. So, I pulled the number 6 intake fan, and plugged in the pump. Pump worked. Oh, this is also relevant. The computer was plugged into a strip before. This time, I had to plug it directly into the wall. So, computer filled, ran for 12 hours leak testing. I decide to close everything up and install windows. It cuts on for a brief second, then instantly cuts back off. The rams' rgb is still running, which I'm guessing means there's auxiliary power getting to the board, but not enough to power it. This psu previously ran a 3600, x570 board, same 3080,same hydro x set up, and 8 ML 120s (no rgb). However, only a single pro was used. To troubleshoot, I put it in my wife's computer(3600, x570, H150i, 2 sticks of vengeance at 16 gigs). It powered everything perfectly! So I've narrowed it down to either there's an issue with running 2 pros, or 850 watts isn't enough power. Which is baffling! I have a 1000 watt being delivered tomorrow and will update this thread with my findings. Any suggestions are of course welcome! I just made this in case someone else runs into this issue and I get this figured it, it may help someone in the future! TLDR; 850 watt psu worked in old system, doesn't work in new system that has one extra commander pro and 2 extra fans Profuse apologies for the long read!
  5. Hi All, I am brand new to the forums here at Corsair and my first time actually going full Corsair for my new pc upgrade. I have a basic question that I need to ask just to be sure it's okay to do so because the last thing I want to do is remove something that could be problematic in the long run. I have recently purchased the new Corsair ICUE 5000X (By the way absolutely in love with it); It comes with a lighting node core pre installed but I am interested in installing my Corsair Commander Pro and I'm wondering if I can remove the pre-installed lighting node core completely from the case? I would appreciate an answer to this question as I am really not sure. Cheers!
  6. Hi Ich habe heute ein Setup gebaut verbaut sind eine CommanderPro und 10 LL120 Lüfter, 3davon AIO eigentlich läuft alles nur ein Lüfter lief nur max. 150 RPM dachte der Lüfter sei defekt aber liegt scheinbar an der CommanderPro weil wenn ich ein anderen Lüfter inden Steckplatz mache wo der nur bis 150rpm lief läuft der Lüfter auch nur bis 150 RPM denkt ihr das die CommanderPro defekt ist danke schonmal für die Hilfe.
  7. I have 3 LL120s on the front of my case and 3 ML120s in a push/pull config. I have 2 LL140s on the top and an LL120 on the back (obsidian 500d rgb case). I used two fan splitters to connect all 9 of these fans to the commander pro. I have phantek halo lux digitals on my ML120 fans, and am using this adapter: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corsair-RGB-to-JST-SM-Addressable-RGB-Adapter-/372551535271 I own two RGB fan hubs: one that came with the case and one that came from ebay. I want to connect my 6 fans into one RGB fan hub, the phanteks into the other RGB fan hub, and then connect both those into the two LED connections on the commander pro. Can I do this, or will I need to purchase a lighting node pro and plug it into the USB connection on the commander pro?
  8. Hey guys, I know that the commander pro is not supported in the iCUE software for MacOS, but does it really have to show up as a up? because now I'm getting this warning every time I log into macOS https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/263798638373896203/657749984375996436/IMG_20191220_170327.jpg https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/263798638373896203/657749394472566784/unknown.png?width=662&height=470
  9. I just got my system 3 months ago, i was adding some RGB lighting since the system i order has single fan attached to radiator AIO liquid cooler.I bought a commander pro and a 3 pack of ll120's. the reason i got the com pro was because my MOTHER BOARD only has 4 PWM's for the fans, and 2 of them have being taken up by the cooler and fan. i connected the Corsair Com Pro to a free usb header and connected the 3 ll120 fans to the controller. when i run icue software the fans are running at full speed. i switch to quiet mode and it has no change. i cannot lower the speed on the fans. is it suppose be this loud and high rpms? also a more customizable option so i can lower the speed of the fans. i have attached some images of my motherboard and the setup. my apoligies for sounding like a newb, i havent had a gaming computer since medal of honor allied assault was out. let me know there is anything i can do as i dont want my fans to burn out at the speed they are going.
  10. Planning to purchase an Asus Z390i for my secondary build. I have a couple questions regarding corsair controller compatibility 1.) Can this board run with a commander pro? It has 2 USB 2.0 headers. (CoPro needs a Usb 2.0) to run and as I will be using the corsair H100i RGB SE, that pump will also use up a USB 2.0 header on the board I know the commander pro has 2 internal usb 2.0 ports as well, which leads me to my next question 2.) Can i plug the USB 2.0 from the Pump into the commander pro instead of onto the motherboard? I will be purchasing the LL120's 3 pack as well and that will come with a rgb led hub so the NoPro that comes with it to my understanding is that the CoPro will be the one I use since it does the job of the NoPro and more
  11. Good Morning (Very early 00:30 :biggrin:) This is my first post so take it easy on me. I have recently upgraded alot of my things from being mix brand to basically going all over to corsair products, with the latest installment being my 570x case and 3 extra SP120 RGB fans and a commander pro. Now i have followed all instructions when it comes to the fans and the RGB side of thing from the RGb splitter hub (node pro i think its called) number them 1-6 and then connecting that to RGB header 1 on the commander pro and then the same again matching all the numbers 1-6 the same as before so RGB 1 is fan 1 and so and so forth. Now i have installed it all and its picking it up in Icue and the RGB is looking sexy however i have a problem where the fan RPMs keep dropping down to 1300RPM from 1500RPM and i can hear it doing that at least once every 3-5 minutes and its annoying and concerning. I have read some posts on here that say make sure the fans under Icue > Settings > Commander Pro > Fan port #1 to #6 change from auto to 3-pin as this way it will be set as the correct connection it has something to do with DC or something like that and this has not made a difference, I have also tried hard flashing the commander pro as suggested as well and still the RPM goes from 1500 range down to 1300 range and back up again and is driving me nuts as i cant find the solution anywhere. Please can someone shed some light on why this is happening and also its worth noting that i have the fan profiles set to Extreme as i stream and game alot on the same machine so like to have these going full wack most of the time so i dont have to worry about temps.
  12. Hey! I have something to ask. The question is can I connect fans from ML and LL series to the same commander pro and make it work. I have this question because I am going to buy Corsair H100i RGB Platinum All-in-one water cooler for my processor. And it comes with two ML120 RGB fans and I am going to buy more fans to my case and I have two options, ML120 and LL120. But I'm not sure can I connect 3 fans from ML series and 3 fans from LL series to the same commander pro. So I ask it from you. Will it work if I put 3 fans from both series. From, xX_KIIPELI_Xx
  13. Hi there, I’ve been researching this forum for a few days trying to sort out my new pc build and RGB lighting setup. I purchased a 460x RGB case with the pre-supplied SP120 fans on the front of the case. I also purchased a 3-pk LL120 RGB with LNPro. H100i v2 AIO cooler as well. I’d like to swap out the AIO stock fans with either the LL120 or the SP120 RGB fans that came with the case. I’m most probably going to front-mount the radiator behind the front intake fans in a push configuration with two 120mm fans up top and one in the rear for exhaust. I want to keep the SP120 fans together and the LL120 fans together (I.e.- all three LL120 fans grouped in the front of the case, or keep the three SP120 RGB fans in the front.) A few questions: 1). Ideally, which type of fan will serve better use on the radiator? SP fans which came with the case, or LL120 RGB fans? 2). Is it possible to use iCue software to control both sets of SP120 and LL120 fans, each plugged into their own RGB hub, and both hubs being plugged into ONE Commander Pro controller? 3) would it just be easier for me to swap out the included SP120 fRGB fans with a set of 6 LL120 RGB fans? (2 for radiator front mounted, plus 3rd up front, then two top and one rear for exhaust)
  14. Hello, I am thinking about making a computer based around Corsair's commander pro and other things to have a fully compatible gaming PC. I recently made a diagram (link below) to try and understand what I need to build. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I DID ANYTHING WRONG AT ALL!!! This is the most confusing part of a computer to me, thank you so much if you can help (: DIAGRAM IS IN ATTACHED FILES OR: LINK TO DIAGRAM ON TINYPIC: http://i64.tinypic.com/28a2ryt.jpg
  15. I don't know if its here I should post this but I have had serveral issues since last update. Normally my fans since icue were all off until the pc started fully with the software not they are like rainbowmode, that means that when I try to make a profile where all RGB is turned off the fans will turn on rainbow after like 30 seconds. My fans are also unable to go 0 rpm through my commander pro now and sometimes when I boot up my PC and the program loads it will make my 120 LL fans go flicker crazy with rainbow spiral
  16. Ever since last Icue update I completely unable to set my 6 fans to 0 RPM Also it takes the fans few seconds longer to ramp up when I try set them to 100% for example which I am still able to do
  17. hi could someone tell me if this diagram is correct? im getting ready to do this for the first time and i dont want to mess it up so i made this diagram as a kind of install simulator. im also a bit fuzzy on where exactly the usb from the motherboard (for the RAM) is coming from ; bonus points if someone marks up an image of the ASROCK Z370M PRO 4 and circles the spot. any comments tips or corrections would be most appreciated, thanks
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