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  1. Anyways, my old case and setup just had 6 rgb fans, which worked out nice for the Commander Pro (plus lighting node). But now I've got 9, possibly adding a 10th (all QL120 rgb fans). I've also got a pump but don't usually control it through iCUE, as it has its own software suite for advanced metrics and whatnot, but I'm curious if anyone actually plugs their D5 pump into it? Also, I don't need more than 4 temp probes. I don't intend to have any LED strips.. at least, I don't think. My GPU block and CPU block both have RGB, but it's EK so I can't plug those into the Commander, right ??? When I bought the Pro, the Core and Core XT did not exist, as far as I'm aware. But either way, here we are: is one Commander Pro enough to run all of this? If yes, how do you connect 9 or 10 fans to the 6 fan ports on the Pro? If no, which extra device is the best choice for my needs, pairing it with the Pro I already have? Finally, are there any Corsair products that come bundled with the Core or Core XT?
  2. Hi everyone, Just purchased a new Pre-Built PC and i am having trouble with the Corsair Elite Capellix h100i and with the ICue software. It randomly keeps disconnecting and the lights on the Capellix h100i pump and fans change back to their own colour and in turn not matching the other 7 fans and sometimes even just go dark or no rgb. I have narrowed the problem down to bluetooth. The "Corsair ICue Commander Core" Keeps connecting and then disconnecting randomly in settings/bluetooth and other devices. I sat in settings watching it connect and then disconnect. I am at a lose as to what to do to resolve the problem. I have gone as far as a fresh install of windows and it did nothing. Its very frusrating. I am wondering if it could be a fault with the commander as all other bluetooth devices work fine. If anyone has a possible fix or any information i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Andy
  3. Hi All, I have a h150i elite cappelix, which I want the fans to be managed by the commander pro. Obviously I still need the commander core to wire up the pump. So see my design below. I have a 5000X case. What I did is: - removed the PWM fan controller included in the case --> wired it up to the commander PRO - Used the commander PRO as the FAN controller for the H150i fans - Connected all casefans and H150I fans to the RGB hub included with the case - Connected the Pump to the commander core So my concrete question is: Will the H150 elite cappelix setup work with this setup? Or do I have to connect the fans and RGB to the commander core in order to get it working?
  4. I have my fan #6 port connected to the hydro x xd5 pump and it keep reverting back from the hydrox x series pump profile to the silent profile. The fans retain their hydrox x series fan profiles though. Maybe that is the way the new software works. I am unsure. I have already tried reinstalling the software. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
  5. Guten Tag, falls ich im falschen Bereich frage, gerne darauf hinweisen... Bin noch frisch hier. :-P Hintergrundinfos: Ich plane für eine Freundin einen komplett weißen Build zu machen und bin aufgrund der gut aufgestellten Auswahl auf Corsair gestoßen. Nun ist es ja so, dass MSI (z.B.) bei einigen Boards einen JCorsair Header an Bord hat. Ich hab gelesen, dass über diesen ein Steuern von Corsair Produkten über die Mystic Light Software möglich sein soll.. Dem würde ich gerne nachgehen. Leider gibt es nämlich keine GPUs die direkt Corsairkompatibel sind... Ich werde vorraussichtlich das neue iCUE 4000X Gehäuse nehmen, einen zusätzlichen RGB Lüfter nach hinten packen, das Corsair CX-F RGB Netzteil verwenden und ggf. einen Commander um genügend 12v Fan Header zu haben. Das 4000X besitzt schon einen Node Core. Frage: Funktioniert das wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe? Kann ich den Node an den Commander stecken und den Commander an den JCORSAIR Anschluss des MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon? Kriege ich vielleicht sogar noch 1-2 RGB Stripes untergebracht oder optional noch die Corsair H100i mit ihren zwei Lüftern und der Pumpe angeschlossen? Fragen über Fragen... So halbwegs steige ich ja durch, aber es ist wirklich SEHR viel input... Edit: Könnte ich den Commander ggf. auch ganz weg lassen und einfach Splitter-Kabel für die Lüfter benutzen? Besten Dank schon mal für jede Hilfe! Liebe Grüße, Yannic
  6. Hello All, First time post on here and I am having an issue with my fan speeds and not adjusting down below ~1300 RPM. I will provide the best information I can with potential fixes I have tried. Specs are as such: i7 8700, ( air cooled from the Motherboard 4 Pin Fan header) Asus ROG Strix 2070s 32 gb Ram 700W PSU 5 Fans All plugged into the Commander Pro: - 1 SP Fan Over top of the CPU cooler (Working properly and the speed can be adjusted by iCue) - 1 AF Exhaust (Came with the case fan- Can be adjusted with iCue) - 3 AF 120mm 3-pin fans for the case (all of which CANNOT be adjusted using iCue) Link The fans in question cannot be adjusted using iCue and consistently spin at ~1300 RPM, but they CAN be increased to ~15 or 1600 RPM with custom fan curves. The Fans in question are using the GPU Package as the sensor and even with custom fan curves it does not solve the issue. I am looking for a solution to get iCue to make these fans work, OR alternate software, OR a recommendation to get these fans to work. My thought was to use my other 4 PIN fan header (non-CPU) on the Motherboard with a splitter to control these 3 PIN AF 120's, but would that work? Can a 4 PIN header control a 3 PIN fan with modulated speed? Isn't that what the Commander Pro is supposed to do? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Cheers,
  7. Hello Corsair Fans, i want to build a Watercooling Loop in my PC, and i ordered a Pump and Reservoir Combo and a CPU Water Block. both of them has Adressable RGB LED. Now my question: can i connect these two with a free port on the Commander Pro and use that with ICUE? Or maybe can i use the Fan LED Hub, connected with the commander and then use it with ICUE? My fans and Led Strips are from Corsair and i want to synchronize everything. would be nice if someone can help
  8. Hey all, I just received my 2 Commander Pros in the Mail. I replaced my thermaltake ones and hooked up 10 fans, 4 temp sensors, 4 light strips. They are all functioning. But when I go into the iCue software, only the Commander Pro that is directly connected to my MOBO shows. So if I want to check the temp of my GPU (All GPU fans/temps on 2nd commander) , it does not show. My 1st commander (All CPU fans/lights/etc) is showing and able to be controlled fine. Do I need to do anything special to get them both to show? I've read several places on the forum that its fine to have multiple and to daisy chain them. Any Suggestions?
  9. My build has one iCue Commander and two iCue Lighting Pro Nodes. Each one has its own separate SATA Power cable. I want to rewire the three devices so that they all use a single SATA Power connector. In order to do that, I am trying to understand what each wire on the Lighting Pro Node corresponds to (since there are 4 wires on the Lighting Pro Node and 5 on the Commander, I need to figure out which wire is missing on the Lighting Pro Node). Here is what I am assuming right now: This basically means that the Lighting Pro Nodes don't use the 3.3v SATA Power Connector - is there anyone out there who has done something like this before and can confirm or otherwise knows the specs of the wires?
  10. Hi all ! Quick question : Recently boughted 2x LL120RGB, i was wondering how to monitor the RGB lighting of them. I have enough 4-pins on my MB to power them up, however, i don't have enough rgb headers to support them. I'm a bit confused on what do i need to buy : A lighting node pro Or A commander pro Thanks to light me up in advance !
  11. Hey everyone so my current setup is a commander running 3 LL120 fans and 4 Corsair RGB strips. It was working fine then I upgraded by replacing my motherboard and CPU. Since then the fans update fine but the RGB strips don't update as quickly (typically once a hour or two.) besides the first light on the RGB strip. Any ideas what could cause this? I'm on the latest firmware. (Note: the strips are lit but just in hardware lighting.)
  12. Hi everyone, First of all it's a bit complicated, but I know for sure, you can understand it. It's been a while since I'm struggling with my RGB fans, and soon I'm going nuts :confused::bigeyes::laughing: All the parts are new, purchased recently or a couple of month ago. All set up by myself, no issues until an iCue update. Any of these issues, does Not effect my everyday work/gaming on my computer, it is just the visual effects. But that was the only reason I bought these parts. For the extra visual effects and that's the only thing which is not working:mad::confused: The fan setup is the following: 6 LL120 white fans connected to the Commander pro and to an RGB fan hub. iCue's newest version installed. Each SATA connected. USB to USB header to the motherboard. No issues with the fan speed, just with the lighting. Check the pictures I attached! When I make a new profile in iCue. I create a lighting link with static colors set to a color(for example BLUE) In this case, the back and the two top fans lighting up without any issues, but the front ones as you can see it on the picture(sorry for the quality) Front top fan: Only the middle LEDs light up blue with an extra 1 LED on the outer ring, rest is rainbow. Front middle fan: Turns to rainbow, but with a couple LEDs off; Front bottom fan: Not lighting up at all. Changing the lighting link color to white (picture) Back fan and top fans white, no issues there. Front top fan: Middle LEDs white rest is rainbow Front middle fan: Stays rainbow with couple LEDs off. Front bottom fan: Off And here is the funny part!! Turning on Instant lighting as Black,(but it does the same with other colors) Black should turn off all LEDs (Picture/Picture/Picture) Back fan: Half of the LEDs stays ON in lighter white. Rest is Off Top fans: First white, then both lights turn off Front top fan: Off Front middle fan: Half is ON, in white. 1 LED blinking PINK. Rest is off Bottom fan: Off Changing instant color to RED (Picture/Picture) Back fan: Half red, half off Top fans: Off Front top fan: Off Front middle: Brighter white with red middle section, rest is off Bottom fan: Off Changing instant color to WHITE, as it's set in lighting link.(Picture/Picture) Back fan: White Top fans: 1 LED Off, in the inner section, rest is White Front top fan: All White, 2 LEDs Off, sometimes blinking PINK and 1 LED blinking LIGHT BLUE Front middle: Darker White with 1 blinking PINK, rest is Off Bottom fan: Off After all this, I turned OFF Instant color. (Picture) Back fan: White, 1 LED Off in the outer section. Top fans: 1 LED Off in the inner section, rest is White Front top fan: All White, 2 LEDs Off in the outer section Front middle: Darker White, 1 blinking WHITE, rest is Off Bottom fan: Off From here, changing the Lighting link color or changing to any other option(Rainbow, Visor, Rain, etc.) only changing the middle section of the back, front top and the front middle fans color I've tried all the possible ways with Commander PRO, 2 Node Pro, 2 RGB fan hubs. All cables looks ok, I tried with new cables as well Installed/Uninstalled iCue a million times, as I already tried a clean install of the Windows 10, on a brand new SSD. The problem still exist. WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT? HELP ME! AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG?
  13. If I'm running Linux as my main operating system, and i have a windows virtual machine on it, can I use the Corsair's Link/iCUE(can't remember what it's called) software to control my fan speeds? Specifically, the ones connected to my Commander Pro, and, possibly, my h100i v2 AIO? Has anyone successfully made the software work under WINE? Thanks! Oh, right, FYI, my system is currently running Windows 10, not Linux. I'm trying to do some research before I make the switch. I did search the web and this forum, but didn't find an answer. Edit: Another thought, I was considering just running the fans off of my motherboard, but I have a 1000D case. In the long run, I can see needing to use all 18 fan mounts if the plans I have work out. I'm not sure if running 18 fans through the motherboard could possible damage it or not....
  14. Auf Win10, CLINK4 neueste Version wird zwar der Commander MINI erkannt aber weder die Temp Sensoren noch die Lüfter die angeschlossen sind. Jemand eine Idee?
  15. I just finished moving my system to a new case, the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic, and I’m using a Commander Pro to control six ML 120 Pro RGB fans. All six LED headers are plugged into a Corsair LED hub, which is connected to LED Channel 1 of the Commander Pro. My question is: can I control each fan’s LEDs individually? On iCue, I selected the correct channel (1), type of device (ML Pro RGB) and number of fans (6). Still, I can only control their lights as a group, and not per fan, as I hoped.
  16. Hi So I want to connect 4 120 ML fans(case) + 2 ML fans (H100i) + case RGB logo. I found this image on the forum, its pretty similar to what I want to do, so here I have a few questions. 1) Instead of 6 120ML fans to the RGB hub, can I connect 4 case fans and the RGB logo of the case? or it would be like connecting two different type of fans and wouldnt work? If so, can I connect the logo to one of the two RGB connections on the commander pro? instead of RGB strips like in the picture? or do I need another RGB Hub just to connect the logo. 2) Im also connecting a H100i with 2 120ML fans, connecting these two RGB fans to the pump. Will I still be able to sync the H100 fans RGB with the RGb fans connected to the RGB hub? (Using link/icue) 3) If instead of the commander pro, I use any other PWM fan Hub controller, will I still be able to connect the RGB hub to "random PWM fan controller" and still be capable of using icue? 4) If I connect 120ML fans to the RGB hub, can I use iCue? do I need a commander pro to use iCue? Thank you for your time. EDIT: Now I see I need the commander PRO because the RGB hub can not be connected to the motherboard via USB, am I right? still would like to confirm if I can use any other PWM, or I must use the commander pro to be able to use iCue.
  17. I have a Commander Pro and a Lighting Node Pro. The Commander Pro is connected to the motherboard via usb header, and the lighting node pro is connected to the Commander Pro via usb header passthrough. I'm using the 4 LED strips included with the lighting node pro, and two of the strips are connected to the Commander Pro, and the other two are connected to the Lighting Node Pro. All 4 LED strips are lit up, but my iCUE only detects my Commander Pro, and thus I'm allowed to change two of the LED strips, but not all four. Can someone please help me figure out why iCUE is not detecting my Lighting Node? P.S. I have a H150i water cooler, is this also supposed to be detected by iCUE?
  18. I've installed 8 HD120 fans in my case. (with commander pro) BUT I am having very hard time with some LED Errors. I can't control the LEDs with iCUE because when I use iCUE, the fans' LEDs get error. They SO OFTEN STOP, and i cant fix it with iCUE. Such symptoms still remain after reboot or format. (Sometimes, only the HALF of the fan LEDs have effects and the other half are just stopped.) I also used LINK but there are not any problems. It is just problem of iCUE. But I can't uninstall iCUE bacause there are so many fucntion and effects that are not included in LINK or MSI Mystic Light. I attached log file of iCUE. PLEASE HELP ME QUICKLY
  19. Helau liebe Weihnachtsmänner in der Corsair Welt ! Da der Commander kein eigenes Unterforum hat, deswegen hier. Habe natürlich erst die erweiterte Suche angeschmissen nach "Commander USB Problem" in mehreren Schreibweisen und Wortumstellungen. Scheinbar bin ich bisher der einzige mit folgendem USB Problem... Habe den Commander ( neueste Firmware ) an den einzig verfügbaren USB 2 Header auf dem MoBo angesteckt und in den Commander den USB Stecker für 2 externe USB Anschlüsse oben auf dem Case reingepfriemelt. Nur: USB Geräte werden dann nicht erkannt. ( Beide Commander Ports probiert, logo ) Bei USB Sticks blinkt es anfangs so, als würden sie erkannt, tauchen aber leider im System nicht auf. Wenn ich dieses Kabel statt in den Commander, direkt aufs MoBo stecke, ist alles okay. Ist dieser Fehler bekannt ? Natürlich habe ich im Gerätemanager den vorhandenen Corsair USB Eintrag rausgeschmissen um einen Neuinstall des Treibers zu erzwingen. Putzig ist, dass alle Lüfter und RGB Stripes auch ohne den USB Stecker funktionieren. Nur die Wasserkühlung reagiert dann nicht mehr auf das Profil "Leistung" und bleibt im gemütlichen Faulpelz Modus. Was bei mir ok ist, habe ja keine nennenswerten Lasten. Es sieht so aus, als wäre der Commander kein guter USB 2 Hub. Habe ich einen Denkfehler, oder ist es einfach so ? Mein Leben hängt nicht da dran, beide USB 3 Ports am Tower oben flutschen ja 1a. Nur wenn eine Antwort leicht fällt, wäre diese lieb und willkommen. Herzlichen Gruss an Alle aus München ! Axel
  20. Good afternoon folks, this is my first post here. I just built my second high performance PC and this is my first time using a fan controller/RGB controller to use these fans. One issue I'm having is that I have been unable to update the firmware for my Commander PRO. I cannot download it from the server. Is there a download link for the latest firmware update? This would be super helpful. My second concern is that on the "Home" page in Corsair Link, it only shows fans #4, Fan #5, and Fan #6. I have 6 fans connected to 2 lightning node pros due to wire length issues. After reading the manual, I realized the ports have to be plugged in sequentially. I plugged the fans into port 1-2-3 on both lightning nodes for my 6 fans but still cannot see them on my screen. Thanks a ton for your help!
  21. So i've got 7 Corsair LL (5x120, 2x140) and want to wire them all up together using a RGB Hub and a Commander Pro. Ive read in a thead i can use a Y-Cable for the fan/pwm control (and ik im not able to address a single one), but is that also possible for the RGB input in the Hub? Obviously i'd need a RGB 4pin splitter, but they do exist, so i dont see a problem here. wouldn't wanna buy another Hub just for a single fan. Though that would be better if i'd decide later on to use RGB Strips for extension, right? Or wait, i could also just plug the RGB Strips into the Commander where the first slot is occupied by RGB Hub Thanks!
  22. I have 6 LL120's connected to a Commander Pro and the lighting hub. Whenever I boot, the fans spin and light up normally but as soon as I hit the login screen they go dark and stop spinning until I log in and start the Corsair iCue software, then they go back to their correct color and function normally. Any idea how to fix this? lighting hub is connected to Commander Pro LED plug and everything else is properly plugged in. No other issues with the fans. Thanks.
  23. Is there enough space to mount the nzxt hue+ in the ssd slot and still close the door? Is there enough space in general for that or the corsair combo of commander pro and lighting node pro?
  24. So I freely admit that I might be missing something, but I am thoroughly confused by the Commander Pro. It connects to the mobo with USB 2.0, but it has 2x USB 3.0 headers. Ihave one, a lighting pro node, 4x LL series 140mm fans, and 5 of the LED strips. I also have an ax1200i PSU. Both the PSU and the lighting node have USB 2.0 connectors, and are link supported devices. I have no way of physically cabling either to the commander pro. The product description of the commander pro mentions using the USB 3.0 headers to connect to other Link devices, but I have yet to see a link device that's has a USB 3.0 connector. Can someone help me understand here?
  25. Hi, I have right now 8 HD140s, and 4 RGB Light Strips. The Lighting node controller only have 2 channels, So is there away i either can connect the light strips to the HD140 controller. Or can i use 2 Lighting nodes in one system or 2 Commander pro? Thank you for the help!
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