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Found 9 results

  1. So i was trying to find my usb stick to boot from and in the search i might have tried to boot from the usb thing on the motherboard where the my commander mini is connected. And now that i have turned on the pc, corsair link can't see anything on the home tap or any of the other. my fans are running wild and i am slowly getting insane... what happened?
  2. Auf Win10, CLINK4 neueste Version wird zwar der Commander MINI erkannt aber weder die Temp Sensoren noch die Lüfter die angeschlossen sind. Jemand eine Idee?
  3. I wasn't sure which thread to put this under so forgive me in advance.... I have a pair of DOMINATOR® Airflow PLATINUM LED Fans for two ram kits, from a build that's been in the making for a while now... When I first got them I also bought the Corsair Commander Mini a few months prior even before the Pro came out. Later I got my hands on the Commander Pro, but the Fan's Led plugs do not fit the Pro that had two LED ports while the Mini had only one port :sigh!: I'm at a loss, in mind, to what to do to make my Memory fans match color wise now..... I can't find another Commander Mini on the webs that I can see.... and I don't see how I can use the Commander Pro. Anyone have a suggestion?
  4. Hello, I bought and installed a commander pro but i can control just the first fan with corsair link. I pluged all fans on the hub (delivered with HD 120 RGB) then i plugged it on the commander pro. All fans turn but only 4/6 light. Help me :(
  5. I recently purchased a Commander Pro (CLCP) and 5 x HD140 RGB Fans. After a firmware update, the CLCP seems to be working well (under SIV control) but I have found that the CLCP is not able to detect fans that are plugged in or unplugged while the CLCP is running (Hot Plugging). A power cycle is required for the CLCP to detect the addition or removal of a fan. As the Commander Mini (CLCM) could detect Hot Plugged fans, I feel that the CLCP should also be able to do this. I originally posted about this in the Using SIV to provide information to diagnose issues or to control CL hardware thread http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=907602#post907602 but since this is a CLCP firmware issue and not a SIV issue, I was advised to start this new thread for CLCP issues. I opened a ticket at Corsair to address this issue. The initial response I got is posted here. http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=908274#post908274 Upon checking, we don't support hot plugging or hot swapping with the fans nor the commander pro. So I responded with the following, Thank you for your response. I also own a Commander Mini and it detects hot-plugged fans just fine so I do not understand why the Commander Pro cannot do this. I suspect this is a firmware issue that could be resolved should Corsair choose to do so. There are several posts on the Corsair forum regarding this problem and as more people purchase the Commander Pro, I expect that you will be receiving more support tickets regarding this problem. Can you please explain to me why the Commander Pro cannot detect fans plugged in without power cycling the device. Yesterday I received another response from Corsair - As for the my understanding, the commander came first before the mini, we have an with your commander pro as it works perfectly fine with your mini. Let me investigate more on this and will give more information, can you give me time until Tuesday so i can gather all the information? thank you I do not even understand the first sentence as it is non-sensible.:thinking: He seems to think the CLCP was released BEFORE the CLCM which is clearly incorrect. The CLCP was released for sale a few weeks ago. The CLCM has been on the market for at least a year and probably longer. So I am left with a response from a Corsair support person who does not even know when or in what order these products were released to the market, and a response that makes no sense to me at all no matter how many times I read it. He does say that he will investigate more so I will respond and explain that he seems to be confused about which product preceded which, or perhaps what a Commander Pro even is. In addition to the obvious firmware issues with the CLCP, I have to deal with a Corsair support person who seems to be totally confused, sending me responses that border on illiterate. So I will count to 10 slowly and try again to make him understand which products i am talking about. I will post updates as they come in.
  6. I currently have 6 hd120 fans in my case and I am wanting to purchase the commander pro or mini (Need help on decision). With this I also want to get the LED Lighting strips. So the real question, would it be better for me to get: Commander pro/mini + RGB LED Lighting Kit ($85/$75) OR Commander pro/mini + Lighting Node Pro ($130/$120)
  7. The HD120/140 fans have a dedicated RGB controller. But as far as i can see there is no way of controlling them via software. So i was wondering if the Commander would both work as a fan controller and controller for the RGB lights since it has a LED input. If not would the node pro work together with the HD120/140 fans RGB wise? I have searched but cant find a clear enough answer that convinces me of it working or not. Any help is appreciated!
  8. Hi guys Needed to get a new cooler for a vm host so decided to move my H80 from my games rig to my VM's and slap in an H80i V2 in my games system. That went pretty well and have Corsair Link picking up readings. I then decided to pick up a Commander Mini with the GPU power kit and some LED strips, so I could move the system fans onto the Commander... So my question really is, do I now move the H80i which is connected via USB2 onboard connector and directly link it to the Commander Mini? Is there even a connector for this, from what I remember when installing the H80i, there was only a USB connector, I don't recall seeing any digital link port for the Mini... Otherwise I am using up two onboard USB2 headers just for Corsair Link, which is pretty wasteful
  9. Hi everyone, I just signed up to ask a simple question but confusing in my mind: I need 4 fans to be installed on my 480mm radiator and I wanted to use the 3 pack + led controller of the SP120 RGB HP Edition + another single fan. I also want to check, monitor and adjust the fan curve if I want to. So I was wondering in order to do that if I need the Commander Mini or the controller for the leds is enough.
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