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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, so my "amazing" commander pro is "having fun" lately - it keeps asking firmware update even if it have the last version (0.9.212) I've tried all the possible troubleshooting that you can think of but still; now waiting for the support to RMA it. Do anyone of you have the same issue and sorted out somehow? I'm wondering how a 65€ (this is how I paid for) product can be so poorly designed/engineered and integrated in iCue.
  2. Hello, so when I built my pc after a few months most of my corsair products like the Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller, commander pro and the fan hub that came with the case stopped showing up in ICUE, so for my Commander pro and Lighting node pro I just unplugged and plugged back the cables and they showed up the next day tho they disappeared again and this time it didn't work. (The products work my fans are working fine and my RGB Light strips are still working) My case is the Corsair 220T Mid Tower Gaming Case.
  3. Hallo zusammen, ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ich mir weiter helfen könntet :sigh!: Mein Setup was ich anschließen will besteht aus: Commader Pro + H100 RGB Platinum + Lighting Node PRO + 1 Lüfter LL120 RGB Im Anhang ist das Foto um es besser zu erkennen. Wie ich es zurzeit angeschlossen haben: Türkis = LED Kabel von den drei Lüftern an den RGB HUB Lila = Der Strom für die Lüfter an den Commander Pro Grün = Die LED Streifen(4Stück) Grün2 =Den RGB Hub mit dem Commander auf LED Steckplatz Blau = Den USB vom H100 Cpu Kühler an den Commander Pro Rot = Habe ich glaube ich doppelt gemacht ist der USB von H100 :D: Wenn ich es wie beschreiben anschließe erscheint die H100 nicht unter den USB Geräten und ein Lüfter leuchtet nur halb. Und ein LED streifen spielt ganz verrückt. Ich habe gefühlt alles schon ausprobiert und komme zu keinem Richtigen Ergebnis. Danke für die Hilfe im voraus:biggrin:
  4. For a start, in the iCue softare I always had my pre-installed corsair rgb hub and my Commander Pro. As my Mainboard: ASUS b450F Gaming II comes only with 1 USB header, i pluged the Commander Pro into the Mainboard USB header and my RGB Hub in the USB port of the Commander Pro and Everything worked fine. So now i have reinstalled my Computer, everything is the same, BUT my RGB does not show up in iCue. What I already tried: - unplug commander pro and plug the RGB Hub to the Motherboard header -> RGB hub showed up and worked fine (i think something is wrong with the usb ports of Commander pro) - Update iCue and the Firmware of Commander pro - I bought this USB HUB: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07DLVJ726/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I pluged it into the Motherboard and at Hub header my RBG HUB and Commander pro and both DO NOT show up in iCue or work. Pls Help
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