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Found 18 results

  1. Hey Everyone! We are super excited to present to you two more additions to our monitor lineup - XENEON 32QHD240 and 32UHD144! With high-resolution displays perfect for games and media, these also pack fast refresh rates and response times for the best experience. Here's a few quick highlights: XENEON 32UHD144 Built-in mounting point enables compatibility with rigging systems such as the XENEON Camera Mount Adapter and Elgato Flex Arm (sold separately). Connect using USB Type-C, 2x HDMI 2.1, or DisplayPort 1.4, and expand your connectivity with 2x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x USB 3.1 Type-A ports and 3.5mm audio output. Includes USB Type-C, HDMI 2.1, and DisplayPort cables. Die-Cast aluminum stand with RapidRoute cable management makes sure your setup looks clean and sleek XENEON 32QHD240 Loaded with an IPS LED panel, Quantom Dot technology (100% sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB color space), and HDR600, you'll be viewing games and content as intended with more vivid, natural colors and astonishing realism. Connect using USB Type-C, 2x HDMI 2.0, or DisplayPort 1.4, and expand your connectivity with 2x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x USB 3.1 Type-A ports and 3.5mm audio output. Includes USB Type-C, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort cables Integrates with CORSAIR iCUE software, allowing easy screen customization and saving of your personalized presets. Click the following for more information: XENEON 32UHD144, XENEON 32QHD240. We've put together a quick FAQ and comparison chart below: Q: Are both monitors AMD FreeSync™ Premium Certified and NVIDIA® G-SYNC Compatible? A: Yes! This helps synchronize visuals with your graphics card for smooth images, less screen tearing, and low input latency. Q: Can I buy the monitors separately from the stand? A: Yup! Our monitors are 100mm x 100mm VESA Mount compatible, so you have the flexibility to mount to a wall or arm if you choose to go without the stand. You can also remove the stand from the monitor. Q: What devices are compatible? A: These monitors are extremely versatile so you can play any games on many different platforms such as: Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Let us know your thoughts down below!
  2. Gaming Chairs 🪑: Something most, if not all, gamers need in their setup but never talk too much about. Do you own a gaming chair or just use any chair around the house 🏠 for your setup? Looking at our current chairs out right now, are there any designs, materials, or colors you would like to see in the future? How about this, do you own any gaming furniture that most people wont have 🤨? Leave them down below!
  3. Does anyone have any pictures of what the Hydro X Satin tubing in Transparent, White, and Black looks like in real life? The only pictures I can find are CAD renders of them. I'm curious what the real looks of them are. I'm looking to build my first watercooling loop in a Lian-Li Dynamic EVO all black case, so trying to think of what color tubing I want. I don't want clear, as I'm planning to run clear fluid to keep maintenance down, and debating about what the other tubing colors will look like in my system.
  4. Hello everyone, I noticed a few days ago that suddenly the colour on some of the keys was off. With these keys the red colour component is too intense. For example a full white colour gets a pink shine. This is very annoying and unacceptable for this class of keyboard. It seems unlikely to me that suddenly within a very short time several LEDs would malfunction the same way. Is there a way to fix this or should I send in the keyboard? Further information: * The keys are not next to each other. * I set a solid colour profile to "solid colour" white and also various other colours to test this and the colour of these keys is always wrong. * Software (v3.38.61) and firmware (v0.24.237) are up-to-date. * I have linked some photos. It's hard to get a good photo with my bad phone camera,but you can see the reflection of the middle key is pink instead of white. I noticed by coincidence that this is much easier to see with an unsharp photo. https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_01.jpg https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_04.jpg https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_02.jpg https://reubzaet.home.xs4all.nl/k100/210402_k100_Colour_03.jpg I hope someone can help me out here. If I should provide more information let me know. Many thanks in advance & regards!
  5. Bonjour, j'ai un watercooling h100i platinium que j'ai acheté le 26 décembre et depuis quelque j'ai des problèmes avec le logiciel j'ai donc essayer de le réinstaller mais rien, enfaite le logiciel m'affiche rouge et sur la pompe c'est bleu mes ventilateurs eux sont bien rouge donc si je met du vert sur le logiciel par exemple je me retrouve avec la pompe rose et les ventilateurs sont vert. Est ce que cela vient de la pompe ou du logiciel ? Merci
  6. Hey there ! New to the forum, and I need some help. So, I have multiple Corsair RGB products to simplify my life with ICue and everything worked fine for 3 weeks (my setup is 3 weeks old) til yesterday. I don't know why my AIO do that but I do select my custom RGB lighting profile (which was used to work), ICue show me that my AIO is currently purple (color I chose) but in the case, the AIO is actually rainbow. No matter what I do (refresh, reboot, changing profile, instant lighting...) the AIO (with the 2 fans) still stay rainbow. The rest (case, fan, keyboard, RAM) are fine and follow ICue commands though... If you have any idea of why my AIO do that, that would be awesome! Thanks! NB: I disabled setting that could change the lighting such as SDK EDIT : Solution : run a repair install of ICue
  7. Hello, I have some discoloration with Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE, when set to white, the color has a warmer, tan look then all of the other colors in the PC. Does the pump not support cooler whites is there an error in the pump, I cant remember this happening when it first arrived. [see attachments] Product link: https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Hydro-H100i-PLATINUM-Radiator/dp/B07R6YLDDS/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=corsair+h100i+white&qid=1609091344&sr=8-1
  8. Hello. So I have been talking with support and trouble shooting an issue I have with my Corsair LL120 RGB fans. When I have the color set to all white for either of my 3 fans they always have a slight blue hue to them. As well as other colors seem to be slightly off compared to other Corsair devices not connected to the Commander Pro. This is happening with any fan that is connected to my Commander Pro. If I disconnect any of the fans and connect to my Corsair h115i CPU cooler RGB header instead then the RGB's will turn pure white through the ICUE software on that fan. The Corsair h115i fans and cooler turn pure white, my Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB turns pure white. It is anything connected to the Commander Pro that will not using the same ICUE software as the other devices. I have already Uninstalled/ Reinstalled, checked firmware and updates several times as well. Corsair support advised that it could be a software issue but stated that the RGB's should turn white. The Commander Pro has already been replaced once and the same issue occurs. I am now waiting for a new LED Hub to come in. Does any one have any knowledge on this or does the same thing happen with all devises connected to the Commander Pro? Does everyone else have this same blue hue with all white selected on their LL120 RGB lighting on fans? Thank you for any help. I attached a photo. The Blue hue is more blue then purple that shows in photo. But you can see all other RGB's are pure white.
  9. hello, i just recieved my 2x16 corsair venegance rgb pro kit and one of the sticks has a red tint to it. I've already tried to reinstall the firmware in the icu software and i also uninstalled rgbfusion.. thank you in advance https://gyazo.com/ef170d301ac9a22f5a3b43e833f94b32
  10. As the title explains I have my H100i Pro all hooked up for about a month now, works fine as far as I can tell, my CPU has remained cool, however the pump spins in random colors inconsistently. I tried switching out the cord today to see if that was it and it still did nothing. Really at a loss of what to do here.
  11. icue used to work fine. I have an H115i 280 AIO and when i try to control the lighting for the fans, only 1 fan shows up. I used to be able to control both fans. In the monitoring and performance tabs in icue, both fans show up. Additionally, I am playing Metro Exodus. As I play, the AIO pump goes to orange (sometimes with a marquee white border) when I am in the game and to black when I am in the menu. I have not set these colors in icue, UEFI, or through Asrock's polysync. It also seems it is using the default fan profile, but I can't be sure. If I don't have icue running in the background, it correctly uses the hardware color settings i set in icue. I have "enable sdk" unchecked. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling icue and stopping all other utilities, but to no avail. Any thoughts? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 2x8 kit of 2933 Vengeance LED. I chose the one with white led lighting and I received a kit that has white stickers on it but once installed shows just red lighting. So the kit has white stickers (I noticed that the sticker color should match the RAM color). I know it's a stupid question, but my OCD senses are tingling. Should I ask for a change? Thank you all, if it can help I can submit SKU or photos of the kit. Have a nice day
  13. Hallo zusammen, ich hatte ursprünglich ein Problem mit dem Anpasasen der default Farbe des "Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB" ohne Software im Hintergrund laufen zu lassen, bin dann aber selbst zu einer Lösung gekommen. Ich will hier kurz die Lösung festhalten, falls jemand das gleiche Problem haben sollte. Außerdem habe ich zur Lösung auch noch eine kurze Rückfrage. Die LEDs der Lüfter leuchten im default im "Regenbogen" Modus, was ich eher weniger schön fand. Ich wollte ein statisches Rot haben. Die Anleitung sieht vor, dass man die Farbe mit der Corair Link Software anpasst, was auch ohne Probleme geklappt hat. Leider muss dafür die Software im Hintergrund laufen, was ich nicht wollte. Beendet man die Link Software, lief es wieder im "Regenbogen" Modus. Ich habe es dann mit der iCUE Software versucht, welche laut Anleitung aber nicht dafür vorgesehen ist. Hier habe ich bei den Einstellungen "HD-Lüfternabe mit 2 angeschlossenen Lüftern" gewählt und die entsprechenden Farbeinstellungen vorgenommen. Diese blieben auch nach dem Beenden der Software (entfernen aus dem Autostart, Dienste etc.) und nach einem Neustart bestehen. Nun meine Frage: Gibt es evtl. einen Grund, wieso ich die Einstellungen für den "Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB" nicht mit der iCUE Software vornehmen sollte? Vielen Dank für euer Feedback. MfG problem PS: Ich habe diesen Thread im Bereich "Allgemeine Fragen" erstellte, da er meines erachtens nach auch in den Bereich "Kühlung", "Arbeitsspeicher", "iCUE" und "Link" gepasst hätte.
  14. Hello community, I just tested the top-lightning-bar on the K95 Platinum in iCue: The bar has 19 individual segments: In iCue the tenth (i count from the left) section is exactly in the middle of the keyboard, in the middle of the "Corsair" logo and on the same position like the keyboard-cable. In reality, this segment is on the right side, not in the middle! Its the right part of the Corsair-Logo and its right from the cable. Why do you show this in iCue in the middle of the keyboard when it is on the right side of the middle in reality? My Keyborad has no "middle" segment, the middle is exactly between section 9 and 10. Is this failure part of every K95 Platinum/iCue or is my model broken? Other things I can not accept: When I give every section of the top-bar a static color, for exemple section 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 all red section 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 all green and section 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 all blue Then the red section on the far left ist way bigger than the red section on the far right, its nearly double the lengh! The "middle" section (number 10) is by far not red, its some kind of dirty brown or dark yellow, but not red. Every other "red" on the top-bar is clearly red, only this single section looks completley wrong. And to make it complete: Section 5 and 18 are not green but turquoise and section 5 is clearly darker than every other section! To all the Platinum-Users: Can you replicate this problems? Do you think this is acceptable for one of the most expensive keyborads on the market and a software that had more than a few updates in the last few years? Please let me know, I'm curious for your answers.
  15. So I haven't used my computer for about 9 days or so now because I have been away. I have my colours set to green and for some reason, several of them are displaying red. I have tried resetting to factory default - although that doesn't seem to be working properly. I have uninstalled iCUE and played with the settings and nothing has worked. In the past, I somehow managed to set my factory default colours to all green and today when iCUE wasn't open, all the keys were displaying as green and as soon as iCUE opened, a bunch of keys went red. That tells me this is a software issue of some kind. Any ideas?
  16. Hello, i built a entirely new system Using a Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz 32gb RGB Pro Enthusiast Edition Kit (CMW32GX4M4C3200C16) on a MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon Mainboard. Three weeks went and all worked just fine. But today one Ram Stick (DIMM A1) seems to be darker, and not synchronized to the RBG Settings. I still got the 32gb working, but light timings of the other three ones (DIMM A2, DIMM B1, DIMM B2) seem to be offset to each other. They should switch through rainbow wave setting, but the one Ram stick is glowing in a "darker" tone (no color wave anymore), the outsides of DIMM A1 are fixed on red. Just before the issue i updated the Intel Network Drivers to, but IMO this should have no influence on the RAM. Is there a known issue or is my Ram stick going break down? Thank you
  17. I cannot seem to find a lighting preset for setting different colors/ nuances based on the current fan speed. This would be very cool to have in future tho! What do you think?
  18. Hi everyone! Ever since I dropped my keyboard the lights flash/blink in an irritating manner whenever their color changes. When 16.8m color mode is on, all the keys flash, even if only one of them changes color. I've cleaned the board and keys with isopropyl alcohol but it didn't resolve the issue. Here are some photo's of the board:
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