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Found 3 results

  1. So people, its exactly as the title says. I have a lighting node with 3 fans attached to it, and whenever I select the "Color Wave" lighting effect, the fans light up one by one, in order. How do I sync in such way that all of them light up together, giving that nice synced spiral (as if it was the rainbow, but with a color). Also, does this effect exist, "Color Spiral"? Thanks everyone, WolfGT.
  2. Hey guys, I've been using Corsair's Utility engine for a couple of years now and I love it. Recently I have been noticing issues with some of the lighting effects though. I want to say that it was when it changed to iCUE from just CUE. I could be wrong, but it was just a few updates ago and it has been bugging me because the effects are not the way they used to be. In particular, effects that swipe across seem to be a little choppy since I updated it. Speaking more towards the visor effect - it used to pan across smoothly. When I tried to implement it in my lighting set up after the update, it does it more like a blip per light/lighting zone (on the mm800 mousepad) and it looks weird. To explain it in a little more detail, imagine the way the lights shift when in the rainbow wave effect, very smooth and not a dark spot separating colors. When the visor effect is on, it goes in a sequential order but it is more of a light by light movement rather than a smooth fade. Basically it looks like the next light doesn't come on until the previous one has gone back to dark (or whatever color your other effects make it). It sort of reminds me of a stop light or lights used for drag racing or something; each zone is distinct rather than a smooth movement between them. The same goes for any wave motion lighting effect. I notice it the same way with color wave. It is harder to see in rainbow wave but it is still slightly there, and spiral rainbow is not noticeable if at all. Also note that with the color wave it is significantly less severe on the keyboard (I have the k95 platinum). It is slightly there at slow speeds, and it is definitely there with visor at slow speeds. With the mousepad, you can even see the choppy movement in the iCUE software window. I hope that someone can see what I am talking about so my explanation makes sense. If need be, I can attach a video. Is there a fix for this or a plan to fix it soon?
  3. With LINK, if I choose a predefined effect (for example "Color Wave") for all 4 strips, each strip acts as one and has its own wave going off at the same time (and I can control each strip's wave direction) . With iCUE, if I choose this effect for all 4 strips, the wave goes through all 4 of them as if they are sequential. I can choose "left" or "right" as the direction for the whole flow, but I can't choose that for each individual strip anymore. I can "uncouple" the wave into 4 seperate waves by having 4 layers of the custom "Wave" effect (each strip gets its own layer), but I can't change the direction of the custom "Wave". If I create 4 layers of predefined "Color Wave" (one for each strip), they behave chaotically and don't sync up at all. Some of my old LINK profiles need synced seperate waves with individual directions to achieve their visual effect. With iCUE, this is impossible.
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