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Found 7 results

  1. For the last few weeks, seemingly at random, when I try and click-and-hold the left mouse button down it keeps unclicking and reclicking. This means when I try and drag-and-drop something it could release what I was dragging, click on whatever the cursor happens to be over at the time, and start dragging that instead as I move the mouse. It's incredibly frustrating for both games and work.
  2. Bonjour, Voila depuis hier, le clic droit de ma harpoon rgb filaire ne fonctionne plus sur mon pc mais marche sur les autres. J'ai essayé une autre souris et le clic droit fonctionne. J'aimerais donc savoir si il est possible qu'un logiciel ou un paramètre sur mon pc puisse bloquer l'utilisation du clic droit de ma souris sur ce dernier. Je vous remercie pour votre aide.
  3. I'm sure some of you have experienced this lately but I recently got an RMA replacement mouse to fix the double clicking problem. It's been ruining my ability to do basic functions since almost every other click is a double click. Has anyone found a fix for this because it's 100% a problem with iCUE software or drivers. I don't have a second mouse plugged in or any other dongles. My mouse does however have a string of "(1)" next to the name in iCUE (Ex: IronClaw (1)(1)(1)(1)(1), almost like it's running multiple mice at once). Reinstalling CUE and all settings doesn't work either. I am willing to try resetting the registry for Corsair software but just need some guidance on how to do that.
  4. Bonjour, J’ai récemment changé mon alimentation PC pour une RM750x. Tout fonctionne très bien, cependant l’alim fait un bruit (que je n’ai jamais entendu sur mes autres alims) de clic au démarrage et à l’arrêt du PC. L’alimentation fonctionne ensuite parfaitement sans bruit. En cherchant sur internet, j’ai vue que certains disent que c’est un relais et donc parfaitement normal (beaucoup de PSU le font). D’autres disent qu’il faut faire un retour en garantie... Je voudrai donc savoir si cela représente un risque pour l’alimentation et les autres composants du PC ? Merci et bonne journée !
  5. :D finally after months of annoyance, I got upset enough to enter the corsair files and found where each button is defined, tinkered around until I got Left click able to be remapped, imagine it would apply to other corsair models as well. 1. go to : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine\devices" 2. open the xml of your device in notepad, for me "profile_scimitar.xml" 3. near the bottom is the line <protectedKeys size="dynamic"> <item>Mouse1</item> </protectedKeys> 4. remove the line Mouse1 to create <protectedKeys size="dynamic"> <item></item> </protectedKeys>
  6. Hello, My Corsair Glaive RBG Just arrived from amazon (my first Corsair product, waiting for mk2 k70 to arrive 2morrow) and i love the design and the feel of it. i was really hyped when it arrived. Anyway, the issue i'm having with it besides getting used to it is that the Right button is sorta loose or idk how to say it. Like when i'm resting my fingers on the mouse it feels like 1 more gram and i'm gonna accidentally click it. This only happens with the right button, the left one is more firm. It's kinda stressful since i can't relax my hand on the mouse. Is this supposed to happen? Can anyone else who has this mouse tell me how it is for them? Like is this a feature that i need to get used to or is the mouse faulty?
  7. guys, I just bought this PSU like 1 week ago and I just realized that when it boots and when it shut downs, one clicky noise (just one click) comes out from the PSU. Is it normal? Some people say a "relay" (dont know what is that xd). Thank you
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