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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone!!! This post is for asking to the Corsair team if there will be any upgrade to USB 3.2 to the front panel I/0 in the 465x cases ??? All the brand new motherboards will come only with usb 3.2 pin connector please build and official upgrade I don’t like to contamine my pc build with other brands
  2. I have the spec delta rgb mid tower case and I was wondering if it was possible to take the covering of the front fans on the outside and swap it with one from a different corsair case. I'm asking this because would rather not have to go through the trouble of taking out all my pc parts and putting them in a new case for better airflow. Any advice is helpful.
  3. Now that it's getting cooler, how are you adjusting your battlestation accordingly? Are you adding a fall touch? Show your desk, setup, fan orientation, room setups etc. with that extra pumpkin spice touch?
  4. What’s the largest figurine/figure you have put in your build? Do you have any tips on keeping it safe from the heat/disfiguration? I think the worry I have the most with any of my figurines is the heat tolerance. Hence why I’m usually just leaving my figurines in cases that are open and exposed. Also, yes it's a Nendoroid.
  5. Hi All, Apologies if there is already a thread addressing this - I searched but couldn't find anything relevant. I'm new to Corsair cases and am just getting prepped for a build. I've got the Carbide 678c ready to go, but I'm looking to install a 360mm AIO in the top and it seems to require removing the Optical tray to get that done. There doesn't however, to my eyes, seem to be a way to remove the tray and it isn't mentioned in the manual at all. All of the HDD trays are easy to move around so I assumed the ODD tray would be similar in nature. If anyone has any insight they can share - I'd greatly appreciate the help. I've seen some images online of people who've fit 360mm AIOs online - but this optical tray is really tripping me up. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. SFW pictures and explanations please! (The more exposed the better?!) Here is my example: The reason it's exposed is so that it can also house the figurines that I constantly swap in and out, depending on my mood.
  7. Hi I'm pretty new here and I am looking to install some extra fans inside my case but I'm having a really hard time getting the front panel off. I attached a picture of what I'm trying to take off. The manual does says to pull the tab outward but it's not budging. Anyone have any ideas? 😕
  8. "If you can't handle me at my worst, you can't handle me at my best!" Show us your cable management glow ups! You can do it meme style if you'd like!
  9. It's getting hotter and now that we're in the peak of summer, how are you handling the extra heat? Show your desk, setup, fan orientation, room setups etc. - whatever you do to keep you and your PC cool~ (and yes blinds and window coverings are also very important too!)
  10. Hi everyone. Just wanted to get some recommendations on cases that can fit the h150i PRO XT (360mm AIO) as a front intake and with tubes down? Tubes down is a must as recently a lot of info going around about incorrectly front mounting AIO with the tubes up. I'm also using a 2080ti (305mm length) which the tubes will need to navigate around. I was looking at Phanteks P500A and Cooler Master H500 but hard to tell if there's enough space and tube length for the H150 to reach the bottom. Suggestions would be much appreciated! I know there is also the option for top exhaust which solves the tubes problem, but worried this will make my CPU too hot especially as I'm using the very hot i9900k and 2080ti GPU. My Specs CPU Intel i9 9900k GPU ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB ROG Strix OC Edition Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 64 GB (4x16GB) DDR4 3000 MHz C15 Storage Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB Motherboard ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Z390 Cooler AIO Corsair H150i Pro XT PSU 750W Corsair HX Series HX750 Many thanks in advance for any help! Stef
  11. Is it possible to remove the whole bracket from the case so I can make it easier to put a vertical mount in place Thnx for helping And giving me options.
  12. hello, I have the 220T with a MSI MPG x570 gaming edge wifi and i am having problems running my fans in the top slot due to the heat shield on the mobo. Am i going to have to go with slim fans? and if so which ones do you recommend? thanks
  13. I'm going to be upgrading to custom water cooling from air soon, and really don't want to have to buy a new case. I'm currently using the Corsair Carbide 175r, I know I can fit a 240 rad on top, but with my gpu length I can't fit a 280 in the front unless I put it in-between the front panel, technically on the outside of the case but still covered by the front panel, I'm concerned about the airflow with that option unless I modify the front panel extensively. My other option is to mount the 240 on top, and then hopefully a 120 on the rear, but I'm not sure both of those will fit, does anyone else have this issue or know if this radiator combo will work?
  14. Hey Guys, Looking to build a couple of high end PCs in the next year or two, and to be honest I'm waiting on Corsair to announce a refresh to their full-size Obsidian, the 750D. I had heard through the grapevine some time ago that something was in the works, and I just wanted to remind you that there are people who love putting their cases on the floor. You'd have 2 immediate sales of a 750D with tempered glass the day you announce! Thanks for listening.
  15. This might not be in the right section, but I wanted to buy a spec alpha case. The black/gray was the only one in stock, and I was like, "that's ok, black/red was cool too, but I don't really want to wait," (signed in as guest) so I went ahead and ordered it, but when I clicked "PLACE ORDER" on payment, it logged me out, no thank you or anything, it just said "items to be delivered - spec alpha." No email, no tracking number, nothing. Did I do something wrong? Did it even go through? Did me being in guest mode affect anything? picture below shows what popped up after i confirmed order:
  16. Hello all, I am about to splash out on my new gaming rig and I have a question. What layout of fans would you recommend for the 780T? I was planning on simply having two 140mm fans at the front and one 140mm fan at the rear. My CPU cooler will be a NH-D15. Thanks!
  17. Hello, I recently decided to build a gaming PC. I was looking for something with good air-flow, quiet and without RGB. I found the Corsair 600Q, which is fantastic, but it's hard to find new ones or if I find it, the price is kinda high. Could someone tell me if Corsair still make this case?
  18. I was wondering if an owner of the Corsair h115i could tell me if they think the tubing is long enough to run the radiator in the front of a Thermaltake Core X9 case? It's a stretch because the core x9 is a very large case. (P.S. If someone could tell me the length of the tubing that would be helpful too!)
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