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Found 3 results

  1. I have an AF140 Quiet Edition fan that makes a really loud noise. Almost like it's hitting something, but it's not. Is this something i can RMA or should i try to clean it myself? I can't find anything online that says i can take it apart.
  2. I got my Spec-06 three days ago, yesterday the front panel started rattling, when I put my hand on it stops for a while but rattling comes back, I also removed the front panel and used my pc like that for a while and there was no rattling sound, it was definitely the front panel, what can I do?
  3. Hi, Been having a few issues with my rig lately - namely some fan noise and the like, but the paranoia bled into also concerning my PSU, so wanted to ask some clarifying questions (already tried opening a ticket, but was immediately asked to give out a receipt and lot number to intiate a warranty claim, when I'm at this stage just wondering if there's any cause for concern. Same when I tried Live Chat.) Shutdown-noise: Just wanted to verify, some noise such as an electric click-like sound or slow dispersion sound (hard to describe) from a PSU, like when you turn off a TV, is normal, correct? As I understand it, it's just relays discharging/clicking when you power down. So while you might not notice it often, its normal behaviour for the PSU. So I shouldn't stress on the odd occasion when I happen to notice that clicking sound as my computer turns off? Foreign Object: When I moved my PSU to a new rig a month or so ago, I heard a rattle inside it. I eventually managed to get it maneuvered out through one of the venting holes in the PSU, and it appeared to be some metal alloy of sorts. I've used the PSU since, and it's behaved normally in all regards, nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell. I'll attach an image of the object and of HWMonitor's data on the PSU over the past hour or so (which includes both idling, light browsing, and gaming). Edit: Eep, big images. Sorry, added links to imgur instead. http://i.imgur.com/2TVYG73.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8ghNJPD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/H1qi5e1.jpg Note: The RPM counter is due to me testing whether the PSU fan was working normally; no odd sounds or anything -- actually don't know when it's supposed to kick in? Last time I contacted Support about it I got a sugar-coated RTFM response. ;X Finally: I also have a more general question regarding case fans (they're making an extremely faint sound - as if they're chopping air), but they're not Corsair fans, so don't know if it's appropriate to ask here -- I've asked the manufacturer, but it's hard to get a straigth answer, partly due to how faint the sound is (hardly shows up on recordings unless the recorder is positioned right next to the fan). Just in case: - I've checked for wires of blades hitting the sides; none. - Tried replacing the fan; other fan (different model and make) also produced the sound when installed, albeit different sound profile. - Sound comes from 2 of the 3 140mm fans in my case, 1 rear exhaust and 1 front intake - sometimes I swear I can hear something on the 3rd one (also front). - Sound disappears if I disconnect all case fans. - Sound becomes much more faint when fan is held outside of the case and tilted; one seemed to not have it, the other much more quietly so. - Sound is consistent and continuous (i.e. not a bad bearing, as I understand it). - Sound does rev up with the fan. - And finally, as mentioned, the sound is so faint I can't actually hear it during normal use. Only if the room is completely silent except for my computer, and even then, mostly when I get next to my case and listen closely. - There doesn't seem to be any issue with cooling either way. Is it something I should worry about (i.e. a failing fan), or is it me being too paranoid about otherwise normal operations (i.e. fan blades chopping air but paranoiac me listening for things that aren't there)?
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