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Found 6 results

  1. I recently purchased a K70 RGB and wanted to configure the CAPS NUM and Scroll lock keys to light up a different color indicating their toggled state. After many attempts with the iCUE software I gave up and decided to write my own utility. The main issue I was encountering was any iCUE config I came up with would get "out of sync" when the workstation was locked, and I routinely lock my PC. It's a C++ MFC application using the Corsair SDK. I've published the source and x86/x64 setups to Git. I've tested on Windows 10 x64 without issues. That said I whipped it up in a day or 2 so use at your own risk. It's only been tested with the K70 RGB but I imagine it should work with most Corsair keyboards. https://github.com/mikerossman/ToggleColors/releases
  2. Hi, I have just noticed a weir behavior with my STRAFE Keyboard. When I use TeamViewer to connect to a remote computer, the lights for the Caps Lock/Num Lock/Scroll Lock will not work anymore. If the lights were on before the TeamViewer connection, they will remain on until I reboot the computer, if they were off before, they will remain off. The action of the keys still works, it's just the indicator lights that stop working, so I never know if my caps lock is on or off until I start typing. pretty annoying, specially with numbers (num lock). Any idea of what it could be? Anyone else with this problem? I think that this might be some conflict with a Corsair and TeamViewer driver or something. This is the first place where I am posting this problem. BTW: The firmware installed is: v3.08 I am on a Windows 10 Pro, 64 bits
  3. I really wish there was a feature you could implement into iCue that would disable the Caps Lock, and possibly a specific macro/hot key we could use to toggle it on/off. Surely there must be a way software wise to accomplish it.
  4. Hi. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a decent keyboard (K95) at long last. I am so happy I had to return the Logitech 510 thing I originally ordered as it had a sticking Ctrl key straight out of the box. OK. Here's the problem - I have to type pretty much 90% of the time with my right hand only (my left wrist was crippled in a nasty motorcycle accident years ago). As for the most part, my right hand is flying backwards and forwards across the keyboard when typing, I am forever catching the Caps Lock key when I wanted just the 'a' key. As this is a momentary-type switch (not a mechanical latch), I have to assume the Caps Lock function is implemented in the keyboard's driver (or firmware). Can anyone tell me how to turn the Caps Lock key into an ordinary shift key, or to disable it altogether? There are a couple of brutal options I know that would work - Cut the right-hand-side of the key off to give me more space between it and the 'a' key, or remove the key cap completely (as I have done in the past with the incredibly annoying 'Insert' keys). The trouble with these methods are that they ruin a gorgeous-looking keyboard. Any ideas? Sorry my questions are somewhat verbose - I don't get out much since the accident :sigh!: :laughing:
  5. @Corsair: I have found so many threads all over the internet with this report. And now I have the same issue. FIX THIS. EDIT: Win10 64bit, CUE v2.24.50 Seems to occur after hibernation in my case, if during hibernation I disconnected power on my PC (not sure if that is a necessary condition). So far it only occurs if the CUE software is actually running. If not running, the keyboard works fine. If the error occurs, CUE can't detect my keyboard at all, battery indicator disappears as well.
  6. Hi Corsair, I've just purchased a K63 wireless and have encountered a problem. Your software allows the blue key LEDs to be dimmed or disabled, however it has no effect on the Power, Caps Lock, etc white LEDs. Sadly, those LEDs are not only brutally bright, but being white, they're constantly in one's peripheral vision. My workaround within 5 minutes of using the keyboard has been to cover them with tape and colour-in the LEDs with a marker pen, but this is far from ideal. Before you ask, I am quite capable of opening the keyboard, soldering in resistors and replacing LEDs, however I would rather not void my warranty just yet. Another option is to just paint over them, or colour them in directly with a red marker pen, but that's not ideal. My first request: Can you incorporate into the Corsair Gaming software the ability to dim the 4 white LEDs? I don't know whether the keyboard's PCB allows this, as those LEDs might simply run off direct battery power, but it seems strange to me for it to be designed that way. My second request: Please confirm whether the LEDs used by the keys are tri-colour LEDs or plain blue LEDs, and should they be tri-colour, are there any plans to allow users to set something other than blue, even if that's some sort of paid-for software unlock. I wanted a good wireless non-10-key keyboard, and bought this in spite of the blue lights, which I absolutely despise. Being able to change the colour to something that's easy to read, for instance orange, would be fantastic.
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