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Found 4 results

  1. Good Afternoon All 🙂 I got a new corsair 5000x RGB case for Christmas along with: A new H150i Capelliex in white, and; 1x LL 120 white for rear exhaust I currently have the 3 front fans that came with the 5000x case (3x sp 120) and the 3 ML 120 fans from the Capellix in the Commander Core and I have the 1 LL120 fan in the preinstalled commander core that is split into two parts. ICUE is detecting all parts with the 6 fans in the commander core with the H150i and the 1LL fan in the other commander however I cannot control any of the fans in the commander with the H150i this includes fan speeds and RGB where as I can control the RGB of the single LL plugged into the other commander. All fans are illuminated when ICUE is not loading and they all run in their basic rainbow patterner accept. Once I load up ICUE all front 3 fans and the 3 fans on the H150i and the H150i pump RGB turn off and do not turn back onto no what ever what profile I'm in and what lighting present I have enabled, further more I cannot control the fan speeds when user customer or default presents with fans running as low as 280 RPM. which is rising idle CPU temperatures. I have changed which usb 4-pin they are both connected to at the bottom of the motherboard however no difference was made, i have reset the bios and the bios is only picking up the 'cpu fan' and the rear mounted LL120 fan or 'external fan' I believe it was called. I do not know what other programs are affecting it as i cannot access armoury crate for example. Therefore i am looking for asstiance of how to be able to control the fans, their speed and colour combinations as intended by ICUE 4 as i currently have no control.
  2. Hello there, I'd be grateful for any advice. I'm registered blind and starting a new build with the Crystal 680x. Although I've built systems before, the hardest part is working out all the product features and how things fit together especially when I don't have the benefit of being able to see diagrams in instruction manuals. I've listened to quite a few YouTube videos and read lots of reviews, but still have some questions. 1. I've bought the iCue Capillex H150i which features a 360mm radiator. As the only place to mount this is in the front of the case I was going to remove the existing 3 fans, mount the radiator and its two fans onto it and then fit the case's original 3 fans onto the top/bottom. Does that sound like the way to go? 2. Could someone please describe how I can remove the hinged side window to make things a bit easier when I lie the case on its side to fit the motherboard? 3. I feel a thumb screw with some kind of attachment on the back of the case just to the right of the expansion card slot covers. What is this and how is it used? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hello Everyone, I came here to look for a solution for my weird issue :( So I do have a build which is exactly like the photo I already attached but what I encounter is that my ICUE software doesn't detect my Commander core unfortunately therefor I can't control my AIO Fans rgb nor Fans speed also I can't even control my Pump rgb :( I did setup all my build as the photo. Corsair H150i elite capellix with 3 radiator ML120 Fans + 6xQL120 fans. 1xCommander pro 2xlightning node core (comes with the QL120 Fans) My Motherboard is Z390 asus rog strix gaming E. Case Lian Li 011 dynamic. It's really sad for me since it is my first build in my life :(. Any helpful comment would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Bonjour, J'ai fait l'acquisition d'un AIO Corsair H150i Elite Capellix pour accompagner une grosse upgrade ma config. J'ai donc installer sans problème le watercooling, l'USB était branché sur un port USB 2.0 de ma carte mère comme indiqué sur le manuel et le sata était bien raccordé à un câble alimentant mon SSD et mon SSHD. Mais au moment de démarrer, la pompe clignotait rouge et un son de succion se faisait entendre. J'ai 6 ventilateurs connectés au commander core fourni avec le watercooling : les trois fournis également avec le watercooling, et trois autres HD120 RGB. Lors du premier démarrage, pendant que la pompe clignotait rouge et faisait son bruit de succion, les ventilateurs étaient allumés et tournaient à une vitesse raisonnable, le rgb avait une couleur fixe blanche/bleu/vert. J'ai donc déjà chercher sur plusieurs forum et les conseils de changer le SATA qui, pourtant marchait tout à fait. J'ai donc mis branché le watercooling sur un autre SATA où il était seul branché dessus. Sur cet allumage, la pompe ne faisait plus de bruit de succion, mais affichait un rouge constant, et surtout les ventilateurs tournaient vraiment fort mais le rgb était éteint à l'exception d'une seule led sur deux ventilateurs qui était verte. Icue est bien sûr installé, l'erreur "pump failure" s'affiche. Le bios est à jour et windows reconnait le Commander Core puisqu'il se trouve dans les périphériques USB. J'ai essayé la technique de supprimer le périphérique puis d'actualiser comme conseillé sur le site corsair : rien. J'ai rechangé pour un autre cable sata (toujours issu de l'alimentation Corsair RM1000x) : rien. J'ai changer le branchement USB en le mettant sur un autre port de la carte mère : rien. Fait surprenant: avec ce deuxième branchement, la pompe semble fonctionner puisque la température processeur tourne autour des 25-27°C (information visible lorsque je suis sur le bios). Des idées ? Parce que je commence vraiment à sécher de mon côté...
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