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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I already asked this question to their support, and I just want to ask what the community thinks about it as well. I have a PSU from 2008, model CMPSU-1000HX, it's already 15yrs old and still going strong. Used it for 8-12 hrs per day, sometimes 24/7 at max load of about 20-30%. Never had an issue or whatsoever throughout those years, and I think it still runs in pristine condition. I'm really proud of it and as much as possible, I don't want to replace it with something new. Of course as time goes by, new tech is developed, and corsair releases new psu's. My question is, if their modular cables would still be compatible with my 15yr old PSU? In Corsair's PSU Cable Compatibilty Chart, is my PSU under "Original HX"? If it's compatible with my PSU, will cable mods 12VHPWR PCI-e Cable for Corsair be compatible with my PSU as well? Is it possible that Corsair's new modular cables have a mismatch with their old PSU's? Like reversed polarity etc... Source: Gamers Nexus (see attached photo) Answer from Corsair's tech support: It is compatible according to Manny of Technical Support Tier 3
  2. UPDATED, I had some errors previously, in my description! Hi! Have a RM850 that I want to connect to my MB. I also bought a Corsair Cablemod pack(CableMod PRO ModMesh), to replace the cables that came with the PSU. So ALL Corsair. The Cablemod pack(="CM" below) says it compatible with the "RM"-series of PSU. Now to my question. The MB is no problem.But when i try to connect the CM-cable to the PSU, it only have ONE 14 pin connector + ONE 10 pin, on the "PSU-side". The PSU have a 18-pin connector, and one 10-pin (close). The ONLY way to connect the CM-side, with 14 pins, is to connect it so that the PSU have 2 empty pins on each side of the CM-cable connector.....thus only using the "middle connectors of these 18 connectors...?? (Due to the "hook" on the upper side of the 14 pin-connector, it will ONLY fit in these 14 middle connectors...? The four connectors on the "edges" will not be used...??? What is wrong? Why is there only 14 connectors on the (Corsair) CM-kit?? Anybody knows what to do? Best Regards from Sweden
  3. Hello, I am looking for some support with an issue i have with my new PC build. i will try and keep this short. i have been planning and saving for this PC build for some time. I finally made the order and had everything delivered. i wont list all the parts but the motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master. i built it on the desk first using the cables provided from Corsair. No issues, the PC powered on. i Then put it all in the case and swapped the cables for Sleeved cables from CableMod (Pro ModMesh C-Series KIt)(Axi/Hxi/RM) There was an audible click from the PSU when i powered on for the first time. the RGB ram lit up but the PC wouldn't power on. I put it down to a faulty PSU and ordered another. Same issue, ram lights up but no power. Neither of these PSU's will power up another machine either now. Could the cables from CableMod really of broken 2 PSU's? is there anything i should be trying? The PSU fan spins using the paperclip method. sorry for the long post. any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hey, I am using CableMods C-Series ModFlex Essentials. I got the Corsair RM650x and was just about to connect the 24 pin to it just to find out it does not fit. Is this correct? Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello: I'm going for my new build, and I'll use a Carbide 400C case, the PSU is a RM750X. What I would like to add to the build, is a Black Red Cable kit, like this one: http://a.co/d/fryISoK After doing some research, I noticed that you can get the Cable Kit, or a Cable Extension kit like this one: http://a.co/d/fE8m6ra Due to the fact that my new PSU will come with a brand new cable kit, what would you recommend to me? Buying the cable kit? or buying the extension kit? Thanks in advance!
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