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Found 7 results

  1. New here! I installed the H115i Pro XT cooler in my PC about a week ago, and I've noticed since I installed it that the pump emits a humming/buzzing sound. It doesn't sound like trapped air that I've experienced with AIO's in the past, nor does it sound particularly unhealthy. It's just, there. And it's louder than all the case fans. It sounds similar to the hum one might expect from a refrigerator, and can be heard with the quiet, balanced and extreme performance settings. My question is, is this the normal operating sound to be expected from this product? Or should it be fairly inaudible on the lower performance settings? Thanks in advance! :D:
  2. Hey, I recently build a PC and bought a new Rmx 750w. However, I noticed very faint buzzing from the PSU when the PSU is on standby (PC is off but PSU is still on). Granted, this is very faint: I didn't even notice it until I was basically hugging the PSU to my ear (I'll post a video when I can, because it's nowhere near as bad as what others had). Nothing out of the ordinary anywhere else, and even when the PC is on sleep mode the PSU is basically dead silent and I can't hear the slight buzzing. Is this just normal for the PSU? Been looking at other forums and people discussing similar issues but I see conflicting messages or they have much worse issues than I do. I have used other PSUs in the past that didn't buzz when on standby. Edit: Here's a video showcasing the buzz. It's very faint but it's there [ame] [/ame]
  3. I get this weird buzzing sound coming from my PSU whenever I use both my mouse and keyboard. it also seems like even if I have chrome open it will also start to make the buzzing sound. I can hear it the most when I use my mouse wheel but even a slight movement to the mouse or the press of a key will trigger it. Can someone help me out with this?
  4. My PC suddenly shutdown and restarted itself the other day while I was playing Civilization VI. It was as if there was a power outage, but I have it connected to a UPS. Could it be my PSU? Also, it’s been making a lot of electrical buzzing noise during games for the past year or two, and seems to be getting worse. It is loud enough to hear every time I play a game, unless I use headphones. I assumed it’s annoying but harmless coil whine. Should I RMA? Is it dangerous to use in the mean time? It’s the only PSU I have (HX750 bought around 5 years ago). Here’s a video I made to test whether it was my GPU or PSU making the noise. It gets louder when I move it down to the PSU. [ame] [/ame]
  5. I just got my brand new PSU(Corsair RM650x) and when I turn it on I can hear buzzing noise(totally same like in this video: [ame= ] [/ame]). Once I turn my pc on, the sound disappears and everything works correctly. What should I do?
  6. Hello folks! My much anticipated Corsair One Pro Ti arrived the other day. I must admit I was impressed with the size and looks of the machine! Despite having seen it on pictures I couldn't even imagine it being this small and beautiful. HOWEVER, the ads says the machine is "Dangerously Quiet". This is one of the reasons I picked a prebuilt machine rather than building my own for the first time in my life. This statement however is not entirely true. Because of the compact size and aesthetics I have mu machine next to the monitor instead of on the floor which I assume many others do aswell. When I have my G933 headphones on and the machine is in idle I can hear it very clear, a buzzing noise comming out of it. If I put my ear to the top where the fan is mounted it's not as noisy, which makes me belive it's one of the pumps. During load (when I play games) the machine is just as noisy (or quiet in this case). The machine is quieter than my old rig with a R9 290 ref card but it's not dangerously quiet. TL;DR - Computer is noisy during idle but quiet during load. Noise levels are the same but it's expected sound a bit during heavy tasks. Is this normal for this computer or do I have a defective unit? Please advice!
  7. I have a constant hum/buzz coming from my from my corsair one, it's not extremely loud or anything, but it just sounds like something is hitting one of the fans on something. any ideas what this could be? or does anyone else have this noise and I'm just being paranoid? I was just told this computer was silent.
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