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Found 4 results

  1. So, there seems to be some type of limitation to the specific keys you can push simultaneously on the K55 NumPad. I first noticed it in a game, and used switch hitter to confirm. Problem: If you push multiple keys in 1 row, then other keys in those columns are disabled. Likewise, if you push multiple keys in a column, then other keys in those rows are disabled. Examples: If you hold down 7 and 9 (this is on the numpad remember), then the keys 1,3,4, and 6 do not work. If you hold down 1 and 4, then the keys 2,3,5 and 6 do not work. Is this a hardware limitation? or some type of bug? I've tried doing the Fn+F4 reset. I've tried with and without iCue running. I'm on the latest version of iCue (3.10.125)
  2. I tried to give the latest version a chance no matter how many times i gave windows 10 a fresh install but have had nothing but issues with it for example it would close down every now and then. Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB lights would go out of sync and lose connection with the iCUE Software. Until it's fixed I'm staying on v3.24.52 if ever it will be fixed don't like seeing my ram become out of sync and a restart temporary fixes it. Shouldn't have to downgrade to sort out a few bugs which should of been checked before releasing it if anything it should be pulled until it's fixed.
  3. Hello community, I just tested the top-lightning-bar on the K95 Platinum in iCue: The bar has 19 individual segments: In iCue the tenth (i count from the left) section is exactly in the middle of the keyboard, in the middle of the "Corsair" logo and on the same position like the keyboard-cable. In reality, this segment is on the right side, not in the middle! Its the right part of the Corsair-Logo and its right from the cable. Why do you show this in iCue in the middle of the keyboard when it is on the right side of the middle in reality? My Keyborad has no "middle" segment, the middle is exactly between section 9 and 10. Is this failure part of every K95 Platinum/iCue or is my model broken? Other things I can not accept: When I give every section of the top-bar a static color, for exemple section 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 all red section 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 all green and section 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 all blue Then the red section on the far left ist way bigger than the red section on the far right, its nearly double the lengh! The "middle" section (number 10) is by far not red, its some kind of dirty brown or dark yellow, but not red. Every other "red" on the top-bar is clearly red, only this single section looks completley wrong. And to make it complete: Section 5 and 18 are not green but turquoise and section 5 is clearly darker than every other section! To all the Platinum-Users: Can you replicate this problems? Do you think this is acceptable for one of the most expensive keyborads on the market and a software that had more than a few updates in the last few years? Please let me know, I'm curious for your answers.
  4. For my Sabre RGB mouse, I have many profiles that have Remap Keystrokes bound to different mouse buttons. Whenever iCue starts, these actions initially do not work. I have to go into iCue and click on each action in the list before they'll work. However, this only seems to happen with Remap actions and not Action actions. Here's a sample profile I have hooked up to Google Chrome. You can see 3 key remaps: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+F5. If I start iCue and then go into Chrome, none of these actions will work. I have to go click on each one in the Actions list on the left. Then they'll start working. However, if I were to change these from Remap to something else like Macro, Text, Timer, or Launch Application, they would be functioning correctly as soon as iCue opens. Is this buggy behaviour, or am I missing something?
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