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Found 6 results

  1. i have 4 rgb strips and 3 ll120s connected to one lighting node pro! when i start the computer the lights doesnt even show up! in icue the devices arent even getting recognized! have deinstalled and reinstalled still no light! need help!
  2. Bonjour ! J'ai un problème ultra embêtant avec ma M65 Pro, quand je vais dans iCUE (version 3.7.99 donc la dernière version) et que je clique sur DPI le logiciel se fige et il est impossible de faire quoi que ce soit. - J'ai désinstaller et réinstaller le logiciel iCUE. - J'ai forcé la mise à jour du micrologiciel (2.06). - J'ai effectué un reset de la souris en tenant tous les boutons avant de la rebranché. Bref, rien n'a changé ça plante toujours quand je clique sur DPI.. Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider s'il vous plait :(:
  3. Bonjour, J'utilise un k95 Platinium et une Glaive. J'ai plusieurs questions par rapport au software Corsair (le logiciel icue): Il n'arrête pas de planter quand je veux créer mes macro. (j'ai plusieurs profils, notamment en fonction de certaine applications, mais normalement, ça devrais pas poser de soucis). Comment ça ce fait que le logiciel freeze lorsque je veux faire mes macros? Pendant une dizaine de seconde a chaque fois que je change de panel, de profil ou de macro. Et il arrive souvent aussi qu'il me remette sur le profil par défaut. Et un autre points, quand il dit que les micro logiciels sont pas les même entre le clavier (ou souris) et qu'il demande soit d'enregistrer sur le clavier (souris) j'arrive pas a comprendre lequel est de garder sur le clavier, lequel est de garder celui du logiciel? (c'est assez étrange, a chaque fois que je lance le logiciel, Et encore autre chose, un petit détails, quand on enregistre une macro, le nombres d'actions est limité? Si oui, a combien environ, vous savez? J'ai vu qu'il y a une intégration pour faire des Intégration du jeu sur farcry 5, est-ce qu'il y a/auras ça sur d'autre jeux? Mon système: Win 10; icue 3.7.99 (je viens de le télécharger sur le site). J'ai formaté il y a 2 mois mon pc et le logiciel icue n'a jamais fonctionné correctement, même quand il n'y avait presque rien d'autre d'installé. Si besoin de n'importe quel info supplémentaire sur mon système, demandez-moi. Merci d'avance pour les potentiels réponses. Musiquo
  4. Hello and good afternoon! I buyed a K95 keyboard on march 13 and when it arrived, I just plugged it on USB and open the CUE 2.24.35 on a Windows 10 x64 pt-BR. CUE showed a message informing about a firmware update. So, after the update, all things seemed to work very well, until I powered off my desktop for the second ou third time in the same day. In this occasion, the keyboard just froze the light effects instead of turning off. I turned on my desktop PC and realized that the keyboard was still frozen, with the light effects locked on the last state it was (spiral rainbow) but without any movement, just static light on. And no response from keyboard when pressing any key! I used the virtual keyboard to log in on Windows and opened the CUE again and the keyboard wasn't recognized by the app, but still was on the "Device Manager". Then, I just disconnected the USB and reconnected in the same USB port on the back of the motherboard. Nothing happened, then I tryed another USB port on the rear panel of the motherboard and also in the front panel of my case. I tried all the USB ports, being USB 2.0, 3.1 Gen 1 and 3.1 Gen 2! And guess what? Nothing happened! Like it isn't plugged on the USB port. I even tryed it on my Dell notebook without success. Same behavior! After a lot of tries (almost 30, A LOT!), restarting the PC, reinstalling the CUE and other no sense things, I managed to get the keyboard recognized by the system and then I used it normally for some hours until it froze again when turned my PC off again. After some tests, I figure out that the weird behavior is occurring too when disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard USB cable, and this occurs on any machine I tried, even on PCs that never had CUE installed before, even on a clean installation of the SO. So, I requested a guarantee exchange and a few days ago I received my new keyboard, just to find out that the new one has the same problem! I tried to force the re-update of the firmware, tried to clean all profile slots, tried the hard firmware reset and the problem with this weird and bizarre behavior still happens! So I tried to make an account on Corsair support to submit a ticket, but the support account creation system doesn't work! I always get the info (in Brazilian Portuguese): [center]"OCORREU UM ERRO. ENTRE EM CONTATO COM O ATENDIMENTO AO CLIENTE E FORNEÇA OS SEGUINTES CÓDIGOS DE ERRO: 002 F7AE68DF-1E29-4FC9-888B-267B43C419A5"[/center] Without knowing what to do, I am resorting to my last resources: get a new keyboard in the warranty and report the problem finding solutions here in the forum. Also, I have a Corsair GLAIVE RGB Black (CH-9302011-NA), a mousepad MM800 RGB Polaris (CH-9440020-NA), a Premium Headset Stand ST100 RGB (CA-9011167-NA) and a Void Surround Headset (CA-9011146-NA). All work very well, without any problems or weird behavior. My keyboard is a K95 RGB Platinum with pt-BR layout, with "Ç" and ABNT2 standard with its product code CH-9127014-BR. Probably this problem only occurs with brazilian products, because all my other products code ends with a NA, which stands for North American, and only my keyboard ends with a BR product code, for Brazilian... If anyone has any idea of how to get rid of this freezing behavior, please, I'm all ears! Also, if anyone needs some log or system configs, let me know. Thank you in advance! Att, KnightArch.
  5. I go to open iCUE and this message displays and iCUE won't open. Here is the image: https://imgur.com/zCs0oNj . I just installed Duet Display and that is when it stopped opening. Please help.
  6. Problem two button. Fn and Ctrl. Fn not work. After click CTRL many buttons pressing. See Screenshot. I try resert keyboard, try update firmware, try downgrade firmware. Nothing helped. When the firmware has been downgrade, the combination of pressed keys has changed.See hardware and test it's ok. The remaining keys work without problems. What else to try?
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