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Found 2 results

  1. (SOLVED!) I finally managed to unbrick my Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT !!! Created a new post so people can find this fast, I had problems finding this when searching for my AIO. It bricked during firmware update via iCue. RGB turned off and fans went full throttle and iCue lost contact with AIO. I'm gona give you the steps I followed and will hope that this will save someone lots of time and problems. Start with a check that you are running the lastes iCue app version, if not install the latest then continue with the steps below: 1. Download the H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31 firmware file from: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmslc6o3ggzfpqy/CUEVQIupN3b6a9964-aaea-44be-968a-1c88e1fa4dba_temp_H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31.hex/file (Rename it ti something shorter like: H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31.hex) 2. Restart Windows 10 in safe mode (Safe Mode: Shift + Restart in Windows, Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Start-up Settings > Restart > F4 = Safe Mode without network). 3. Make sure none of the Corsair processes started, open Task Manager with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and check and End Task if they are running. 4. Go to Services (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (Taskmanager) -> Services -> Open Services at the bottom) and STOP/DISABLE the Corsair Services. (3 of them total, you will need to enable them again after firmware is updated and you rebooted out of Safe Mode, then reboot again after that) 5. Go to Corsair installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\ , on my machine) and locate the following application (DO NOT OPEN IT OR RUN IT!) XMCBOOTLOADER.EXE. 6. DRAG AND DROP the .hex file from step 1 over the XMCBOOTLOADER.EXE. The app should now connect to the bootloader, and force the firmware upgrade in a CMD window. When the flash is done the RGB will light up instantly and the fans will go to quiet mode. If you get an error during first time, do not panic! Try again, sometimes it can take up to 3-4 attempts to get it to flash all the way. 7. Reboot into normal Windows mode and enable (automatic) all 3 services for Corsair app, then reboot again and check iCue if it can connect to AIO. ALSO, when you want to upgrade the firmware via iCue (very risky), do it in safe mode! Some processes interfere with the connection between the AIO and iCue (HWInfo, Steam, Logitech control app and so on) Good luck! :-)
  2. I've already contacted customer support and have an open ticket (2004094175) who have told me that I should try reinstalling iCUE, but that didn't work. So I'd read that reflashing my H150i PRO RGB firmware might help with some disconnection issues I've been having, I click the "Update firmware" button in iCUE and wait for half an hour as the "Updating" button spins on the screen. Eventually I get frustrated with waiting and hit "Abort," true to the warning message that came along with clicking the "Abort" button when I restarted and logged back into Windows my H150i PRO RGB wasn't there. Since then I've tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE (didn't work) Shutting down my PC and clearing CMOS (didn't work) Attaching my H150i PRO RGB to a different USB (didn't work) Reflashing using a firmware I found on the Corsair forums (didn't work) The firmware I found on the Corsair forums was for the H150i PRO XT, and I've got the H150i PRO RGB, which may be why the manual flash didn't take. (I get an "Unhandled exception" warning when I try to use XmcBootloader.exe with the H150_Pro_XT_V1.1.31 firmware.) Customer support has told me that they DO NOT have firmware for the H150i PRO RGB, so I was hoping that maybe somebody here in the user forums might have an old copy of their firmware lying around? Or maybe some other good suggestions on how to un-brick my cooler? I don't have a backup cooler lying around, so an RMA is kind of the last resort for me. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer!
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