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Found 3 results

  1. Hi over most of this year my pc will start and after about 5 seconds restart, in a loop for at least 3-4 times before finally booting. No input on the screen when it restarts. Occasionally it passes bios post and just before boot menu select it will cut out and restart then. It was quite random and used to boot fine for several days before the restart loops occured. But lately its every single turn on I have a corsair H80i and an overclocked 4690k cpu. [ame= ] [/ame] I am considering buying a new H80i to replace the current one which was bought in December 2014. -- -- Is a replacement worth thinking about, or do these coolers have lifetime warranty? I have uploaded a video today to show what happened when I took it out of the computer case. I have tested the psu with the paperclip method and plugged in a fan and it had no restart issues. I have tried new bios batteries, disabling the overclock completely. Checking stand offs on motherboard, plugging and unplugging the CPU Fan cable, unplugging h80i fans. Memtest with ram for 4 passes over 2-3 hours with no errors. Issue remains with no ram installed. And today reseated the cpu with new arctic silver 5 compound and the restarts continue. I think that the back plate of the h80i is touching the metal of the case behind the motherboard. I considered putting some masking tape over the metal backplate but haven't yet. Also when I took it out in the video it wouldn't of shorted at all on cardboard but the reboot cycle occurred. I am only guessing that a pc outside of the case with nothing connected to it should stay on permanently as i've not tested it outside like that before. Do you know if corsairs warranty is lifetime, and also do you think a new corsair h80i might do the same on my system. I am preying to get the system to turn on first time fine all the time Thanks for reading, Jake
  2. So as I said in the title, after updating ICue to the 3.16.56 on the new windows update 1903, my entire Pc freaks out for no reason. The video output turn green and after the reebot it goes in a bootloop with the error "Inaccessible Boot Device", forcing me to go to the previous backup, wich is exactly the moment after the update 1903 end its installation. I tried multiple times testing what could possibly cause the problem, after some tests I went to the conclusion that the new Icue update was 100% the problem. I don't know what to do. Of course I can keep the previous version, the 3.15.101, with no issues and no more update, but as u can probably guess, this doesn't really fix my problem and it's not a good idea to not update a software. I would like to not make a new and clear installation of windows because it's a lot of time and patience I don't wanna waste. What can I do? I think is an audio incompatibility caused by the new audio of the update 1903 but i'm not sure this is the only one, even tho I've no idea what to do, i'm not sure that DDU could solve my problem and I don't know if corsair it's aware about it. Please help this is getting annoying I apologies for my English, but as some of u can tell it's not my native language
  3. Today I received my new Corsair VOID Wireless headset, plugged it in, updated its firmware and all was well. I then noticed a notification to update the CUE software from 2.4.66 to 2.5.66. Half way through the install process, my PC crashed into a sound loop and then BSOD with the error code IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Now my PC is stuck in an endless boot loop. I managed to cure it by disconnecting all my corsair devices and using my Win10 usb drive to run a system repair which just did a system restore. (and which i just realized deleted Forza Horizon, so thats 50Gb to re-download :(: ) I downloaded CUE 2.5.66 from Corsair's site, it does install, but will not open! :evil: I tried removing and re-installing, but still have this issue. I'd rather not have to do a clean Win10 install :(: Anyone experienced the same? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
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