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Found 4 results

  1. First off, thank you for reading I would love your opinion on this as i am torn! My case is a Black Meshify 2 and i am running 3 Corsair LL 120 fans as an intake on the front of the case. My Mother board is an Asus Prime Z490 I want to water cool my CPU and still have the computer look nice but for whatever reason (please tell me if there is one) corsair only has the ML120's on most of their AIO's with the exception of the H100i platinum. Though my initial thought when building this PC was to go white, the price and availability of the items quickly curbed my desire. Now, does mixing the ML fans and LL fans still look good? Would it look bad if i put the white AIO with the LL fans in my case? Is there any down side to using the LL fans to push air through the AIO? I have tried looking for pictures but cannot find any so if you have please post! Thank you all, Mike
  2. Does anyone know if it's possible to control the logos on the 570x mirror black case with the icue software?
  3. Has the Corsair Graphite 780T been discontinued? I can't find a black one almost nowhere in stock, let alone NewEgg. I'd like to know before I commit to a new build using this case. Thank you.
  4. I've tried every setting available in the CUE. Keyboard events = keystroke or key press then key release. Nothing works for the side buttons. The two games I've tried with this mouse is Battlefield 4 and Rainbow Six Siege. No matter how I setup the side buttons, it requires me to press repeatedly to get the game to realize I pushed the button at all. I've also tried weird button assignments like F13 and so on. Numpad and regular numbers. It just doesn't matter, nothing makes the mouse work like it should. How does such a powerful gaming mouse not work right with FPS games? Is it because the side buttons are all "Macro" buttons and not normal buttons? Surely there is someway to get this to work. This mouse makes me miss my Razer Naga I used for about 5 years without trouble, but the clicks started becoming multiple clicks. This Scimitar sometimes isn't even on when I bootup the PC. Other times, without knowing until I get in a game and need the buttons, the CUE has encountered an error causing the side buttons to not work, requiring a reboot of the PC. This CUE software has a lot of hate attached to it, I wish I had read more into it before buying two of these mice, but you would think SOME progress would have been made on it by now.
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