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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I think my GPU died. I was playing a non intense game, when I noticed the fans kick in and in the task manager I could see it using 90ish percent of it. Then my screens went black. And since then I havent been able to get any display. I tried a hard reboot and still nothing. CMOS cleaned too. When the computer is booting there is no display either. The computer still works, I managed to login blind and run Spotify to verify everything else is fine. I just am not getting any video output. I confirmed my monitors are fine. Is there anything I can do? Can I replace the graphic card or at least connect via integrated graphics to copy my data over.
  2. Hello, I've recently purchased a MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad since my old pad was getting on a bit and I'm satisfied with my K70 RGB MK.2. Upon installing iCUE 4.10.27 (I've only used iCUE to setup the hardware profiles of the K70 and uninstalled it after. The MM700 doesn't offer custom hardware profiles afaik) for the MM700, I started a game of GTA:O to test the pad. The game went to black screen after ~30 minutes. Sound continues and the lights of the K70 go on and off. Only a restart helps. This was repeated over multiple attempts with different games/3D applications :sigh!:. I've tried so far: -Disabling all corsair services via services. msc: no help (Didn’t impede the functions I used though) -Updating firmware: Both are current (K70 RGB MK.2: v. 3.24, MM700: v. 1.0.5) -Downgrade to v3.38.61: Black screen now immediately appears when the game startup finishes. This persists after reinstalling 4.10.27 -Unplugging the K70 and MM700: No help -Closing the software which logs temps and controls the RGB and fan/pump speeds of my custom loop: No help EDIT 2: Deactivating of "SDK" and "Plugins". No help -Uninstall of iCUE: no help -Revert to an older system backup: no help Finally I had to uninstall the K70 drivers via devmgmt.msc to get the system back to the rocksolid performance prior to installation. Is there a permanent solution for this issue? Is there some basic version which only offers the RGB options? I don't use the sensor/log functionality, since the loop components are controlled/logged by another tool. Thank you for your help. EDIT: All drivers and the BIOS are current.
  3. Hello guys! I'm trying to get some help regarding a RAM kit I bought, and I'm hoping someone here could help me! I used to have 16GB (2x8GB) of RAM @ 2400MHz running in my PC (from some other generic brand) pretty much since I bought it, but just recently I got 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHz, and I was hoping to ble able to overclock it to 3200MHz so I could better use its full potential. When I go into the BIOS and try to change the XMP profile (which was currently disabled) to the dropdown item "Profile1", it apparently changes the speed to 3200MHz, however when I go Save&Exit and the computer starts to boot up again, it never does. The monitor just sits on a black screen. Sometimes it is able to show something onscreen, but then it just freezes or simply stop responding. When I hold the power button to force it shut down and change back to the older RAM, it starts working fine again, not even having to remove the CMOS battery, as I've read in other forums as being a method for trying to restore the computer back to normal. I've also read that maybe the voltage should be altered, or even that some numbers had to be typed in manually, but since this is my first time trying to overclock my computer, I'm trying to go cautioulsy so I don't end up making any serious mistake. So, any thoughts on how I could do this? I was really hoping to be able to use this RAM at 3200MHz, and with my current knowledge, I'm unable to do it alone hahahaha So if anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it! :): I'm going to list some other specs here that maybe could be useful: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHz MB: Gigabyte AX370 Gaming RAM (New): 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHZ - CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 Power supply: EVGA Supernova NEX750B NVidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB BIOS F23d 64bit Operating System Thanks in advance guys! :greengrin And Happy Holidays! :headbang:
  4. So, I built this new PC a couple of months ago and I was trying to trace an intermittent crash that was getting more and more common as time went on. It started off as maybe once a week, and by last week I had a day where it was about every 10 minutes. I've finally managed to trace it to the iCUE software. I can force it to happen way more often by having iCUE open to monitor my hardware and not just down in the system tray... which is rather inconvenient since that means I can't monitor my temps etc. Specifically, I think its the CorsairServices in task manager, but it tends to crash and close iCUE in the process. First my PC gets sluggish, then discord will turn into a black window, then if Im not fast enough to get task manager open and close CorsairServices my entire PC will freeze and eventually all three monitors will go black. In the past I would just have to force reboot my PC because it wouldn't recover, but I have now discovered that having removed some LED backlights that I was just powering in the back of my PC (they weren't talking to anything and as far as I could tell my PC didnt even recognise them as a device) sometimes it now manages to recover from the crash and close iCUE down. Some intense googling and I can see there are people that have had this black screen crash since 2017. I haven't found any solutions anywhere other than "stop using iCUE and find alternative RGB and monitoring software". Almost everything that is RGB and that I want to monitor is Corsair. I would REALLY like to therefore use Corsair's software. Are there any fixes for this? Are there any fixes in the work for this? Can any of the staff actually advise if anything is being done or is it just still conveniently being ignored because the devs think its too niche and not widespread enough to address?
  5. Hi, I recently acquired the Corsair K70 RGB MK2 low profile rapidfire keyboard and installed the iCue software in order to change the lighting. After some initial issues where the program would show up in Task Manager but wouldn’t open, I visited the forums and found a work-around. Program worked fine for several days until I was trying to create on-board lighting profiles and saw a pop up in the lower left corner to update. Thinking it might help me get access to more features, I did so. A series of events followed: The update didn’t go through smoothly and I had to close the program through task manager. Upon reopening, I found myself in the old version (v3.22.74) and the program was lagging horribly. With no other programs open, having iCue opened was causing fps drops as low as 20 on my 240Hz monitor, Asus X99-A II mobo, i7-6800k CPU and GTX1070 GPU system. Checked Task Manager and saw that iCue was now taking roughly 200MB of memory usage while open and around 90MB while minimized. Before “updating” it had run at roughly 70MB minimized and roughly 150MB while open. Uninstalled iCue, removed all iCue-related files and folders. Then proceeded to do a clean install of v3.23.66 from the Corsair downloads page. Went through the install procedure, had to apply the same work-around to get it to start up but got that done. Same problem! Horrible lag while open, unusable. Found it was now running at roughly 120MB while minimized and 280-300MB while open. Repeated the uninstall/remove process and downloaded v3.22.74 to see if that would fix it. Sadly, it didn’t. Exactly the same amount of lag, but the memory usage had gone up again (~150MB minimized, ~350-400MB while open). Did it once more with an even older version and it gave me the exact same problem, again with an even higher memory usage (~180MB minimized, ~400-470MB open). Since I had no luck finding a solution online, I decided to do a Windows system restore to a point when I hadn’t made any changes to iCue yet (dec 8). Initiated system restore and all went well until the restore had just finished: instead of showing the “completed” dialogue box where you restart the PC, my screen went completely black and all I could see was my spinning cursor (as if it was loading) on a loop. I left it for at least an hour thinking it might just be taking a crazy long time. After that, I noticed I could move the mouse, but clicking, Ctrl+Alt+Del or any other button combination was ineffective. Left it for another 1.5hrs and then decided to manually shut off my PC. Booted it back up and it shows me the exact same thing! Completely black screen, no key combinations work. I can get into the BIOS for my motherboard and tried starting the Windows boot manager from there: no luck (black screen). At this point, I have no clue how to get my PC running again without losing all of my (non-backed up) files. Has anyone seen similar issues with the Corsair iCue software and/or more importantly, is anyone able to help me figure out how to fix this?:confused::[pouts: Thanks a lot for any help you can give me!
  6. Hello to everyone, i am new to the forum and i just purchased cmx16gx3m4a1333c9 16GB(4x4) 1333Mhz for my deskop. My specs are: MB: P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP CPU: Q9550 Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 (PNY) 1535MB After i installed the new ram kits i get a black screen after i power on the pc. Black screen, no beeps. I Have already updated the bios to the latest version and tried to manually set the recommended settings to bios for the new ram. Also tried to use one kit per time to different slots but nothing changes. Old ram kits (2x2GB DDR3 666MH) still working fine at both dual channels (black and orange slots). Are the new ram kits compatible with my MB or i have to try different settings at bios? Any help would be grate, thank you
  7. Hello there, so I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 1700X with an Asus Strix X370-f Gaming motherboard. I experience random system crashes whenever I connect the usb cable from the corsair cooler to my motherboard. I tried for a week without this connection and I did not have any system crashes/blackscreens. I tried connecting it again today and the system crashed/had a black screen within 3 minutes. I couldn't even restart the pc with the power button. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the Link software or with the cooler itself, however without this software, the connection wouldn't be necessary. Is this a known problem / does anyone know how to fix this?
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