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Found 2 results

  1. I'm doing a hardline hydro x build in a o11xl. 3x360, pump/res, cpu and gpu, satin black pipes. All Corsair - for now. For the time being I run it with soft tubing. Kinda tricky getting the perfect bends/lines I want without adding a few fitting/extenders as I see it, but sadly Corsair do not sell any. Anyone knows if its planned? If not. Anyone tried combining Bitspower fittings with Corsairs? I'm doing a black build so will black bitspower extenders fit corsairs fittings nicely? I'm thinking look here. Bitspower matt black or carbon black vs Corsairs black end so on.
  2. Hello guys, hello PC builders! :hihi::hihi: My name is Csaba Zsurkai (CSZModified), I am writing about Hungary, I am 31 years old, I am a beginner in PC builders, but I am interested in PC world and more extreme systems. I've been doing computing for 22 years, and hardware is the one I like most in my free time. Earlier here I started to create a Project log on the Corsair forum site, but to no avail, now I am starting to keep it up to date and informed about the forum page and having previously viewed how I can display images, now I have learned from this, hope problem creating Project log. Guys, please, if something goes wrong, take a look at the pictures because they were taken by phone. My first job, my first build, the tubes weren't very good, unfortunately I had problems bending, but in the end it will show up. :cool: :cool: Thank you to those who support me and thank you Bitspower International Co., Ltd. for the first sponsor! :o::o: Sponsor by Bitspower! :roll: :roll: :roll: Specification: -Case: CaseLabs Magnum THW10A -PSU: Corsair AX1500i Digital + CableMod C-Series ModMesh Cable Kit for Corsair AXi/HXi/RM RED -Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme ( Integrated monoblock by Bitspower ) -Processor: Intel Core i7 7700K ( Bitspower IHS + delidding ) -VGA: ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080Ti GDDR5 OC 11GB -RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2800MHz 32GB / 4x8GB -SSD: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCIe SSD 250GB / Intel Optane 16GB M.2 PCIe -HDD: Seagate BarraCuda 3TB 7200rpm Full Bitspower watercooling parts: Blocks, radiators, reservoirs, pumps, pump covers, backplate; -1x Bitspower ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 Ti Acrylic (Clear) / BP-WBV1080TISTX -1x Bitspower Silver Backplate For BP-WBV1080TISTX / BP-BKP1080TISTX -1x Bitspower RAM Module Set For 4 Banks 4-DIMMs (Special Pair Package-For DDR4 Only) / BP-RAMS44PS-CLBK -2x Bitspower Leviathan Xtreme 480 4xG1/4" Radiator / BP-NLX480-F4PB -2x Bitspower D5 Vario Pump / BP-D5VP -1x Bitspower Dual D5 MOD TOP EXTREME (POM Version) / BP-2D5TOPPEX-BK -2x Bitspower Water TanK Z-Multi Ultra 250 (POM Version) / BP-WTZMU250P-CLBK -1x Bitspower HD-S350 POM Top With Matt Black Panel / BP-HDS350P-MBK Fittings, sensor, accessories; -1x Bitspower Flow Sensor Matt Black / BP-FS-CLBKMBK -28x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red Enhance Multi-Link For OD 12MM / BP-DBREML -2x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Mini Valve With Black Handle / BP-MVV-DBRBK -4x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red CaseTop Water-Fill SET / BP-DBRWP-C04 -8x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Enhance 30-Degree Dual Multi-Link Adapter For OD 12MM / BP-DBRE30DML -8x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Enhance Rotary G1/4" 45-Degree Multi-Link Adapter For OD 12MM / BP-DBRE45RML -8x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Enhance Rotary G1/4" 60-Degree Multi-Link Adapter For OD 12MM / BP-DBRE60RML -8x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Enhance Rotary G1/4" 90-Degree Multi-Link Adapter For OD 12MM / BP-DBRE90RML -3x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Y-Block With Triple Rotary IG1/4" / BP-DBR3RYB -10x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red Mini Dual G1/4" Extender / BP-DBRWP-C42 -6x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red IG1/4" Extender-15MM / BP-DBRWP-C60 -4x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red IG1/4" Extender-30MM / BP-DBRWP-C63 -8x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red IG1/4" Extender-40MM / BP-DBRWP-C64 -2x Bitspower Deep Blood Red 90-Degree With Dual Rotary G1/4" Extender / BP-DBR90DRG14 -2x Bitspower Deep Blood Red 90-Degree With Dual Rotary Inner G1/4" Extender / BP-DBR90DRIG14 -3x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Q-Block / BP-DBRQMB -4x Bitspower Deep Blood Red 30-Degree With Dual Rotary G1/4" Extender / BP-DBR30DRG14 -26x Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red Stop Fitting / BP-DBRWP-C06 -4x Bitspower Deep Blood Red Triple Rotary Snake-Style Dual IG1/4" Extender / BP-DBRSR3 -1x Bitspower 2011 D5 Bracket (Matt Black) / BP-2011D5BT-MBK -1x Bitspower Chamfer Tool / BP-CMCT -1x Bitspower Mandrels OD12MM Kit (Matt Black) / BP-CMMK12-MBK -1x Bitspower Universal Support For VGA Black (Dual PCI Slot Design) / BP-UVGABS-BK -2x Bitspower Z-CAP III With G1/4" x2 (POM Version) / BP-WTZPC3-BK -2x Bitspower D5/MCP655 MOD KIT (Abrasive Red) / BP-D5MA-ARD -2x Bitspower Premium Reservoir Mount Black / BP-PRM-BK -4x Bitspower None Chamfer PETG Link Tube OD12MM-Length 500MM / BP-NCPLT12-L500 -1x Bitspower Hard Tube Silicone Bending for ID 12MM - 1M / BP-HTSB12CL-1M -1x Bitspower O-Ring Set II / BP-WTP-O502-BK -1x Bitspower CPU Integrated Heat Spreader For Intel 7th-gen CPU (Silver Shining) / BP-OCCIHSI7-SL -1x Bitspower Red Blade For Bitspower Flow Sensor / BP-BFS-RD -1x Bitspower T-Shirt 2015 Original Black / BP-2015TBK Liquid coolant: -2x 1000ml CFX Pre Mix Opaque Performance Coolant / Shadow Black -2x 1000ml CFX Pre Mix Opaque Performance Coolant / Cherry Red Fans, Fan controller, Fan splitters: -8x be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm PWM High Speed -1x aquacomputer Aquaero 6 LT USB Fan-Controller -2x aquacomputer SPLITTY9 Splitter – 9 Fans/Aquabus Sponsor
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