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Found 4 results

  1. my headset has begun to emit a short "beep-boop" sound randomly every couple of minutes and i have no idea what is causing it. it is not the power on/off, low battery, or microphone mute/unmute sound. i have tried powering off and back on, changing the usb slot, and googling everything but it seems like no one has cracked the nameless beep code of corsair headsets i guess. honestly why aren't they in the manual or accessible somewhere?? anyways let me know if anyone knows what this sound means because it's driving me crazy other things to get out of the way: i am sitting right at my laptop so it isn't anything to do with range, this has happened before to me but it is unknown what made it stop because it sort of just did it on its own or a power cycle fixed it, and my headset is i want to say around 4-5 years old now. not sure what else to add but i'll try to respond quickly bc i wanna get this fixed now that it's literally not stopping as far as i can tell using it right now and i wasn't exactly planning on getting a new one any time soon
  2. Hello, I have bought a new Virtuoso RGB Wireless after I had this problem with my old one (At the beginning it was all ok but after almost a month it has started to beep in the wireless (Slipstream) mode, no matter whether sound is played or not) I searched for help and many people had simmilar problems and the others said that he/she should replace it with a new one. So I swapped my old headset only to find out that I have the same problem with my new one. So I need your help, what can I do so solve this problem. I almost tried the other USB ports of my PC and if I try it with aux then I dont have this problem. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello! I have a HS70 Pro (a wireless headset), and the iCUE software has been causing me problems ever since I bought my headset, almost two years ago. When the headset's battery is "low", the headset beeps once every 60 seconds. The problem is that iCUE displays my headset's battery status incorrectly. For example, when my headset is fully charged, the software displays the battery as being 76% full, ever since I first used my headset. When iCUE believes that my headset is at 5% battery, the beeping begins. But in reality, the headset's battery is not nearly that low. Yesterday, my headset started beeping at around 6:30 pm. At the time, I was almost done with work, so I decided to ignore the beeping until I was done. Two hours later, I was still using the headset, without charging it, and iCUE was still displaying the battery as 5%. My question is: Is there a way to make iCUE display my headset's battery status correctly? If not, if there a way to stop the beeping? Or at least, make it less frequent? Thanks!
  4. For anyone still having this problem, I have a possible fix. Steps are at the end of the post. So I had this problem where the mic on my Void Pro Wireless RGB sounded like absolute trash and after going back & forth with Corsair tech support, they finally suggested the following solution and it worked. Well, my bf recently got the Void Pro Wireless RGB SE a couple weeks ago and out of nowhere he started having the random beeping problem. Forcing a firmware update didn't fix it, updating iCue didn't fix it, switching USB ports didn't fix it, uninstalling and reinstalling related drivers didn't fix it... We spent over two hours trying to fix this issue with no success. On a hunch I had him follow the same procedure that Corsair tech support had recommended to me and he hasn't had the problem since. That was a week ago now, so it seems to have worked, at least in this case. Good luck, I hope this helps someone. This is applicable to both laptop and desktop pcs. In Windows, Search for Power & Sleep Settings Scroll down to Additional Settings Find your current plan and select Change Plan Settings Click Change Advanced Power Settings Find USB Settings and expand it by clicking the + icon Expand USB Selective Suspend Setting If it says Enabled, disable it. On desktop pc, there should only be one instance. On laptops, there will be On Battery and Plugged In. Disable this setting for both. Click Apply and hopefully you've fixed your :brick::wtfman::rant::rant2:.
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