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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there! Recently, after upgrading to 32GB RAM and adjusting the timings in the BIOS, I have started facing some BSODs with my PC when booting the system. I have a Ryzen 3600 with a MSI B450 Tomahawk Max (latest drivers, bios and OS updates) and I have upgraded from 2x8 RAM slots (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) to 4x8, by buying another Crucial 2x8 kit. Since I don't mean overclocking, I have left my settings on "Auto" in the BIOS (of course I have enabled the XMP) but I have noticed that the SPD timings were definitely lower than my actual settings: CL was 16 instead of 15 and I had some higher timings around as well. I have decided to fix this by manually switching my timings to the SPD ones. 1-I disabled the Gear Down mode, as it prevented me to set some timings, like CL15. 2-I manually changed my RAM timings (I also tried the 1T Command Rate). This led to some instability, so while keeping the Gear Down Mode disabled I rolled back the other settings to "Auto". Having the Gear Down Mode disabled helped the auto settings to be closer to the SPD: right now I am facing only one big difference between the SPD tRC (52) and the actual value (70), but the other timings are ok (15-17-17-35), which would be ok to me. Nonetheless, sometimes I still face BSODs when I boot up the system and I'm not sure how to handle this. I wrote to the MSI support but they suggested to use 4x8 kits instead of two different 2x8, but I hope there is a better solution around. Right now, while I'm writing this post, I have started wondering: CPUZ says that my Crucial banks on slots #1 and #2 are manufactured by SK Hynix, while the banks on the slot #3 and #4 are manufactured by Samsung. Do you think pairing the Hynix and Samsung on #1-#3 and #2-#4 may help? Or you have more or different suggestions to fix this? Thank you very much! 😄
  2. Hi, im a newbie and this is my first build. Wanted to give it a try to occupy my time during this covid19 time. I have zero knowledge to pc builds and gaming pcs. But wanted to learn more. For my problem, i cant figure out where to plug in the 4pin fan plug from the aio to motherboard. I mounted the radiator to the front of my case since that seemed to be the only option i had. I plugged the 2 fans attached to the radiator to the fan plugs coming off the h115i. I plugged the usb and sata from the h115i as well and was left only with the 3/4pin. Theres no part on my motherboard where i can plug it in. So at the moment I dont have it plugged in. my comp temp is reading 82*F (sorry i cant do celcius). Is that at a reasonable temperature or did i definitely install wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry if i didnt word anything right, im a complete newbie to computer building.
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