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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, first time poster! I've got a problem. I'm running my Corsair Scimitar mouse, macroed in the Utility Engine to the number keys in a setup that essentially copies the function of a Razer Naga. I'm also running an AHK script that counts holding down the number keys as pressing the buttons 10 times a second, primarily for Carpel tunnel prevention while gaming in World of Warcraft, with the added benefit of min-maxing DPS through minimising casting downtime between globals. The problem is, that the Utility Engine seems to struggle to handle this. I've been doing this for several months now, and have experienced multiple different screwups, including but not limited to: * Windows Mouse and Keyboard Centre crashing * Scimitar buttons suddenly spamming themselves even when not depressed * Increasingly slow response from the Mouse when moving between depressed keys * Utility Engine straight-up crashing * Mouse keys become vastly less responsive than keyboard keys (shown on in-game latency bars also, which is strange - like the Engine macros are a harder strain on processing power). When I press the keyboard keys instead of the mouse macros, there is no delay. In the majority of these situations, restarting the Utility Engine helps, but it doesn't always solve it - the issues stop when it's disabled, but often return when restarted - and of course, the mouse is near-useless when Utility Engine isn't running. To be clear: I am holding down the buttons on the Corsair Mouse, macroed to keyboard number keys, which when depressed are then being considered spammed via Autohotkey. Any ideas on how to fix the problems I am having with Utility Engine? -- I used to use a Naga (bought the Corsair to move away from it) with the AHK script, and never had a single issue. The AHK script works perfectly, and is not the problem. I'm using a i7-4790 processor, my PC is decent, I'm not running this stuff on a potato.
  2. Hard Macro v1.11 macro tool for Corsair Vengeance M60 and M90 Content 1. Installing Hard Macro (look below) 2. Using Hard Macro (example for Battlefield Heroes game) 3. Macro coding basics Good news, everyone! :sunglasse I'm glad to present you my work. This script based on AuotHotkey script language allows you to program various actions and assign them to mouse buttons. http://imageshack.us/a/img13/3715/hardmacro6090.png Here are the advantages of the script: + Unlimited quantity of profiles (Corsair software for M60 allows only 1 profile, for M90 - 6) (in "Hardware playback" mode) + Automatic switch between profiles. (for M60 Corsair soft must be launched, switched to profile via interface and reloaded to mouse memory, for M90 you have to press "Switch profile" button on a mouse) + Application assignment. Profile will work in applications requested (Corsair soft can't recognize most of games) + Functionality of macros limited only with your imagination (Corsair soft not allows if...then constructions, timers, cycles, pre-pressing, post-pressing and so on) - But this script requires some patience! So, go on and get some and welcome to the club! :sunglasse Let's begin! Step 1. Install script software 1. Install AutoHotkey_L 2. Download and unpack anywhere my HardMacro package (script, images, sounds, sample macros) 3. Download SciTE4AutoHotkey - delux macro editor. (This download is optional, Windows Notepad will be enough) Step 2. Assign extended mouse buttons You need to assign them to hardcoded buttons (listed below). Its a bit lame, but you have to do it only once. Just import profile M60_Default.xml or M90_Default.xml from package using Corsair software. Also set mouse to Hardware playback mode! No code has to be inserted here. No code has to be inserted here. (example on screen below) http://imageshack.us/a/img594/4412/f15v10.png :!: If you still want to use some specific mouse button don't assign it. It will be ignored by the script. I personally don't assign mouse button 5 of M60, I set it to DPI Select Step 3. Create new profile 1. Run script from previously downloaded Hard Macro package: HardMacro_M60.ahk for M60 and HardMacro_M90.ahk for M90 http://imageshack.us/a/img22/1875/hardmacro110help.png 2. Press button "Create profile" and input name of new profile. Step 4. Assign application 1. Press "Assign application" button. 2. Select application exe-file :!: Leave Application field empty and profile will work in all applications that not assigned in other profiles (also on Desktop) Step 5. Customize sound for profile Profile will automatically switch on assigned application you opened. But what if you use several profiles for one application? You can switch between them by pressing Win+Z but you can't see tool tip balloon indicating current profile (in most of games). For that case you may customize sound that script will play when you switch to specified profile. To do so: 1. Press "Customize sound" button. 2. Select sound wav-file. You will hear that sound immediately. 3. If you want default sound back select ProfileSwitch.wav from \Sounds folder. Step 6. Edit macros 1. Press button "Edit macro" on the right of drop-down lists with macro names. Macro will be open for editing. 2. When you finish editing just save script and close editor. 3. If you want to create new macro click on "Edit macro" when blank macro selected. Input new script name and click Ok. New script will be created in \Macros folder. 4. Press "Save" button. Profile will be saved to Profiles.cfg. 5. Press "Launch" button. Hard Macro will generate and run script MacroScript.ahk. Icon http://imageshack.us/a/img35/3563/macroscripttray.png will be shown in your system tray. If you want to stop script press right mouse button on that icon and select "Exit" or just press Win+F4 :!: You don't have to open HardMacro_M60.ahk or HardMacro_M90.ahk and press "Launch" button every time you want to play game. Just double click on MacroScript.ahk and it will run previously generated macro script. You may even put it to Windows Autorun folder! Thats it! Thank you for attention. Have fun! :winking: p.s. If you found a bug or have some ideas about my program - please, let me know! I will update my thread as soon as possible. _________________ To Do list: 1. List of templates so will be easier to create new macro. 2. Keyboard macros for K60 and K90.
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