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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I just purchased an ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X motherboard which is capable of memory running at 4666+ and was wondering if ANYONE had an X570 chip-set mobo running with a Ryzen 9 3900X (or other 9 series CPU) and ANY corsair memory stable at 3866 or greater. I am looking to get two 16GB modules. If so, which modules. The memory kit is the last thing I have to buy for this new system. RGB? Honestly I could give two hoots about lighting. Yeah it looks cool, however, adds to the price a tad and doesn't in anyway of course enhance anyone's gaming performance...other than to distract oneself :) Thanks Tim ARS N9NU
  2. Ryzen 2600 Asrock B450M Steel Legend Bios 2.0 Won't boot with XMP 3000 loaded. Also on everything above 2666. Voltage 1.35, timings 16. May boot up on 2733 with like 18s timings. Slots 1-3. While in slots 2-4 won't boot even at 1866 but 2133 lol. TF? Bad CPU? Mobo? RAM? The lights are beautiful tho.
  3. So last night got ready to get my fans and new cooler setup in the new case and everything was going smoothly. Then... power up on the new water cooler and issue showed up. High temp on 1 core. After a few attempts of re-seating, adjusting the back plate and failing to bring my i7 6700k temps down I'm figuring there is an issue. Core 0,2,3 all nice and low around 18-20C idle. Core 1 was sitting about 10-15C higher, and then would spike into the 80, 90 and even 100... So I knew there was a contact issue going on. After 4 attempts to take everything apart, reseat the block still getting similar results, actually last attempt Core 3 was sitting about 5-10C higher than it was previously. I see that the back plate is loose on a lot of people's boards, I got that too but the thing that is odd is I can fully tighten the screws for the block all the way down by hand! So I know there is to much slack between the back plate and motherboard to get proper, full contact. I know it works fine with other peoples boards no issue so I'm thinking that my motherboard might actually be thinner than others. That being said curious what people come up with for a solution to help get more clamping pressure? Was thinking of using washers as I've used that with other type of installs before. Either using the ones they got from the kit or purchased some. I got some used plastic ones I've used on my previous heatsink that I might try or run to the store quick and get some plastic ones to use since it looks like I got a few traces around a few of the holes on the backside and probably shouldn't use metal ones.
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