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Found 25 results

  1. I know this is probably a long shot, but I bought a base model 4000D case a month or two ago which comes with a solid front plate and I regret not getting the Airflow model, which has a more open and airflow friendly design (who'd have thought). Mine: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-Tower-ATX-Cases/4000D-Tempered-Glass-Mid-Tower-ATX-Case/p/CC-9011198-WW Airflow: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-Tower-ATX-Cases/4000D-Airflow-Tempered-Glass-Mid-Tower-ATX-Case/p/CC-9011200-WW Also, if a Corsair rep (or anyone who knows) happens to come across this; is it possible to just buy the Airflow front plate separately? I'd definitely be willing to do that if nobody wants to trade, but I'm not sure how. Thanks!
  2. Hey, I already have the Corsair crystal 570x the amd cpu 5800x and Radeon 6900xt. I don’t know which cooler would be the best. I want to leave the 3 coolers from the Corsair 570x in the front and I don’t know whether i need extra coolers on top or at the back. I am thinking of an AiO. Which one could be good for installing at the top of the case? Am thinking of something from Corsair like h115i. And also the Corsair ll120 for the back. Or isn’t it needed? Are the 3 coolers in front with or without the AiO enough? Also the noctua NH D15 chromaxblack is in my mind but I kinda would like the RGB effect.
  3. I recently bought 275R Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Black. I had an issue while disassembling the glass cover (carefully & smoothly) to fix a ventilation cable flapping on a fan, the glass unexpectedly broke into a thousand pieces (see attached photo). I have asked to my store seller (where I bought) the product, and he told me that there is no replacement for this piece and the best thing to do is to buy a new case. I would like to know if there is a replacement for this part and how I can get it, because for me it seems that he does not want to address the problem correctly. On the other hand, I would like to know if there is any replacement for this piece not made in glass material, I do not care if I don not see the inside of the PC nor LED lights. I am a big fan and buyer of Corsair products, they are always of great quality and I am always very satisfied with their products, and I am surprised that this problem is not solved correctly. Anyone had the same problem? Please I appreciate any feedback about this, Regards,
  4. Always wanted to build a mini-itx in the 380t. Finally picked a 380t up on EBay. I want a Mini-Beast that can travel. Hoping for Ryzen 5900X build. With a 200mm Fan up front, 120mm in the rear and an H110i 2x120mm AIO cooler, Will I have enough airflow to cool my build with a Radeon RX6900 or RX 6800 graphics card. Any feedback from those building such a computer or experienced builder's thoughts on this idea would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Don
  5. Hi there, I really need your help guys! I am struggeling with my 280x build. I read about 1h in this forum about the different pros and cons and setups and now i am lost. I am aware that it depends on the individuall components, but is there THE setup with a AIO and Fans for that Case. Especiall if you are using only Corsair Cooling Products i guess there must be a Top-Solution Corsair had in Mind builing that Case? I use the following components: 5600x on a ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus with an ASUS RTX 3070 Dual OC and Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz. All build in a 280x. This options for airflow and cooling are available: 4 x LL120 4 x LL 140 Corsair 115i AiO (only top mount position possible) [my old Arctic Liquid 240 is still available, but in the end i want to use the RGB-Fans in the front...so front mount is kind of a problem as i doubt it is a good idea to switch the arctic fans with LL120s!?!?] No Overclocking! Does anybody have the case and tested the different push pull setups and knows THE Top SETUP? Which setup worked best for a non OC Setup concerning Temps and loudness? BTW...Reddit had a great Idea: https://www.coldzero.eu/corsair-280x-replacement-top-window-hexx-smoked Any ideas or experiences highly appreciated. Greetings chris
  6. Hello, i have some issues with this case and airflow. I installed Corsar H150i AIO on 2700x but when i play games my CPU goes over 60-65 degrees. I think its too much. My pump has over 40 degrees and i must go to full speed on three vents on radiator. Is there any advice how to improve Airflow in this case? When i take down front panel my temperatures go to some normal state. I try to push, pull, push-pull config but i think the problem is really small intake of fresh air. Do you think that some modding from front panel of Spec Alpha can Help? There is no glass panel in front.
  7. Hi Everyone, We've noticed that there have been some questions about the best way to handle the side panels on the 4000 and 5000 Series cases, so we've gone ahead and put together this quick how-to video for reference. [ame] [/ame] Happy PC building!
  8. Hi Guys, I've got a 275R case after I bought it they brought out the 275R airflow and I'm wondering if I can convert my case to the Airflow variant. I think I'd only need Corsair part numbers - SKU CC-8900403 (Front Panel) & SKU CC-8900401 (I/O Panel). Has anyone else done this or have any idea if this is possible? Any advise would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, I recently just built a PC with the corsair 4000 D airflow. When I plug in my headset (works fine on laptop and XBOX) I can hear everything clearly, but when I try to talk to my friends on discord, all they hear is static and can't hear a single word I said. "You sound like a transformer," is what one person said. I unplugged the audio jack from the motherboard and plugged it back in. It still does not work and all cables are organized. PLEASE let me know if you have any solution. I literally went all in on the corsair products that were available when shopping for parts. I even bought the keyboard!
  10. Hi Guys, Looking for advice. Im trying to get the best optimal airflow and performance from my 4000D, But with all the options of corsair fans LL, ML, SL etc I cant make my mind up whats best to use. Im waiting on out 5600x coming and looking to add a 280mm AIO (Not sure what one same reasons lol) But if i add an AIO whats the best fans to use for the case and AIO? RBG isnt an issue as im not too fussed. Looking for options with and with out RGB. Thanks
  11. Hi all I'm a bit confused as to the correct CFM of the iCUE H150i Pro XT. The official product page says max airflow 75 CFM. However it comes with 3 x ML120 fans which are also 75CFM each according to its product page . Does this mean that the overall CFM of the H150i Pro with 3 x ML120s is capped at 75CFM and therefore each fan only running at a third of their capacity?....OR is the total max airflow 3 x 75CFM = 225 CFM? I did email corsair and they said its capped at 75CFM which didn't seem to make sense to me so wanted to double check here what the deal is from those who have experience with this model. Any help much appreciated as I'm trying to work out how to balance my airflow! Thanks
  12. Hallo Corsair Community Ich möchte mir ein neues Gaming System bauen, es kommt eine Hydro X WaKü mit drei mal 360er Radiatoren in einem Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Gehäuse zum Einsatz. Als Lüfter werden LL120 RGB verwendet, diese sehen natürlich von der Vorderseite besser aus als von hinten, so wäre es für die Optik in besagtem Gehäuse am besten, wenn alle Lüfter hinausblasen würden. Das wäre natürlich für den Airflow weniger gut. Als Kompromiss erwäge ich einen Airflow von oben nach unten. Hat da jemand Erfahrung damit, ob so eine Anordnung die Kühlung sehr beeinträchtigt? Ist ja entgegen der Thermodynamik.
  13. Living in a hot area, the SPEC-05 might've been not the best choice. I've decided to improve its airflow by doing a full front mesh mod. It's a little rough around the edges (literally), but I'm planning to smoothen it out later and maybe spray paint the mesh black. The result was a drop in 5c on the GPU, and a more up to date look.
  14. I’m about to assemble my build inside the crystal 680x. I have the H100i for CPU cooling and it is going to be mounted on top. The instructions with the H100i say the fans should be directed as to pull cool air from outside the case and across the radiator. It appears the glass on top would inhibit this air flow. Would the recommendation be that I remove the glass on top and just put the filter on top? Thanks! M
  15. Azreeno

    Fans setup

    Hello, I recently got a H150I PRO and I do not really know where I should connect my fans. I have a 570x and i've kept the 3x120mm SP fans at the front and mounted the radiator behind them. I mounted the 3 fans included with the h150i at the top and the back of the case as out take. I connected them to a Fan hub connected to CPU_OPT and I've connected my SP fans to the 3 fan connectors of the AIO. The problem is that my 3fans connected to the hub are running at 600rpm while the fans connected to the AIO are running at 2000rpm. Should I connect the 3 fans included with the H150i to the fans connector of the AIO even if they are not mounted on the radiator and connect the SP fans who are not PWM to the mobo?
  16. Guten Tag Ich möchte meinen aktuellen alten und langsamen Computer aufrüsten/verbessern. Ist mein erstes mal dass ich das selber machen will, es kann also sein dass ich ein paar dumme Fragen stelle :laughing:. Ich möchte mir das Corsair Graphite 780T kaufen, doch bevor ich das mache möchte ich ein paar Sachen klären: Meine Idee war: Corsair Graphite 780T + inkl. 3x140mm Lüfter Corsair H115i RGB Platinum CPU Kühler (280mm = 2x140mm Lüfter) Corsair LL120mm (1x120mm Lüfter) Siehe Bild für bessere Übersicht Ich möchte die CPU Wasserkühlung auf der Front montieren, sodass die kalte Luft von aussen ins innere de PCs geht. Das eine mitgelieferte Lüfter (1x140mm) auf der Rückseite und die anderen zwei mitgelieferte Lüfter (2x140mm) oben montieren. Alle drei dienen für das austreten der warmen Luft. Der Lüfter LL120mm würde ich unten montieren, zwischen PSU und HDD Cases, sodass die kalte Luft auch von unten durchflossen wird. Meine Fragen: 1. Wenn ich die CPU Wasserkühlung auf der Front montieren, würden die HDD Cases immer noch platz haben oder würden sie dann wegfallen? 2. Wenn ich der Lüfter LL120mm unten anbringe, zwischen PSU und HDD Cases, wäre dies möglich oder müsste ich die HDD Cases weglassen? 3. Was denkt ihr vom ganzen? Wird der Airflow gut sein/Positives Luftdruck…? PS: Es gibt ja zwei HDD Cases. Meine Idee war das obere wegzunehmen, sodass ein besseres Airflow herrscht. Jedoch würde ich gerne wenn möglich das untere drin lassen, bis wann ich alles auf M2/SSDs umgerüstet habe, denn zurzeit habe ich noch HDDs. PPS: Falls ihr noch irgendwelche Tipps oder so etwas für mich habt, würde ich mir sehr freuen :biggrin: Vielen Dank
  17. Hello all, I am new to AIOs and watercooling in general. I am thinking of changing my current CPU air cooler for a Corsair AIO and I have some questions. Firstly, which way should my radiator fans blow? The case I will probably be using will be a Meshify S2 and I will probably mount the radiator up top. I will have three 140mm fans in front, one at the rear, and so that leaves the fans in the radiator. Secondly, which one should I go for? I am currently looking at the H150i Pro, but would welcome other suggestions. Would going for one with two fans be better for my overall fan setup? I’m worried multiple fans at the top may disrupt airflow. Thirdly, should I replace the stock fans that come with the AIO I choose? I’ve heard the stock fans aren’t that good but obviously I don’t have any firsthand experience so any feedback on the stock fans would be appreciated. Thanks! Answers to any or all of my questions are much appreciated!
  18. I'm planning on building a Ryzen 9 3900x setup with an ITX board in the 280X (still waiting on the x570 ITX boards to be released) Firstly, is there enough clearance/room to place a 240/280mm radiator on the front and the bottom (with fans)? The front (intake) 240/280 radiator will cool the 3900x while the bottom (intake) 240/280 radiator will cool my GTX 1080 (and when it comes out at a later date, the RTX 3080) Secondly, is this a sound airflow setup? Front - Bottom intake, Top - Back exhaust. I'll be elevating the case by adding rubber feet (1.5") to increase airflow at the bottom of the case, and in addition, I'll be custom fitting 40mm (exhaust) fans at the back grille.
  19. Hello all, I am about to splash out on my new gaming rig and I have a question. What layout of fans would you recommend for the 780T? I was planning on simply having two 140mm fans at the front and one 140mm fan at the rear. My CPU cooler will be a NH-D15. Thanks!
  20. Hello Corsair, just a suggestion: the Corsair Vengeance Airflow Memory Cooling Fan CMYAF needs a refresh that includes RGB... Please! :biggrin:
  21. Hi, I'm new here. I have a question about Coraair 570x airflow. I love the case design. I'm one step away from making the upgrade. I currently have Phanteks evolv atx. Airflow is below average. I'm wondering how does 570x compare to evolv? My cpu is cooled by NZXT X42 AIO and GPU is air cooled. I can add an exhaust fan in the back of 570x. I appreciate all the input you guys can provide. Thanks
  22. Hey guys! I got the 550x case the other day, which is pretty awesome btw, and decided to upgrade to some liquid cooling. I picked up the h115i pro since it had some good reviews and some slick coloring options but after some frustration I realised, as others have, that with the fans it doesn't top mount. After some googling I found someone else who was able to front mount it without having to remove any of the front fans. Does this set up look legit? And with it mounted like this which way should i put the inside fans on the radiator? edit:made pictures not huge
  23. Im doing a new build using Carbide 330R black edition and want to add the H100I v2. I do ahve some questions that i hope you can assist with. According to the sales pitch they should be compatible, however after some closer viewing it seems a few hurdles need to be dealt with. The case is assumed to be pushing air in the top aswell as back, however the H100i v2 would prefer pulling.... The subsequent challenge is then that the top dont effectively have a filter so if i set it up for pulling the case will be full of dust in no time. Anyone with some proper built expertise that can provide me with some experience ? This picture was the inspiration for my choice of hardware: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/~/media/5AFE987D7BCD47D0A40DC0CE4197E615.ashx?w=780
  24. I am in process of making my first self-built pc's specifications, And I want it to be a Mini ITX, or if there are fairly small mATX it'd be ok too. I layed my eyes on the Obsidian 250D, which looks like a great case, I just have some questions. First: I need this computer to be more quiet than usual, the reason I returned my previous pc was because it was loud as a vacuum cleaner while playing overwatch. I just need to know: Is the 250D's Airflow good? are it's fans fairly quiet? Will I need to buy extra fans for it to be quiet? also, the cpu is planned to be an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 which is already equipped with a Wraith Spire cooler, so keep that in mind. 2nd thing: The GPU. In where I live, the GTX 980 costs 75$ less than the 1060, which might not sound like a big deal, but if i'm going with the 1060 it makes the pc beyond my budget and i'll need to go for a lower end cpu, like the Ryzen 5 1400. So my first question is: Will I get much difference with the 1060? and 2nd GPU question: I am not sure that this specific GTX 980 fits the Obsidian 250D, although I read a review saying you can fit it if you remove the optical drive bay (also I am not getting an optical drive) and the front fan (but you can return it after the installation), so that's something I need to be sure about too. Thanks
  25. Hi everyone, I would like to know if on top of my case a ( 360 ) 60mm thick radiator would fit. With fans in push or pull I'll reach 85mm of thickness. Will this be to much ? If it will be where could it be a place to fit it ?
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