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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I’d love to know if anyone’s using a front mounted 280mm radiator in the 280x case as I’m looking to upgrade my case. I noticed that the product page says a 280mm radiator can be mounted at the top but not the front. I’d much rather front mount a radiator for better cpu temps and the top looks extremely restrictive in terms of exhaust air flow. The front looks like it has plenty room and has mounting for 2 140mm fans. In addition could anyone comment on how much this would effect maximum gpu length, I think the max length of 300mm is factoring in a radiator but I’m unsure. Thanks for the help!
  2. After about one cycle of prime95, chip skyrockets its temp. In genersl the h80i pump never seems to increase its temp alomg woth the cpu, only ranging from about 28degrees to 30, while the cpu goes from 30- 100. I feel vibrations through the tubing, and the top seems mounted tightly with no wiggle room. Tried rearranging fan connectors as was listed herehttps://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/h80i-letting-the-cpu-reach-95-degrees-c-panic.2183736/, but no luck. Running a modest 4.4 OC @40 offset voltage on an i5 8600k. In general the chip ran hot though. Voltage sitting at 1.29-1.32 tops.
  3. A little story and a lesson i learned in hard way. This happened to me long time ago. But i thought i just share it :) While i was stress testing to see if my OC was stable, i decided to change the pump speed to see how it affects CPU temps. Just when i applied new speed, system froze... unstable OC, BSOD. It didn't take too long until i noticed my CPU was running at 800Mhz, super slow. Could not boot into windows. even in bios it was struggling to run. Temp was at 100C! Basically pump speed was set to 0... what a mess! So i shutdown my PC, plugged out all power cables, waited like 10 minutes for pump to cool down. (It was really warm!) Then i tried to get into windows, I only had a few minutes before the CPU reached 100C again and shutdown itself. So again after 10 minutes i reduced Vcore voltage as low as it made sense! Finally i could get into windows and set pump speed back to Quiet mode. And there i revived my cooler :3 Not to be paranoid or anything, just make sure your system is stable before changing the pump speed. Because it can be a PITA if you get unlucky... That cooler is still running good though ;) ---- My suggestion to Corsair is to include hard reset button on their coolers because that would be really handy for cases like this.
  4. Hi there, I wanted to make sure I got my information right before ordering the fans / fanhubs for my upcoming 9900k+2080ti build. For cooling, I have decided to go with ML pro RGB fans. So, I will need to control power and lighting for a total of 12 fans : 8xML120 pro RGB (for two 480 XE from EK) and 4xML140 pro RGB (case fans intake, in an Enthoo Elite). It's my understanding I would need two Commander pros and two RGB fan hubs. Here are my questions: - Would populating all power sockets from both Commander pros go over their respective power limit of 1A I think? - Would I need two USB 2 headers from my motherboard or would one suffice provided it won't saturate the available bandwidth of this single USB2 with two daisy-chained commander pros fully populated? - Can I mix two different sizes (120 and 140 mm) but from the same line of fans (ML pros RGB) on a single RGB hub or do I need one RGB hub for the 140s (4 fans) and TWO RGB hubs for the 120s (8 fans)? In short, do I need two or three RGB hubs on top of the two commander pros? - Is it possible to manage the fans on one commander pro so that some fans connected to it will act as PWM fans and some others just DC, or do I have to use one commander pro for everything PWM and another one for DC? If you feel like I should know anything else before ordering, please let me know! Thanks in advance to everyone for their answers! Cheers!
  5. Hi i'm from Argentina aprox 1 year i buy the wc, but, yesterday the pump stop working, everything works well except the pump, Corsair link marks 0 rpm and the temperature is 80 celcius, any advice? Everything is well connected, the problem is the pump apparently
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