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Found 7 results

  1. I have a K95 and have 5 actions saved in the "action library". These are to launch websites. I have them mapped in the "actions" tab to the prospective keys G1-G5. I've even saved the profile as my only hardware profile, slot 1. When I reboot the computer, the actions aren't mapped to the keys. The color lighting I have saved to the profile works, but the actions don't. I still see the actions in the "actions library" though. Any ideas how to remedy this, so I don't have to remap them every time I start my computer?
  2. Hi all, Just a little Quality of Life suggestion. Could we get the ability to create sub-folders for the ACTIONS and ACTIONS LIBRARY, and the LIGHTING EFFECTS and LIGHTINGS LIBRARY, these rapidly get out of hand when creating custom mapping zones and complex lighting effects. I think this would greatly help everyone create awesome profiles.
  3. Hey all, I was trying to figure out how to remotely activate macros with ICUE. I can't seem to figure it out at all. Is there a way to trigger a macro from my phone or do i have to physically press a button on my PC computer each and every single time? My keyboard is a K95 RGB Platinum and its using 3.21.28 firmware (up to date). I'm using ICUE software version 3.31.81 I'm also using Google Remote Desktop software from my phone. That is also updated I believe. Windows 10 64bit PC as well
  4. So when I add an action, then deleted it then add the same action i added (but deleted), it's counting upwards as if the deleted actions are still there, after a reboot or by restarting the program, the previous actions re-appear then I can delete them then. I have already tried repairing ICUE using the launcher but still no luck in fixing this. GIF - https://i.gyazo.com/a9e9c993a570ef151f842fb613ceefa0.mp4
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry for the Newb questions, but I'm new to Corsair and iCue software. I've done some research, but can't find anything that specifically addresses my issue. So any thoughts or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance! As you can see from my system stats, I have an OLD, OLD, OLD Intel system from 2006, still hanging in there. But, I'm building a new system this month, and in preparation for that I bought a K95 RGB Platinum keyboard along with all my other parts. So while I wait on all my parts to arrive, I set up the keyboard and installed iCue. But I quickly noticed that mine seems to be missing options that I see in all the videos on using it. First of all, it loads very slowly... And once it's up and running, each tab or option I choose takes a long time to come to focus. I understand that my system is slow, so I'm ok with that. But, I have neither the + sign nor the hamburger three line options menu used to create new profiles and new actions. The only options I have are to copy and delete. So, I can copy the Default profile and slowly work with that, but I cannot create one from scratch and I cannot create any actions. I have the latest version 3.22.66 and firmware is current. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software a few times. Reset and reconnected the keyboard properly each time. (Using both plugs on USB 2.0 in the correct order) and still no change. So, that has led me here. Could it really just be that my system can't run this software? It runs many other assorted software just fine. Not sure why this one would be so heavy on system resources. But, any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise the keyboard works well with the default profiles I've been able to copy and mess with. Thank you!
  6. Heya. Just got a K95 and Scimitar Pro. There's one thing I want to do but can't figure out yet. When I press a key, I want two of the light edge lights to come on. Basically it's a "recording" light to let me know I'm screen capturing. I've looked around all of the settings. I've looked at actions. I see there are ways to trigger a lighting effect after a timer starts or finishes, but that effect seems to only trigger once, and using a static color won't work at all. I thought about making a copy of my current profile with the exception that the two lights i want are on, then mapped a change profile action to a button. That *seems* cumbersome, since I would then need to maintain custom lighting for keymappings on two profiles. Any thoughts? Tricks I'm not thinking about?
  7. I got a question about the Corsair Scimitar mouse I just got a couple of days ago. The side buttons only work if I checked the actions of the mouse beforehand. Even the default profile I set up doesn't work until I actually openend the iCUE and checked the actions of the profile. You don't have to modify any of them, you just have to check if they're there and then they work perfectly. This happens every time I restart the computer and it's getting to be kind of annoying. Does anyone have a fix?
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