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Found 2 results

  1. Remodeling my home office, decided to upgrade PC, focused on the a200, went ahead and ordered it online (5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, Win10 Pro). The order is processing and not shipped yet. It seems that I LEFT OUT one major step, that is, registering with Corsair's forum website and browsing all of the threads in the Corsair forums. Having left this important step out, I failed to read all of the excellent posts regarding problems and issues with the a200 Pro. Now that I have spent a few hours browsing all of these posts, I am left with many questions/concerns about this order and feeling that maybe I should just cancel this order before it ships. To complement this order, I purchased two Dell 38" curved gaming monitors and intended to use the display ports on the a200. But now I am reading that the bridge cable between the RTX3080 and the back of the case actually lacks current performance specs to handle these monitors. Comments regarding the RAM (CL18 vs. CL16, brand quality, etc.) have also concerned me. Add to this the fact that there is no way to add-on other cards or customize the I/O with other aftermarket cards, and issues/limitations with custom BIOS instead of main-market tech specs leave me unsure of whether I should proceed with this purchase. Since reading all of these posts, I revisited the Corsair website, and noted that I could not find a section of "Reviews" by customers that have purchased the a200. This is not good. I also noted that the technical specs and descriptions of the a200 components are generic and not specific, most likely so that Corsair cannot be pinned down to the version/quality of the components. Nothing is mentioned about the RAM, the bridge video cables, custom BIOS, etc. Also, in looking at the "Download" tab for supporting the a200, the iCUE is a 3x version and not their highly touted 4x version. Why is this? After reading all of the posts regarding iCUE problems it seems as if even Corsair is not pushing the 4x iCUE on their customers. Understanding that the a200 Pro is Corsair's ultimate build, I would want to be confident that it was so fully researched and tested that it would be bulletproof and every sale would result in a successful deployment and extremely satisfied customer...It appears not to be the case. I am going to contact their customer support for some pre-shipping support and if I lose further confidence in their capabilities I will cancel this order. I appreciate all of the people who post, as this promotes "eyes wide open" regarding these issues...Any other comments regarding tips, tricks, traps, would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I purchased an a200 Pro and have had it for two weeks now. Overall I have been happy with the system, however I have some concerns with what I am seeing with the thermals with the Ryzen 5950x. First, I do understand the thermal profiles of the Ryzen 5950x, how Precision Boost 2 (not PBO) works and how this relates to how the chip boosts its clock and power consumption until it hits a pre-defined thermal curve. I believe I have realistic performance expectations when considering the form factor of the Corsair One and the size of the AIO radiator in these things. With that said, I am seeing some concerning behavior with the thermals when running load tests both with Cinebench (R20 and R23) as well as even the built in stability test in Ryzen Master. What I am seeing is a near instant rise of CPU core temp jumping from ~60c idle to the 90c limit. Though it's hitting this limit immediately, performance doesn't seem to be suffering too much. That is I get no indicators that the CPU is thermal throttling and I am seeing respectable all core boost clocks of 4.4Ghz when running Cinebench and getting final performance scores that put the chip in the upper realm of performance. Keep in mind that this is under stock BIOS settings with PBO not enabled and considering things such as AIO heat soak characteristics, this behavior seems suspect to me and wondering if I am dealing with some sort of defect or misconfiguration. I did a bit of troubleshooting myself by opening up the system and making sure there wasn't any obvious issues such as pumps not working/working well and that the AIO block was under enough tension on the socket. Didn't find anything worth noting. With myself being an early adopter of this product, I was hoping if others with the a200 Pro are seeing similar behavior and also hoping if I could get some kind of verification from Corsair engineers that this is just how the system is designed to function. If not, see if there is a potential problem here either with the BIOS settings/motherboard being used or if I am dealing with a defective AIO or such.
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